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  1. Things I've Learned, Ghost's Notes

    Replied in red. This was fun. You can tell how much diet interests me by the long, detailed responses I gave.
  2. Things I've Learned, Ghost's Notes

    I'm gonna make a more detailed post giving my thoughts on some of this stuff, as some of it I don't particularly agree with. In the meantime, if we're going to talk hyperbole, Broz was a huge shit stirrer for awhile. But in the context of the mentality of lifters at the time, he needed to be so over the top in the opposite direction to shake people out of their old, weak mindset. He inspired people to do way more work than they previously thought possible.
  3. Have those. Adipowers are better but they're a fine shoe.
  4. Things I've Learned, Ghost's Notes

    I actually love Jamie, haha. He's smart and impressive as hell lifting wise. We also align similarly in the "stop asking nonsense questions to people and just try shit out for yourself" line of thought. His delivery may not be for everyone.
  5. Things I've Learned, Ghost's Notes

    Makes guru-esque post. Still can't squat 180. Guru fail.
  6. Bench Press Form

    I guess it depends on a matter of degree (of your ass coming up) but I hate vagueness, so I think it's best just to keep your ass down. There's also a matter of degree with high squats (as some high squats are closer to parallel than others) but really, it's best to just go deep enough every time. I'm not going to see a vid of a guy benching 200kg and go "Didn't count, ass came up!", but for my own personal standards I don't let it happen.
  7. 2013 - Your Best Lifts / Achievements

    I snatched 100kg @77kg I did a powerlifting meet where I competed in the 165lb class and PR'd my squat by 15lbs (400lbs), and my bench by 15lbs (280lbs). I did it totally raw, beltless and wrapless, and was the only one who walked my squat out of the monolift Aside from that, can't think of anything.
  8. What's Your Fastest Mile?

    I think my best was in Senior year of high school and I ran 6:20 without running the whole year. I had been squatting for two years by that point though.
  9. I'm Sure This Gets Asked Many Times.

    As long as there's no acute pain in your joints (knee, hip) then it sounds like soreness from lifting. I'd post form vids here if you could.
  10. I'm Sure This Gets Asked Many Times.

    What do you mean by your legs "hurting"?
  11. Unbelievable Squat

  12. Unbelievable Squat

    Okay. At least I have her beat by 12 kg. *sobs anyway*
  13. Olympic Lifts For Trap Growth

    The snatch requires the bar moved a greater distance, and the way you support the bar is less mechanically advantageous (ultra wide grip). Then again, a good deal more weight can be used when cleaning, which could make up for the mechanical advantage/shorter distance. My gut tells me snatches would be better however.
  14. Olympic Lifts For Trap Growth

    I don't see how jerks would have the best effect, since the weight most people can use (depending on proficiency) is at or below their best clean. Not to mention their job is merely support the weight at the top. And I completely beg to differ about hypertrophy. My back was biggest when I was doing heavy 3x3 twice a week on PC's. When I cut oly lifts out and just deadlifted, my traps lost some of their luster
  15. Top Olympic Weightlifting Countries?

    Yes I forgot. We do all the lifts with fixed curl bars and let the weights down gently so as to not cause a disturbance in the bodies of the fatasses surrounding us.
  16. Top Olympic Weightlifting Countries?

    Huh? American weightlifting is ghetto as shit.
  17. I hear this book is well put together, and I like the author a lot (his logic is usually quite sound). http://www.amazon.com/gp/aw/d/0980011116 As for instructional vids, you could do worse than CalStrength (I think they're pretty good) but stay the fuck away from Jon North videos.
  18. Homemade Wrist Roller

    Excellent. I will patent your invention and profit from it.
  19. Squats Not Progressing At All

    Yeah, I'm really curious. Video.
  20. I feel almost silly writing this out because it's so basic, but basic is often best concerning training methods. The past several months I've been using a progression scheme partially inspired by the Texas Method, wave loading, and a few of Paul Carter's ideas. I used something very similar over a year ago to get my front squat up to 166kg at around 80kg BW, so I figured I'd be able to get even more out of doing it with the back squat. Anyway, I'll show you what a typical week has been like, and then I'll explain what it all means and what the progression is. Sunday Squat (Up to your training max for a single + back offs for sets of 5) Bench (Up to a training max + back off for 5x5, all reps paused) Pull ups, bodybuilding Monday Off or bodybuilding work Tuesday Power clean (up to a max, then stop) Deadlift (up to training max, back off for 3x3) Press 8x3 Wednesday Off, or bodybuilding Thursday Squat (Up to a training max for a single + back offs for 5x1, 4x2, or 3x3 depending on the week) Incline bench (Up to a max and then 4x5-8 reps for back off) Pull ups Friday and Saturday can be off but again, I usually went in and messed around with snatches, more pull ups, bodybuilding, or whatever IF energy permitted. If not, I just rested. Here's an overview of how you progress: Training max: Your training max is not your actual, all time max, but perhaps 90% of that. It's a weight you can hit anytime you walk in the gym without peaking or a huge mental prep. You should be confident and be able to do this rep EXOSIVELY. If the concentric portion takes more than a count of 2, it's probably too heavy. As a caveat to this, there are some days where you're going to feel like absolute shit, and even your training max is going to feel heavy and sluggish. That's ok. The fact that its 90% is going to account for days like that. It's fine. Progression scheme: Squat: Your first day of the week will have you work up to a training max. Afterward, you'll take weight off and do 3x5. I would start at 70% of your TRAINING max. Don't worry if that's light, you're going to have a heavier day at the end of the week, and you'll be increasing the 5's weekly as well. I just did a linear progression for the most part, adding 5lbs a week, or maybe doing 2x5 at a lighter weight and then going up a little bit for the final set of 5. Also NOTE, you don't always have to increase the 5's. As long as the heavier day at the end of the week is still yielding PR's, you're golden. Your last squat day of the week, your first workout will have you work up to your training max, and then back off 85% of your TRAINING max for 5 singles. Then next week, on your heavy day, you'll use the SAME weight you used for 5 singles but instead do 4x2 with it. The week after that on your heavy day, you'll use the SAME weight, but do 3x3 Once you get 3x3 after sticking with the same weight for 3 weeks, move the weight up 5-10 lbs and reset back down to singles. Rinse, repeat. Bench press: I've been out of benching so I didn't do anything fancy. I just worked up to max, paused, then did a linear 5x5 progression going up once a week, starting very light. Like 135lbs light. I recently hit a paused PR of 265lbs. Deadlift: I've been oly lifting for awhile now so my pull is decent. For this, I power cleaned all my warm ups, then worked up to a training max, trying to accelerate it as forcefully as I could. I backed off for 3x3, doing a straight linear progression for this as well. Press: 8x3 micro loading 1lb a week. Yep. Incline bench: I treated this heavy, like a main lift, but didn't put much thought into a progression. I worked up to a max single and then backed off for 4x5-8 reps. Just get extra pressing in. For those somewhat confused, let me show you what the first 3 weeks of the squat looks like assuming a 370lb max for squat. Max: 370lbs Training Max: 335lbs (90% of 370lbs) Week 1 Sunday: Squat 335lbs x 1 240lbs (about 70% of 335) 3x5 Thursday: Squat 335lbs x 1 285lbs (about 85% of 335) 5x1 Week 2 Sunday: Squat 335lbsx1 245lbs 3x5 Thursday: 335lbsx1 285lbs 4x2 Week 3 Sunday: Squats 335lbsx1 250lbs 3x5 Thursday: Squats 335lbsx1 285lbs 3x3 At this point, you would increase the Thursday work weights to 290lbs, and start doing singles again, and so on. NOTE: I only used this progression method for the squat, and used much more basic progression for everything else, but you could use this 3 week progression scheme for ANY heavy lift really. That's pretty much it. If you have any questions feel free to ask.
  21. Scratch List Training

    I know, TNation articles can be rehashed and overblown nonsense at times, but I really enjoyed the concept of this: http://www.t-nation.com/training/scratch-list-training Just make a list for the week of exercises and the total reps you want to hit across 7 days (or other permutations) and fit it in however you can. I particularly like the idea of applying this to weak point training with assistance work (for abs, hamstrings, etc), because when something is weak, the most important thing at first is just to do some extra work for it. As a forewarning: this isn't supposed to be a what your program is. Your big lifts should still be programmed. This method looks like it would only be good for the extra things that you have to do in training but either don't know how to fit in of simply don't feel like doing. Take a look and tell me what you think.
  22. Top 10 Exercises For Back Training

    It's not personal. The statements you made about snatches making your back so much more muscular are kind of invalidated by the progress you've made so far.
  23. Top 10 Exercises For Back Training

    Nevermind...aren't you snatching like 85lbs?
  24. Visual Cues

    Have you always/often used a mirror? You may simply he reliant on it now.