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  1. The Juggernaut Method 2.0 Spreadsheet

    Looks like a really useful sheet. I did just spot a few cells with #NUM! in them on the 3s wave sheet but otherwise looks good.
  2. Can't seem to open any threads on the forum right now...anyone know what's happening please?

    1. idle


      Mark! What have you done?!

  3. Weak Shoulder Press And Bench

    P.S. I think tricep strength would be more useful than flies and upright rows if you did feel the need to add assistance exercises.
  4. Weak Shoulder Press And Bench

    Hi Dave. I think that if you fix the 'usual culprits' this time around you may surprise yourself with how far you can get. Use deloads as prescribed in the program and chip away at the gains for a while and then, as Idle says, you can reduce the number of sets on any sticky exercises to eke out more progress before switching programs.
  5. Excess Creatine

    Sadly David is no longer with us so he probably won't see these recent replies. All that excess creatine made him so strong that one day he accidentally standing jumped onto the moon where he now works as a crater engineer, digging craters with his bare hands, which became massively oversized as another side effect of the creatine. Also, I just started responding to forum questions from over two years ago. Should I be worried?
  6. Pop In My Leg Doing Squats

    See how it feels on squat day. If it hurts don't squat. If it is just a bit achy then do your warm ups gradually and stop when it feels like it may get worse. Better to feel your way back into it slowly than to go too soon and break yourself. Some light work often helps get things moving but take it easy.
  7. Yeah. The only way is up. At least I have a total to beat next time around.
  8. Woohoo! 3rd. That's like bronze in the Olympics. I might take up power lifting full time. I think I have a knack for it.
  9. My third and final entry is this token deadlift, after which my lower back was giving me grief so I stopped. 110kg
  10. Long femurs, long paws...I'm either a jackal or a kangaroo
  11. Hmmm....not sure if my attempts prompted Art to post his 'pathetic attempts'.... :D Go for it, Art. We lost our dignity years ago, we ain't got nothing to lose now. Here is my bench attempt of 70kg. I hope you appreciate the near death experience I had to go through to make and record this lift for your viewing pleasure. I haven't benched anything above 50-something kilos in years, and this 70kg lift nearly dropped on my face, after I finally managed to unrack the damn thing. Oh the shame...
  12. Thanks, Mav! Next year I'm hoping there is an award for Longest Femurs. It's my best event
  13. This is my squat entry, 105kg, at a bodyweight of Calc lbs: 157.20 Calc kg: 71.45 My other lifts will follow as I get through the other sessions in this training week. Anyone else who feels like entering, just do it! You only have to do 1 rep. It's easy
  14. Keep reminding us, Mav. I'll almost certainly have my first go this year, just to get my feet wet. I may need to post my numbers in lbs to get my total into triple figures though