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  1. Read A Book!

    Thanks Art.
  2. Read A Book!

    Sweet, thanks Art. I was not familiar with 'ETK' and 'Rite of Passage'. Makes a lot more sense to me now. This is definitely the kind of thing I had in mind. Just wish it could be reworded to appeal to novice ladies.
  3. Read A Book!

    Sounds promising, but I'm unfamiliar with a lot of those terms. Do you have a link?
  4. Read A Book!

    Absolutely. However, my manly intuition tells me that she'd be much more likely to do such a program if she read about it in a book rather than just hearing it from me. Any pressing will most likely have to be done overhead since her back is uneven.
  5. Read A Book!

    I may have exaggerated the number of ebooks slightly just for effect . I don't think of them as a total waste of money either, but definitely not the best use/value for the money. Those Jefferson deadlifts tho... Funny I talked about having ebooks I've never read, while I also have plenty of real books I've never read too. What do you think about New Rules of Lifting for Women? My wife has been talking a lot lately about wanting to get in shape, but her scoliosis prevents her from doing a barbell oriented program. Does the book cover kettlebells or other things that don't require supporting a weight across the shoulders or lying down? I am in love with the Meat Book . I also have their Cook's Country and Best Recipe cookbooks. Between the three of them I can usually find what I'm looking for and always been happy with the result. Although for some recipes it takes a couple tries to get it just right. Sounds like the Bittman books offer a bit more guidance than the Cooks Illustrated books, would you agree?
  6. Read A Book!

    Like several others on this forum, I got started lifting doing Stronglifts. You have to start somewhere and for better or worse that's where it was for me. And I really bought into it--spent all my time on the forums, read every article, wrote a recommendation for the ebook, etc. etc. And I feel like I owe something to Stronglifts since I certainly wouldn't be where I'm at today (with respect to lifting) without it. However, I can't speak for everyone, but I know I picked up some bad habits there in the beginnings of my lifting career. One of which was ebooks. I have ebooks, usually bought for between $20-40. I have ebooks I've never read. I have ebooks with some useful information. I have ebooks sold in physical form with professional looking covers and binding. I have binders full of ebooks! Whats wrong with ebooks? Well, last night my wife and I attended a Pampered Chef party disguised as a 'make some salads-in-a-jar' party. My options were to stay home with the kids, or attend and get to take home a few salads to eat later. There's always room for more veggies in my diet, so I figured I'd give it a shot. We were joined there by three gals whom we'd never met before, and from the conversation, sounded like they had little to no cooking experience. In order to prepare the ingredients for these salads we were given an array of task-specific devices, all of which would make salad creation easy enough that anyone could do it! And these girls just ate it up. Meanwhile, I'm thinking just give me a knife and a cutting board and I can do this in less time and with 90% less dishes to wash afterwards. But for those with no experience, a $20-40 tool might seem like the key to making cooking delicious foods something that can be achieved. I feel that most ebooks offer the same false hope. BUT! You have to start somewhere right? And for a beginner, SL 5x5 V9.03 ebook will help, but like an avocado slicer, maybe there's a better option (a chef's knife). As in cooking, you become a better lifter through practice. It's the guiding tools along the way that make sure you are practicing the right things, learning useful skills, and not handicapping yourself in the long term. So what's the solution? Read a mother fucking book! Like a real hardcover 383 page book. The best part is, it's the same price as an ebook, just vastly superior as a source of information. Gross consumption is not the path to mastery. My piles of ebooks, virtual and physical, are not worth what I paid for them. Remember school? That place where the whole point was to learn things? Books, instruction, practice. Clif Notes might get you a good grade, but they did not help you understand. I think part of the problem is being introduced to a subject online. It was only natural for me to continue seeking information online since that's where I started. Nowadays when nearly anything you could want to know is just a click away, it's easy to forget how to go deeper than that first layer of knowledge. The world of blogs, online articles, and ebooks will get anyone started on nearly any topic, but for true mastery I feel that a more academic approach is necessary. Are there any other book readers out there? What are your recommendations? I have three right off the bat that I have read and would recommend to others: Starting Strength by Mark Rippetoe - This is where a beginner should start. The Cook's Illustrated Meat Cookbook by Cook's Illustrated/America's Test Kitchen - If you are interested in the cooking and consumption of meat. I can not recommend this book enough. Easy Strength by Pavel Tsatsouline and Dan John - For athletes and those with limited recovery. Prepare to take some notes.
  7. Need A Help For Easy Recovery Program

    I'm no programming expert, but I think you have some conflicting goals at the moment. Linear progression will become very difficult to recover from as you near the end of your newbie gains. Adding a caloric deficit on top of that will make things worse. In what way are you struggling with your deadlift? I wouldn't recommend Texas Method as a easy recovery program. 5/3/1 would be the better option of the two you listed.
  8. Ss Linear Progression For 180Lbs Lifter

    Sounds to me like you're ready for an intermediate program. A guideline is that you should be in the neighborhood of a 1.5 X BW squat, which you are.
  9. Today's Breakfast

    Since it's the weekend I had time for more than my usual shakes: Four eggs with salsa and a T-bone steak. Yum!
  10. Today's Breakfast

    Two Shakes 3 eggs, scoop of protein, some almond milk in each.
  11. Top Three Ab Exercises

    Reverse crunch for high reps Plank or plank variation (currently trying some stir-the-pots) for time Ab-wheel if I have a lot of extra energy after a session Paloff Press if I've been reading a lot of Cressey/Gentilcore articles lately
  12. Strength Training And Sex

    I think Leon got it right. If I'm not feeling sexy, it's usually because I'm not eating enough or haven't slept enough. However, I find that food has the greatest impact of the two.
  13. Epsom Salts, But No Tub?

    Kiddie pool in the living room? You might even be able to fit two people in there.
  14. Mouth Guards

    I sleep with one, since like you guys I grind my teeth in my sleep, but never used it in the gym. I don't really clench my teeth when I lift so I don't think it would do me much good.
  15. Dairy

    Have you ever tried going off dairy completely? Why not cut the dairy for 30 days and see if you notice any difference in the way you feel. Body composition-wise it shouldn't make much difference. In order to gain muscle you'll need to make sure you're eating enough protein (some recommend 1g/lb of bodyweight plus 50g for active lifters). If you're eating paleo that means a lot of meat!