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  1. Meet Miriam, My New Deadlift Hero.

    Those women are awesome. The Granny pic looks odd...I am gonna bet it's been shopped though I'd love if it was real!
  2. Holy Shit What's Happened To My Ass?!

    Amy, love it, thanks! Will read properly again cos I was distracted by the men's botty's... Rere, I don't think that's your bum Moar Butts...
  3. Daughter Wants To Start Lifting Weights!

    Ben, no wonder you are proud, that's an amazing achievement I did have a chuckle at your wife walking in just in time for the tearful moment!
  4. Another Take On Double Reverse Pyramids

  5. Daughter Wants To Start Lifting Weights!

    Berin, absolutely! I'm mum so I am the safe person to unleash all the feelings onto and the cheek and attitude! I find it hard to be patient with her sometimes then have to remind myself that she's only an almost 8 year old...I know deep down it's a privilege to be the person the kids feel totally comfy with but it's trying at times. I think that's a great idea to share my own struggles (of which there have been many!) with the bar... Thanks for the tips
  6. Another Take On Double Reverse Pyramids

    Thanks Janelle, that's a brilliant help! I can't let go of the heavy squats just now, it's been the basis of the lifting since I started and I'd feel awful for not keeping them up, almost like I'd be some kind of squat traitor Will keep in mind the DLs, only one heavy DL day per week is all I could do without dying anyway I'm sure!
  7. Another Take On Double Reverse Pyramids

    Janelle, thank you!! This looks absolutely tailor made for what I need... I was wondering about warm ups - for the heavy lifts each day before doing the top 2 sets at 1RM, do we do a few warm up sets? Also, how do you work supersetting the heavy/light exercise - do you use 2 different bars? I am very short on space - for instance, if I am doing light squats then heavy DLs I have to put the squat stands away to make room for DLing If I can't superset would it just make progress a little slower? Thanks so much for typing all of this out, it really helps. I have your spreadsheet printed out and will write out a 4 day programme tonight to commence on Wednesday...yay! Also, I really want to keep 2 heavy squat days per week, but will see how I feel after 40 reps on Wednesday!
  8. Daughter Wants To Start Lifting Weights!

    Ben, I hear you on the "girlie" stuff...don't know how else to describe it but it's sort of textbook girlish squealing at everything. It's funny that your daughter wants to be a doctor, Katie has wanted to be a vet since she was old enough to understand what a vet was...and I truly believe this is what she'll end up doing...and yes, we often talk about parts of the job she'll have to do which won't be pleasant in order to help animals. The lifting is something unique they can tap into and a great opportunity for learning life stuff... Katie and I had a wee session on Sunday morning but it was frustrating because she was in a "girlie" mood and I was tired. She is still ace at the goblet squats and we had a go at OHP again, it will take time to get the bar path working. She wanted to do some more DLs which she loves but I had to stop her because I noticed that every time she bends over to pick up the bar her back was completely round. We practiced yet more GS and some air squats and she has perfect form for those, but her back was still round on the DL. I think next time we'll do some supermans to help with her back strength. I think we'll have to go back to a less formal approach, since I'm not a natural teacher It's a steep learning curve for us both! Glad to hear that your daughter is still enjoying it so much.
  9. Daughter Wants To Start Lifting Weights!

    wow! So many kids getting interested...it's just so cool!
  10. Daughter Wants To Start Lifting Weights!

    WOW! What an achievement...(that must be close to 1xBW) - now that's Badass
  11. chin negs = armpit DOMS! That's a first.

    1. NeilPorter


      Awesome...that's all I can say to armpit DOMS :-)

    2. Nagolina


      my pits are getting stronger :D

  12. Hate those crappy workouts...next one has to be better though eh?!

    1. aria


      Always is Pauline!

    2. Nagolina


      Bloody hope so Patrick!

    3. klimmilksq


      Just one of those sessions. Many good sessions to come!

  13. Hate those crappy workouts...next one has to be better though eh?!

  14. Female-Centric Lifting Resources

  15. Female-Centric Lifting Resources

    Best thing I've read in ages....there is a slow - but gaining momentum - movement just now away from the "strong is the new skinny" mantra (which is just pressure by a different name) and I LOVE it. Thanks for posting Amy.