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  1. First Powerlifting Competition Help

    What are your current best rep maxes for each lift? We can probably help you estimate attempts from there. If you have vids then that's good as well. Some follow the template of: opener should be smooth and something you know you can hit, second attempt close to max, third attempt PR. But it sounds like you have not tested so attempts 2 and 3 might be PR's which is fine. Are you cutting weight? Not that I recommend you should for your first meet. I would just eat things that you are used to and comfortable eating around your workout, since you don't want to do anything out of the norm. Pack food to eat throughout the meet. If I were competing on Saturday, I would do my squat and bench opener Tuesday and the last deadlift warm up I plan on taking before heading out for first attempt. Then Thursday I would do my last planned warm ups for squat and bench and a light pull for deadlift and totally rest Friday. But tell us your general numbers so we can help more.
  2. http://www.gofundme.com/AmericanOpen So is started a GoFundMe to help send me to the Open and Hookgrip's meet this year. If anyone could spare anything or spread it around I'd appreciate it. If not, no worries.
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      gl mulbo, will help when I get paid ;)

  3. Pursuing Better, Not Best

    I think what is actually happening on the lift and what is best is dictated by gravity and biomechanics. I see it a lot in weightlifting (snatch, clean and jerk), where people say "Oh, but there's MORE than one way to do things and not everyone's the same!" Yeah, true, but there are some things that are just more efficient than other things, and just because some people are very good at/used to doing things inefficiently doesnt mean they're okay for everyone to do. That being said, the way you interpret these things and how you think about them is entirely individual. It's why cueing fascinates me. How the same cue can work magic in one lifter and fall totally flat on another, or how I could give one lifter 10 cues that are all telling him/her the same thing, but it doesn't click until the 11th. I could tell you, for each lift, a number of things that are absolutely ideal and what should happen, based on my knowledge of them. Do I KNOW for a fact that they are? No, but I have pretty good reason to think so.
  4. The New Approach To Training Volume

    If done right this could work. Working in the lower rep ranges obviously allows you to work much heavier, and the rest in between sets of a double or triple is much less than a set of 5+. So conceivably, you could do a 12x2 workout instead of a 5x5, and have the volume be the same (in terms of reps performed) but the average intensity be much higher. And because the weight is heavier, the total volume will be higher in the end as well. This would lose its potency if the rest is very long between sets, but it really shouldn't be. It's pretty easy to recover from a double for your next set.
  5. I qualified for the American Open at the end of the year after a pretty harrowing weigh in. Now to regroup and get better.

  6. I'm Failing On Madcow Badly

    Prolly not one or two. If you went on intermittent fasting in February and your lifts started to decline after that, it's probably the reason. It's not necessarily the weight loss, but being in an energy deficit. If you're not eating enough you're gonna feel crappy and get weaker.
  7. Paul Carter On Knee Wraps/health

    I never really have knee pain and when I do I can usually tell why. It's usually from catching cleans/snatches forward, or squatting forward, or doing jerks forward etc. It also depends on how tight you wraps knee wraps. You can wrap them so they just keep everything warm, or you can wrap them until you can barely walk and you're springing out of the hold in a squat.
  8. Chest Up!!

    You really maintained a good back position in that vid and kept the bar over your center of gravity well. Actually a little behind it. There wasn't much forward knee travel but there was enough, you look like you went just a bit over the toes with them which is necessary. I think some people misinterpret or overdo Rip's cues anyway. Someone was at a seminar and he was yelling at all of them to stop shooting their asses up from the bottom. Cueing in general is an interesting thing. Rip also talks about how you will sometimes give the "wrong" cue in order to correct an exaggerated mistake. Like if the lifter is bent way too far forward, he will tell them to raise the chest, and it will balance out to a correct, "Starting Strength" squat. My main concern is my snatch and clean and jerk and using the squat as a way to make my legs strong in the right position. I'm fine with losing some power out of the hole from staying more upright because it means it's working my legs and back in the correct positions.
  9. Stalled Bench Press. What To Do?

    Like Ghost said, paused is good, as is higher frequency. You could do two bench days and one overhead press day. One bench day would be for volume and the other for intensity/higher weight. Also working up to a light single every session helped. Like if my max was 100kg I'd work up to 90kg, around.
  10. Squatting Double Your Weight

    3x BW is pretty common with high level oly lifters, but one of us squatting 3x BW would be pretty exceptional.
  11. Squatting Double Your Weight

    I think I was around 17 as well. My first PL'ing meet I did when I was 18 and my third squat was 350lbs at 165lbs This was wide stance, low bar, belt
  12. Competed yesterday in Long Island, hit a 245kg total in the 77kg class (weighed in 75.8). Didn't qualify for AO this year but it approximately a 40kg meet PR total <.<

  13. Jesus, I thought I drank a lot of coffee! Having an espresso machine is dangerous business.
  14. Beginner Still Or Intermediate

    Need to know your body weight/height.
  15. I'm excited. I'm glad the standards are higher. Having the new minimum number in my head while training is going to change the standards of what I expect from myself.