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  1. http://m.teamusa.org/usa-weightlifting/features/2014/august/13/revised-qualification-procedures There goes my chance of making the American Open this year, and possibly ever making a national meet besides Collegiate Nationals
  2. Full Body Mobility Drills For Weightlifting?

    Have you tried looking through mobilitywod.com ?
  3. Never tried it, but the brand i've been getting (which requires separate brown paper lunch bags for microwaving) is god damn awesome. Especially the BBQ flavor. My girlfriend and I have had 4 servings today, probably have another 2 soon, because they are that awesome. Also taken to sneaking some into movie theaters sometimes.
  4. The lowery brand is a bit more calorie dense, though not by much (more fat, less protein per ounce) but convenient as hell in individually wrapped microwaveable bags
  5. Hahaha this did devolve quickly The consistency of nuts-n-more is a bit different than peanut butter, a bit dryer probably because there's less fat overall per weight but quite delicious kinda like my own personal nut butter....... wut
  6. Just wanted to share a couple of products/companies I started ordering from recently that have good products for dieting and/or protein Microwave Pork Rinds http://www.microwaveporkrinds.com/ 4 flavors, 10 servings per container. Each serving is 23g protein and 3g of fat. Good for any diet really. Also for the price (not including shipping) it's actually cheaper than some protein powders per serving. Oh yea, fucking delicious. You'll probably have to buy some brown paper bags (lunch bags) for microwaving purposes, but those are cheap as fuck (at least around here, i think it was $1.50 for 100) Nuts n More http://www.nuts-n-more.com/ A few different nut butter spreads (peanut and almond primarily) with extra flavor and such. Infused with more protein and omega 3. Compared to standard natural peanut butter, you get roughly the same amount of calories but: Less fat (12-13g vs the typical 16g) more fiber and lower usable carbs, and 14g of protein (versus 8g). I've only sampled a couple of their flavors (which were amazing), but I just got a shipment in of a bunch of them so Ill be using them more often now. These are US based products/companies, so I dont know how international shipping or ordering would work, worth looking into though.
  7. "You will not rise to the occasion, you will fall back onto your training"

  8. Overhead Duck walks are the shit for a warm up

  9. http://wodlifts.com/ Essentially it's a heel-lift insert designed to add about .5 inches of effective heel height (so depending on the shoe you use, you could end up with around .75inches which is the standard for weightlifting) At $40 it's a bit pricey for such a simple thing, but far cheaper than weightliting shoes I personally have added about .25inches of heel height to my already raised heel weightlifting shoe. This product intrigues me, but it adds double what i've already put in my shoe which makes me think it might be a little overkill....or I'd have a sick bottom position. It definitely looks more solid than what i've added which is this http://www.promedxpress.com/products/clearly-adjustable-heel-lifts/ About half (maybe a layer more) of those essentially taped to to bottom of my shoes insert (so the bastard doesn't slide around) have helped a pretty good amount
  10. Barbell Squat + Chains Around Neck

    I think I read an article on T-nation a while back that recommended doing something like that for your entire workout. I don't remember what the reason was...erector strength maybe? Either way it seemed a bit excessive and silly
  11. Unbelievable Squat

    along with 40lbs of bodyweight.... *sobs with Mike*
  12. Straps!

    Do some hang snatch/clean pulls, then you'll change your mind Or your thumbs will have the strength of a thousand suns
  13. Straps!

    Well i'd say buy some new webbing rather than use what you already have anyway. Ironmind straps are popular in my gym though
  14. Straps!

    http://www.allthingsgym.com/better-homemade-weightlifting-straps/ Any mountain climbing type stores near you?