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  1. So I Had A Few Topics On Sl...

    ALL of my topics? I thought it was just my log.
  2. Push Press As Assistance For The Strict Press

    I actually did this and hit both lifts really hard once a week for awhile. My log is on SL though so... But I remember I'd press 10x3 on tuesday then push press 3x5-5x5 on Thursday. Saying the push press just works the top half doesn't really tell the whole story. Posture is so, so important with the start of strict pressing. Keeping everything tight and not letting the elbows hang real low, etc. And push pressing consistently (and you work hard enough at it so it eclipses your press by a good amount), will make your presses feel a LOT lighter when you unrack them. This has the practical use making your form better (because the stronger you are, the easier it is to keep form at lighter weights, obviously), as well as making you much more confident when unracking a press. So yeah, I think they help a lot. You might be able to get the same benefit doing jerks as well, I dunno.
  3. Youtube Olympic Weightlifting Channels

    That's cool with me. These kids do some cool stuff: http://www.youtube.com/user/TheGymChannel?feature=g-u-u
  4. Your Favorite Physique?

    Hackenschmidt was a handsome fella.
  5. Bar On Knees Squat Stretch

    I'll give it a try when I go tomorrow or Monday.
  6. Overhead Press

    I always do my presses from a dead stop because 1) The bar falls out of the groove when I touch and go my reps, and 2) I'm most interested in increasing my 1RM, and I think dead stop reps facilitate that much better.
  7. Been really sick and lost weight. Have to build back up again -__-

    1. Neptune


      Sick? I fear I've overestimated your awesomeness. Shame.

    2. klimmilksq


      Neptune you tend do that.

    3. Kilim


      Getting sick is a good way to get a cut ...

  8. Your Favorite Physique?

    Pfft, I'd look like that if I was covered in blood too...
  9. In Memory Of My Dad...

    I find that view commendable, personally.
  10. I ate my weight in protein today. But I don't mean like, I ate 175g of protein. I mean I weigh 350lbs right now.

    1. Neptune
    2. chris88


      Protein farts everywhere :P

    3. klimmilksq


      I did too in the same way you mean. What a glorious feeling.

  11. Lasagna, brownies, and red velvet cake. OMNOM.
  12. 166kg/365lb FS. What up.

  13. I got the Starting Strength 3rd Edition hardcover...looking forward to digging into the sexy biomechanics of it all

    1. derickthai


      damn u mine hasnt arrived yet

  14. Probably ignoring incoming injury signs, and not wanting to halt progress on certain lifts when necessary.
  15. Why Worry About Body Fat?

    Don't you mean oral? hur hur hur I'm sorry. All I know is, I love getting strong but I like being lean too. Driving the weight up on my lifts has helped me get lean, I figure, since the stimulus just keeps getting more demanding.
  16. Overhead Press

    That's why you do both, they compliment each other very well.
  17. Why Worry About Body Fat?

    Ah Silver, you are so right. As anyone from the the old SL website knows, no one appreciated Jamie's knowledge and rants more than I. But the sycophants just ruin the whole thing, there's nothing more cringe-inducing than reading 50 comments on his blog telling Jamie what an awesome fucking person he is. I love him because he his offering a dissenting opinion, some of it needs to be said, and some of it is just to stir shit, which is also good. I don't understand how people get mad at one person for expressing their opinion; it's their own, however hyperbolic and fucked it may be. I only have a problem with people who act with an air of authority and superiority because they agree with said hyperbolic person, and know that if anyone challenges them they can simply point to someone much more experience and intelligent than they (Jamie, or Rip in other cases) and say "See? I'm right and you're WRONG!"
  18. Knee Wraps

    I use Tommy Kono knee sleeves sometimes and yeah, the support is pretty damn good.
  19. Greg Everett Vs Mark Rippetoe

    The catapult/triple extension thing is probably silly. But starting position and general body position isn't, and the Chinese are very very particular about form.
  20. Greg Everett Vs Mark Rippetoe

    Rob: Like Jay said it's not about the positions looking purty but how well they prepare you for what is probably the most important thing: A balanced, stable position at the bottom of the lift. I used to lean towards Rip's pull because it was easier to learn. And really, the oly lifts are not terribly hard to learn and you can be pretty good at them within a year if you're consistent and diligent with it. But now I'm starting to see the logic of the position that the majority of o-lifters advocate, and am working to adapt more to that style.
  21. 130kg clean, come at me bro

    1. Inzane


      name a time and place.

  22. Just came back from my first day at work. I think I have dog hair in my own hair.

  23. Ex-Sl Members List

    Agree with what Neil said^ And yeah Adam, that's me My training is more focused now aside from the o-lifts which I just work up to whatever feels good that day.
  24. Ex-Sl Members List

    Adam: I go back again to what the person's build is and the weight they're willing to gain. Not arguing with anything you said but that is a factor. Didn't Zach gain like 80 pounds? That's a tall order.
  25. Ex-Sl Members List

    Nooo one is saying this. I always, always tell people to aim as high as they can and they're capable of more than they think. The issue here is using your own personal progress to set a TIMELINE for everyone else's progress. I believe everyone can hit the numbers you have, yeah, but they will reach it at different times.