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  1. This is not really a question, it's more of an experience I want to share and see if others have experienced the same thing, cause I find it pretty strange...: I used to train 3-4 times a week for about a year and a half. The last months of this period I didn't see much progress at all. I stalled on all the lifts. This made me VERY obsessed about training. I thought about it, talked to others about it, read about it, and dreamt about it. Because I didn't progress I thought I was doing something wrong. After a while I was so sick of not progressing and not finding answers to why I kept stalling and I got very demotivated. I started thinking less about it, talk less about it, read nothing about it at all, and never had a dream about it since. (I haven't even been in here for months!) I also started going less to the gym, and when I did go, I tried to hurry to get it over with, cause I just couldn't be bothered. My deadlift for instance : I had worked up to 87,5 kg but then I stalled. For weeks. For months. I perfected my technique- it didn't help. I deloaded - didn't work. I rested- didn't work. I got loads of sleep - didn't work. I ate loads - didn't work. Then I stopped caring, and what surprised me was: I started to progress...! I can lift more than ever and I keep progressing! Now I'm confused :-P
  2. Hi, I am trying to update my stats on my profile, but it doesn't seem to be working... This is the error message I get: "Fatal error: Incompatible file format: The encoded file has format major ID 3, whereas the Loader expects 4 in /home/ironstro/public_html/admin/applications/forums/extensions/usercpForms.php on line 0" It's been like this for several days now.. Anyone else get this?
  3. Female Lifting Progression Pace?

    Hi. I have been doing SL 5x5 now for about a year. Everyone are different and there are no set rules for what works for different people, but I can share MY experience...: My experience is that me as a girl progress slower than my boyfriend and his mate who also did SL 5x5. I started with the babell on all exercises apart from deadlift (around 50 kg on DL if I remember correctly)In the beginning I added 2,5 kg (5lbs) on squats more or less every workout. However, on OHP and benchpress 2,5 kg was way too much. For the first 6 months or so I didn't have any smaller weights, so sometimes I was on the same weight for around 2 months or so, and I could never do it. I found out I had to get some smaller weights to be able to progress, so I bought some small plates, (0.25 kg each) so that I could increase with just 0,5 kg at a time. This was extremely helpful. I was able to add weight much more often, maybe every week instead of every 2 months. After a while, as squats and deadlifts have become harder, I have started using the small plates on these exercises as well, as I am able to add weight more often. My boyfriend also started using them and found it very helpful. So my recommendation is: Buy some smaller weights :-)
  4. Any Girls Around Here??

    Hi giiiiirlzzz! Awesome to see you here :-) Maybe we can create a division for the girls in the next competition we'll have here..? That would be fun! :-)
  5. Any Girls Around Here??

    I am a girl who does Stronglifts 5x5. Would be nice to see some other girls in here. Reveal yourselves!
  6. Hey, gun! We have a new section for women weightlifters, it would be good to have some motivational stuff in there from a woman's perspective. I think it would be cool to attract a good range of lifters so these forums can be a bit more rounded.