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  1. preworkouts

    True that. I think caffeine is most often the main ingredient and that can be had cheaper and more convenient. I´m also not sure about the WADA-status of beta alanine and can´t be arsed to dig it up now. Another aspect though is the psychological reliance on preworkouts. I often hear people saying that they need substances to get motivated/psyched/whatever for training. This I find worrying. If someone "needs" something to want to train, something is probably wrong with the way they train or their underlying motivation in general.
  2. preworkouts

    No, it doesn´t. Of course, if you´re competing and get caught with stuff, you´re screwed, Regardless of whether you compete or not, if you take stuff that is "legal" in the hopes that it works - you´re just losing money. As I´ve said, if it offers any appreciable gains it is either on the list or soon will be. I also think that most people can´t get away with drinking chocolate milk all the time
  3. preworkouts

    If anything actually did work to an appreciable degree, it´d be banned. If WADA is cool with it, it´s probably not worth the money
  4. patella maltracking and squatssssss

    K has some good points. I also wonder, if everything was fine...why did you get an x-ray? Surely not because something randomly hurt one time, right? Find yourself a good physiotherapist. Together you can get your knee back on track with taping and strengthening the right muscle-groups.
  5. Leg exercises

    First off, this Heavier and more squats and lunges. It doesn´t have to be more complicated than that. Edit: Make sure your form is on point and don´t turn squats into a lower back exercise.
  6. Squat: What should I be thinking about?

    That´s already two things to think about. Do you really think that thinking about more things is any use? I can hardly think about one thing at a time, let one more than two. Just keep on practicing with controllable weights, take videos and/or have someone that knows his stuff give you tips. Overthinking stuff is rarely ever the answer, especially when considering movements. Feeling and intuition is always faster than thinking, thinking is slow.
  7. Squat: What should I be thinking about?

    Sit down and stand up, squatting isn´t that hard. No Need to overcomplicate things. Now I´ll grab my Popcorn and wait for K to show p with a billion different cues.
  8. Barbell Rows = elbow pain

    I remember having that as well at some point. Moving my grip in helped. I still think that dumbell rows, chest supported rows and bench rows are superior for back development. Both strength and size wise, while at the same time not taxing the rest of your body as much.
  9. Cardio, running and sprints with strength training

    You can do both just fine, as long as you ease into it a bit, i.e. don´t start with 20 hillsprints with a weighted vest. And you also probably don´t want to do them the day before squatting, so you´d want to pay attention to scheduling.
  10. Sumo Or Conventional ??

    fuck sumo
  11. Which Supplements For Joints?

    No, we were talking about the horse supps Miked96 referred to earlier in this thread. This depends on so many factors there´s no way to answer this. Is your pain due to cartillage damage? If no, glucosamine will probably do nothing but empty your pockets. If yes, it´ll depend on the degree of damage and dose of glucosamine. That is all assuming your technique is spot on and your knees don´t hurt because of tight muscles, tendon-issues or whatever.
  12. Which Supplements For Joints?

    That´s what I´ve been telling my people. Just take me into the woods and be done with it
  13. Which Supplements For Joints?

    I´ve been taking this for a few weeks now. Joint pain is less now, but that is probably just the natural healing course. I also looked into all this "horse joint stuff", but I don´t know about it. It kinda freaks me out
  14. Greyskull Lp Push Press Instead Of Strict Press

    Depends on your goals, really. If you want to get a big bench, do regular presses. If you want to throw stuff overhead and get strong overall, do push presses.