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  1. Deadlift Flexibility

    Thanks guys. I'm not concerned about form deterioration, as that would mean lack of strength or focus, not a physical inability to assume the proper position. If you can get in position with light weight on the bar you can do it with a heavy weight too. If you can't hold the form when lifting heavy that's another issue entirely, and one easier to fix than something like short hamstrings.
  2. Deadlift Flexibility

    I have long known that my hamstring flexibility is horrible. I can hardly bend over without rounding my back. I cannot even sit in an L shape with legs on the floor and back against a wall with a straight back. I used to think that I couldn't get into a proper deadlift position because of this. But today I filmed my sets and to my eye it looks like I can get into the right position. I figured I would ask to confirm. My form might degrade a little, but the very first rep looks good, implying that flexibility isn't the issue. For context this is probably a 7 rep max or so at the moment as I'm a bit detrained right now. Thoughts?
  3. Interesting Critique Of Paleo

    This was clearly done to stir controversy, but it will make a large segment of the people who read it miss the otherwise valid point he is making. Being a room alone with a women that you find of average or greater attractiveness has been shown to raise test. It is Kids, in particular babies, that have been shown to lower test. So the line quoted above is not only off the mark, it will offend half the people who read it. If marriage ( a mental construct) has an affect on your physiology it's a mental thing. And thus it would be individual and have nothing to actually do with your wife. If you think you can let yourself go , or if you spend your weekends shopping, it's the idea of marriage changing the way you think which changes your actions and potentially lowers your hormone levels. You can hardly blame your wife for your laziness or your inability to say "I'm not going purse shopping." Do you think fathers and husbands in Sparta had this issue before they marched off to war with sword and shield? Likely not. The point is that modern life has made us soft. And that's the point. I won't even justify replacing breast milk with bone broth with a comment because it's not a topic of opinion. The guy is outright stupid, or trolling, or just trying to get page views. Next he will post that the earth is a cube.
  4. Dup Program

    So you're devoting three days to "fat loss" when your intention is to "gain mass". Seems legit. Don't over-complicate things. Just eat more and do the simplest strength program you can get away with. Power, hypertrophy, endurance, strength, blah, blah, blah. Add weight to your body and weight to the bar. Isn't that what it's all about in the end? If you didn't gain mass on SL then you didn't eat enough. A program like that could put a few hundred pounds on your big compound lifts in a year. This would definitely come with muscle gain. So if the gains didn't come I assume the strength didn't either. What are your lifts? And do get that knee checked out because squats aren't something you want to let go without a fight.
  5. Your Most Recent Buys

    I'll do a review at some point, but here's some pics for now. Obviously it's way better than a cheap sporting goods store CAP bar. Bare Steel Rogue Ohio Power Bar Also, the tube it shipped in was damaged at one end but the bar is in perfect condition. It's literally dead straight, no bend at all, not even a tiny bit. And the knurling is simply not THAT aggressive. It's good, don't get me wrong. I just mean that people talk like it's going to rip up your hands. It's not. I haven't used a Buddy Capps Texas Power Bar so I can't compare it with other bars that are notorious for aggressive knurling. I don't think the OPB is really all that "aggressive". But I don't know what other peoples' standards are for that.
  6. Your Most Recent Buys

    Yeah, just ordered one.
  7. Your Most Recent Buys

    If they didnt have all those issues a while back i would already have a b&r. Now im not sure i trust it enough. Id probably go black zinc power bar, but since im not desperate for a new bar i'll just wait it out for bare steel.
  8. Need Ur Opinion For This Strength Program

    Just power clean the bar to do OHP. You dont have to be perfect and you shouldnt have any issue doing this with weights that you can press overhead. If you cant do a single clean with a weight you can ohp 5x5 then you arent trying hard enough.
  9. Your Most Recent Buys

    Its not back yet, but hopefully that means it will be soon. I will check regularly and i have an email alert set up for it as well.
  10. Your Most Recent Buys

    I don't have any recent buys yet, aside from some C&P supps. I'm just waiting for Rogue to re-stock the bare steel Ohio Power bar.
  11. Yeah, just power clean the bar to get set up for your set of Overhead Presses. No issue there. You can do it for front squats too, but the issue is you don't have a good way to fail. If you fail OHP it's no big deal, as the weight will still be light enough to return to the floor in a controlled manner. If you are willing to make the investment in a home gym you can use squat stands that can be put away when not in use. They take up very little space. The weights themselves will take up the most space. It really depends if you have "not a lot of space" or literally "no space". Your best bet, in a city with no power racks, is a home gym. You can always go to the gym and do what you can, until you get serious enough to make a home gym work. Deadlifting and overhead pressing is still a million times better than doing nothing at all.
  12. Casein Protein

    Thanks, there's a lot there to choose from. I'll try something out tonight, maybe the bb.com cookie dough stuff because i think i have everything to make that. I shall keep this thread updated with successful things I tried.
  13. Casein Protein

    So last time I ordered protein powder I got some whey and some "milk" protein.The milk is effectively casein, and it's chalky, gritty, doesn't mix well, which is standard for casein. It's unflavored because that's how I buy my whey in bulk so that I can mix it with anything from milk to juice. I can't seem to tolerate the texture of casein though. So I'm looking for other ways to use. Anybody have any recipes that use casein? The problem I'm finding is that even adding a scoop of casein to something, you have to dilute it so much. As an example, I can add it to pudding which solves the texture issue, but it takes a whole box of pudding to handle 1.5 scoops of casein. I don't want to buy more protein when I've got over 5 lbs. already, but I don't know what to do with it. I would rather not have to simply choke it down. I will always go with whey in the future, lesson learned. Any ideas? Remember it's unflavored so it can literally go in anything.
  14. Madcow Failure

    So basically a 250 calorie a day surplus. It's something, but that's not spectacular for a program like this. It really is for young athletes who don't particularly care about fat gain. Just like Starting Strength is for beginners. Madcow is basically the non Rippetoe equivalent of Texas Method. Except people who don't eat a lot don't last very long on Madcow even though they can have some success with SS, because there are no noob gains to push you forward even without proper diet. But at least you did gain weight. In other words, if you're thinking "but I can only gain 2 lbs. of muscle a month so why eat more?" then don't do these kinds of programs. These are for the "screw it I'm gaining 10 lbs. this month, and next month, and next month" crowd. At your age you likely don't have a reason to do such things. But that being said, you did have success with it so if you want to take another run, go for it. Just remember that weeks 1 - 4 aren't even PRs so getting to week 8 isn't super fantastic.
  15. Madcow Failure

    Also, just an idea, with ramping sets, like Madcow, I find it's better to reverse the order of them. So do a proper warm up all the way up to the top heaviest set. Then do the working sets in reverse. So instead of doing 300 x 5, 325 x 5, 350 x 5, 375 x 5 you would reverse it and do 375 x 5, 350 x 5, 325 x 5, 300 x 5. This way as you fatigue the weight is coming off the bar instead of going on it. I found more success with that and at the end of the day you get the same amount of work done so there is no difference in the result you should get other than the fact that it's (at least mentally) easier to do it in reverse. Just make sure you're doing singles for warm ups as the weight gets heavy because you're going to have to do more warm up singles to get up to your top set.