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  1. Take Up Space, Ladies!

    Love it
  2. Switching Fsl On Wendler's 531

    Sounds like hitting singles close to your TM on a near weekly basis might wear you out fast, but if you're smart about the intensity this seems like a good plan
  3. Dup Program

    My main concern beyond what Darkangel pointed out with the frequency is that you're pressing & benching 4x a week with absolutely no rows/pulls to keep balance. Beyond the potential balance issue, jumping to this pressing volume & frequency is a recipe for injuries and shit. +1 for sorting the diet out. You can get plenty strong with shit diet, god knows I have. But to get proper lean/huge you need to get that stuff in order
  4. My entries: Squat 200kg Deadlift 230kg No bench/ overhead anyhow due to shoulder impingement Done at a BW of 117.8kg 200kg @ 117.8kg - wilks 115.5 230kg @ 117.8kg - wilks 132.8 Twofer 430kg @ 117.8kg 248.3
  5. Is a frontsquat an acceptable replacement for the backsquat in the squat event ? Might be able to front more than back without causing my self problems this month
  6. Ooohboy, I should hopefully be getting to PR turf by mid/end nov so I should be able to participate
  7. Deadlift Injury

    I personally prefer dead stop deadlifts to touch n go as it allows me to set my back between reps and builds on the from-floor strength
  8. 250Lb Squat Stall

    If you're stalling at 5x5 don't spend any more time on it, deload by maby 20-50lbs and drop to 3x5. My only complaint about your form is that from this angle it looks like you're skimming depth a bit
  9. Deadlift Injury

    First off, welcome aboard. Second, bummer on the injuries. Like Berin mentions a belt won't solve it when form goes out the window due to concentration but it can help none the less. As for your form, your back is nice and flat but I think you should start with your hips a little lower and rest the bar on the ground between reps. Just long enough to let the weight rest on the ground and get set again, no releasing or re gripping unless your grip is slipping.
  10. Pain In Adductors While Deadlift

    I'll agree with Mattiah, foam roll, stretch & rest. If that doesn't help it's doctor time
  11. http://www.vice.com/en_se/Fringes/nest-of-giants bit surreal how many of theese men I've talked to in person
  12. Adding Farmer's Walk To Sl 5X5

    Adding some form of carries as a finisher shouldn't be detrimental to your recovery, especially early on. As the weights you're moving get higher they may start interrupting your recovery and then you can simply cut down to doing them 1-2x a week.
  13. Intreadsting, I'll be taking a better lookie tomorrow
  14. 30 \ 30 Squat Challenge

    Definetly something to work towards I'd say. Chilling in a deep squat when waiting for the bus gets you funny looks but feels pretty good when tired and you're used to it.