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  1. http://www.gofundme.com/AmericanOpen So is started a GoFundMe to help send me to the Open and Hookgrip's meet this year. If anyone could spare anything or spread it around I'd appreciate it. If not, no worries.
    1. Growlanator


      gl mulbo, will help when I get paid ;)

  2. I qualified for the American Open at the end of the year after a pretty harrowing weigh in. Now to regroup and get better.

  3. Competed yesterday in Long Island, hit a 245kg total in the 77kg class (weighed in 75.8). Didn't qualify for AO this year but it approximately a 40kg meet PR total <.<

  4. Finally have all my meet vids! 1,120lbs total at 165lbs w/no belt:

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    2. Destamoon


      you're a beast mate

    3. Steve


      Awesome job. Great effort on the 400 squat!

    4. David


      Great work, man

  5. Ben Affleck is playing Batman. Let nerd rage commence.

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    2. klimmilksq


      Affleck is laaame. I think they need to make a Batman movie with Hugo Strange as the main villain. Heath Ledger was amazing as the Joker.

    3. Robernaut


      Affleck starred in a rom com alongside Jenifer Aniston. Dude should be excommunicated.

    4. klimmilksq


      I would have preferred Affleck staying on the asteroid and Willis going back to earth in Armageddon.

  6. Looks like Romney's gonna win. No uterus (uteri?) will be safe.

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    2. johnnyboy


      Where is our leader 'No Politics' Mike ?

    3. Randy


      West of the Mississippi? Pretty sure nothing exists outside of New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania.

    4. MikeD


      Actually, it's more like NY, California, Florida, and then everything in between is considered the mid-west.

  7. Foam rollers and PVC pipes do shit for your quads. Take a broomstick handle and manually roll out the knots. Huge difference.

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    2. davidyochim


      I have used a small propane torch bottle which worked pretty good for me.

    3. RedForeman


      The masseuse I hire works better than any of that crap ;-D

    4. Heino


      Tried the empty barbell. Got a really different feeling than with foam roller. Thanks for the tip!

  8. All I want to do today is power clean 120kg. And I will.

  9. Been really sick and lost weight. Have to build back up again -__-

    1. Neptune


      Sick? I fear I've overestimated your awesomeness. Shame.

    2. klimmilksq


      Neptune you tend do that.

    3. Kilim


      Getting sick is a good way to get a cut ...

  10. I ate my weight in protein today. But I don't mean like, I ate 175g of protein. I mean I weigh 350lbs right now.

    1. Neptune
    2. chris88


      Protein farts everywhere :P

    3. klimmilksq


      I did too in the same way you mean. What a glorious feeling.

  11. I got the Starting Strength 3rd Edition hardcover...looking forward to digging into the sexy biomechanics of it all

    1. derickthai


      damn u mine hasnt arrived yet

  12. 130kg clean, come at me bro

    1. Inzane


      name a time and place.

  13. Just came back from my first day at work. I think I have dog hair in my own hair.

  14. Dinner was ribs, brisket, fried chicken, and cornbread. I feel like a sultan of some sort.

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    2. klimmilksq


      Oh really? A sultan you say.

    3. IamWEAK


      Now that is what meals should always be made of! I loves me a good properly bbq'd briscuit.

    4. NineOne


      My kind of dinner!

  15. I'm sick for a day and my weight drops to 170lbs. WTF. Still FS'd 130kgx3 though.

    1. klimmilksq


      Probably just water. Drink MOAR!

    2. Randy


      I diet for a week and don't lose any weight, you're sick for a day and lose something. Not fair.

  16. Why must I be sick on my clean/FS day?

    1. Neptune


      Because when Neppy starts FSs, all other FSers suffer.

  17. Right knee still feels some pain, above the knee toward the right. Knee sleeves arrived, though!

  18. Soon I shall go do C&J and FS, but first, must OD on coffee.

  19. Did a bad clean yesterday and now my right knee's bothering me. Might be nothing. Shall see tomorrow.

  20. Installed screw-in pull up bar in my doorway. Now I have no excuse to not do pull ups.

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    2. derickthai


      that video was hilarious!

    3. Slick


      pull ups are the best thing ever

    4. CarlHmS


      If you can't come up with an excuse you're not trying hard enough.

  21. Considering going to the gym to work on snatch...

  22. Made shake. May make another. Too lazy too cook steak. Sentence fragments.

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    2. mbroph


      Steak taste better than shake.

    3. MikeD


      Sometime shake good too

    4. Subdeacon


      Raise stakes: steak shake.