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  1. I was on my last set of squats and on the way up I felt and heard a pop in my leg. It was my quads near the knee, front outside of my leg. So I stopped, it only hurt a little when I tried to squat and had no problem with my dead lift. Since then (2 days ago) it hurts a little when I get up from sitting or going up stairs but not bad at all. The small amount of research I have done looks like I tore a muscle just not that bad. I tried to look up answers here but "pop" was a forbidden search term. Questions, I warm up but I don't really stretch that much, is this where I went wrong? How long before I squat again? Any help would be great.
  2. Interview With Gary Taubes

    I thought the article was great, so much that I just picked up "The Primal Blueprint" in kindle!