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  1. IronStrong Chat

    Yeah i would like the skype chat or what about a IRC channel lol :P.
  2. IronStrong Chat

    Yeah! I miss it.
  3. Wrist pain on bench

    Haha, I don't think you are a wuss! I don't know how long you've had the problem. If it's only a few sessions on a certain movement it's not a big deal I would say but if it persist - check it up with your GP.
  4. Wrist pain on bench

    Strange, i don't know what the problem can be if you are benching at that level :(. Do you experience pain with wrist wraps aswell?
  5. Wrist pain on bench

    Could it be just that you are not used to the weights? I also get wrist pain sometimes for bench but i just try to warm up my wrist by shaking and turning them around so it's usually no problem.
  6. Breaking 90 Degree In Squat Problem

    Third world squats everyday and before every session until you can keep depth.
  7. Back on the track (hopefully)

    Hey Guru! I remember you :). Welcome back!
  8. preworkouts

    Awesome writeup @Wanderlei!
  9. Nice to Meet You!

    Welcome James! Strong squat i must say, is it done raw?
  10. preworkouts

    My pre workout meal is around one hour before my gym session and consists of: 2 dl oats, 2 dl protein powder, 2 teaspoons of creatine and 2 bananas. This is around 700 calories. I also take the same drink directly after my workout.
  11. As you also say you already increased size in 2 months which is very good.
  12. It takes a 70 year old about 3 months weight lifting to regain their strength that they had in their 20s according to several studies. It's never to late to start lifting, remember that! Considering your question you will gain muscle, but not as fast as a 20 year old of course. Start a log here and we can help you reach your goals! My brother started lifting six months ago and has progressed in size and is 45 years old. My grandmother is 84 and her husband is 90 and they go to the gym to keep their strength in check and protect their bodies from getting to weak.
  13. Crunches! Not Feeling The Burn, Help!

    Can you try doing ab wheel workouts, perhaps its easier to feel contact for you?
  14. Warming up for a one rep max

    As the title mentions i wonder how you guys usually approach warming up for a one rep max? How many warmup sets do you do, and at what percentages of 1rm are they ?
  15. Warming up for a one rep max

    @Miked96Thanks for you input Mike. I usually do 95% before i try my 1 rm but as you say that could easily fatigue one to much. Your rule with 90% before testing max sounds more reasonable.
  16. Warming up for a one rep max

    @FerrousMaverick Thanks
  17. The New Approach To Training Volume

    @GanymedeAre you referring to the Avarage F'n Program? If so i would say just continue using it as it does not really matter if you do 5x5, or 3x5 as long as you are progressing. When you are progressing you are also getting stronger which is the main goal of strength training. Do not overcomplicate things. Theres a good saying for this: "An average training program done with intensity and effort will always lead to more results than the best program done half assed." -Christian Thibaudeu
  18. Weight Lifting Belt?

    @SuperStarGalaxyGood luck with your journey!
  19. Warming up for a one rep max

    @PsychoSlugThanks for you input Doug.
  20. Warming up for a one rep max

    @ArtThat's also a good rule of thumb which i usually use. Haha, sick kitten, that's a new one :D. By the way @FerrousMaverick could you move this thread as i don't know why i posted in the womens section.
  21. Weight Lifting Belt?

    Hello SuperStarGalaxy. A lifting belt may help you get a little bit stronger while doing a max by keeping you tigther, but it wont increase your strength per defintion. So if your deadlift is weak i would continue to train and soon you will be able to deadlift more then that. Just be consistent with your routine. I have deadlifted 530 pounds without a belt.
  22. 5X5 And 3X5 And 3X3 As A Percentage Of 1Rm

    3x5 equals 80% of 1 rm and 5x5 equals 75-80% of 1rm. Source: 5x5 and 3x5 as a percentage of 1 rm I have also logged my sessions recently since februari 2016 and it seems that this sums up really well. Down below are my last 5x5 weight used before a max attempt and how much of rm this is (decimals). Max Attempts 5x5 1rm Percent 20160325 Back squat 100 150 0.6666666667 BTNPP 85 105 0.8095238095 Bench press 102.5 120 0.8541666667 20160507 Back squat 120 160 0.75 Bench press 105 130 0.8076923077 20160610 Back squat 135 180 0.75 Bench press 107.5 135 0.7962962963 20160821 Back squat 145 190 0.7631578947 BTNPP 92.5 110 0.8409090909 Bench press 110 140 0.7857142857 20161019 Back squat 145 195 0.7435897436 BTNPP 92.5 110 0.8409090909 Bench press 110 145 0.7586206897
  23. Always squeeze your glutes as hard as you can while pressing!
  24. Doug Hepburn Routines

    Doug Hepburn singles/triples routine Here i am writing to you a very simple and easy to understand training routine that will help you build strength in the most easiest way possible. There is no complex programming or annoying assistance exercises implemented in this routine. This routine focus on the four most strength rewarding exercises available: Squat, deadlift, bench press and overhead press. You rest usually 1-5 minutes between each single/triple depending on how you feel. Program layout: Monday/Thursday: Upper body (Bench press and overhead press) Tuesday/Friday: Lower body (Squat and deadlift) This is the basic layout for the program and as you can see you train four days a week and also you will work all body parts twice a week. The benefit with this is increased volume, increased strength and increased hypertrophy. If you do not have the time to train four days a week you can do the same program as above two days a week. The drawdown of this is that it will take more time to add weight for you and you will only hit all bodyparts once a week. Which means less strength and less hypertrophy. But it's still a good program only if you do it twice a week, i do it twice a week sometimes when i am short of time during that week because of work or exams. Progression: Start at 85-90% of your a rep max at each exercise, start by doing four singles your first workout, the add one single each workout until you are able to do ten singles for each exercise. When you have hit ten singles you just restart at four singles again the next workout, but this time you bump up the weight 2,5-5 kg (5-10 pounds). Example below: Squat 100 kg 4x1, 5x1, 6x1, 7x1, 8x1, 9x1, 10x1 - Now you can add 2,5-5 kg and start over at 4x1. The beauty with this is that when you add weight, volume goes down so even if the weight is heavier the volume is more then halved which is like a built in deload week. Stagnation: After a while on the singles routine you will start to peak out on all the exercises, you will find it harder and harder to add that single each time. Just continue to train hard and add one single until you start failing to do so. When you have failed to add a single despite trying for several workouts, are mentally tired or are going backwards in progression, don't panic! Because this is completely normal and have happened to myself several times. At this time you move to the deload phase. Deload: Now that you have peaked on all the exercises it's time for a deload. The deload works the exact same way as the singles routine. Now you start by doing triples at 75-80% of your 1 rep max and the goal here is to let your nervous system replenish and work back up to your old singles weight. If you did 100 kg in the squat for ten singles (10x1) and peaked at that weight your goal is now to work up to 100 kg for ten triples (10x3). If you feel the need to try out your new maxes, do so. Let's say your old one rep max was 110 kg in the squat and now you do 120 kg in the squat your goal is still to continue using triples until you can to 100 kg for ten triples. When you reach that goal, you start the singles routine again, but this time calculated 85-90% by your new one rep max which is 120 kg. Comments: This is an very easy to understand program which i have used myself with great success. What i have learned since last time i ran the program is to use two exercises instead of three exercises during each session. Because three exercises during one session will get you extremely fatigued in the long run and will drain both time and mental energy from you. If you want to do assistance work, you can throw in what you want on the end of each workout. I usually do some abs/calf exercises on the end of Fridays workout and some biceps and triceps at the end of Thursdays workout. But this is only if you are focusing on appearance/esthetics and not really necessary for the program. If you cannot do deadlifts, just do rows instead. If you feel the deadlifts is too little volume for your back, throw in some rows at the end of the squat/deadlift workouts. This is Doug Hepburn pressing 380 lbs (172,5kg):
  25. I just wanted to tell you my experiences with alternate day fasting that i tried during this summer. I only did it for 2 weeks (14 days. I quit it because of motivation loss but will probably try it again someday. How i did it: Fasted every other day and worked out every other day, basically like this: Monday: Workout Tuesday: Fast Wednesday: Workout Thursday: Fast Friday: Workout Saturday: Fast Sunday: Workout Monday: Fast Etc... Diet 3000 calories on workout days. No more, no less. Diet was around 150+ grams of protein, 300+ grams of carbohydrater and the rest fat. I like to keep things simple so basically i drank 1 milk before my workout, 1 milk after my workout and had a big meal 2200 calories when i got home, somedays i split up that in two meals. On fast days i only drank water, coffee and tea. So basically the fast varied from 36-48 hours depending on what time i trained on my workout days. Results Waist went from 100 cm to 93 cm which is -7 cm in only 14 days. Weight went from 88 kg to 85 kg. That's the fastest fatloss i have ever experience when trying different cutting methods. The great thing about this what that i was very productive during my fasting days and i did not lose any strength at all doing this, i gained in all my lifts as af i where on a bulk. It works so well because you are constantly tricking your body to burn fat and build muscle at the same time. You are bulking one day, and burning fat the other day. Definitly going to try this out again soon and see how long i can keep up with it.