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  1. 30 \ 30 Squat Challenge

    im interested in it from a flexibility poit of view , not sure i buy it from a " good for pooing " point of view .
  2. 30 \ 30 Squat Challenge

    Has anyone seen this doing the rounds on FaceBook , what are your thoughts ?? https://www.facebook.com/groups/30squat/
  3. I'll have to turn into a cardio king
  4. I will be using our glorious public health system , so I could be waiting 6months just to get an appointment , plus I've not trained properly in over 3 months , just hoping there was something I could be doing , or get a head start in some type of physio .
  5. Hi guys, I had an MRI done on my shoulder & back last night and I've got the results, Imgur link here I had someone dumb it down on reddits explainlikeim5 which I'll quote at the end, but I was wondering if you guys had anything else to add, any advice on how to proceed, do I need surgery, rehabilitation, rest Any and all help appreciated beecee
  6. Destined To Fail ( Rotator Cuff Injury )

    So here i am nearly a year later and hopefully at the end of my shoulder issue , i tried physio a few times , did every type of stretch there is avoided all types of lifts and even stopped lifting all to no avail , then a relative recommended Cold Laser Therapy as he had it done on a lower back issue , i had both my right shoulder and my lower back treated ,by an orthopedic surgeon in a private practice/clinic , he said the shoulder should heal more or less 100% and the back between 50 and 80% .I had the treatment done last Thursday and was told it would start to feel better in 7 to 10 days and would take up to 5 week to fully work , 4 days later and my back is a little better and i feel no difference in my shoulder yet . I did as much research as i could and found most reports favorable , heres hoping , ill report back either way over the coming weeks as if this does work it might be something that others could use . . I MISS LIFTING .
  7. Animal Flex

    Flex did come highly recommended , but i did a bit or research on Cissus and it looks to just as good , i used up some MYPROTEIN points so i got it half price , i will report back at the end of each week of using it . My shoulder issue has been going on the guts of a year , ive tried complete rest for two months , not lifting anything above shoulder height , all and every type of stretching and changing my grip width when benching , all to no avail , so it will be interesting for me so see if this helps .
  8. Animal Flex

    Cool thanks , ill look it up .
  9. Animal Flex

    Has anyone any experience of this or opinions on it . Cheers BRIAN
  10. Destined To Fail ( Rotator Cuff Injury )

    i went back to my physio last week , he reckons its not a cuff tear but some sort of impingement , he said ill need an mri to tell for sure ,but he gave me some exercises and stretches to try till the end of the month , if its not any better to then get the mri , it's so frustrating .
  11. Destined To Fail ( Rotator Cuff Injury )

    The injury was diagnosed by a physio a few months back , he recommended some stretches etc , but as I was still lifting all the time it never really got a chance to heal . I'll just get stuck into cardio only till end of January and rest the shoulder totally , if there is no real improvement by them I'll have it looked at again by a professional . Cheers
  12. If i believed in such nonsense i would probably believe i am destined to to fail in my lifting goals , i have an increasing pain in my shoulder that indicates rotator cuff injury , it started when i did Smolov jr for bench and knowing no better i tried to train around it to the point where ive stopped benching and pretty much anything shoulder related , but it still hurts , it looks like complete rest in in order , but im wondering if squatting and Deadlifting will still be ok , and other than that just concentrate on cardio , any thoughts ? BRIAN
  13. Hair Removal

    Get a No No .
  14. Smith Machine - Oh No !

    The problem there is that the gym equipment is paid for mostly by the workers and not the company , most if not all who will just say " use the smith , its all the same " , ill see how i get on , work on my powers of persuasion