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  1. First Post! Fitting Sl Around Military Training.

    In the RAF basic training, you can probably count on a lot of running, you will be better off to be prepared for that if you are not. Do you know if you will be marching uh with a loaded ruck sack much? If so, you will need the total body strength which comes from squats, deads, bench and overhead press. I guess what you need to figure out is your lung capacity for running. If you are already good with that you are ok. If not, get in some HITT twice a week to increase your ability to run. LIfting will carry you a long ways in the cardio department, but my 2 cents is it does not do enough to keep you from getting too winded. When I entered the Army, we would go for 3-5 mile formation runs in the morning followed by about 30 minutes of sprints for as fast as you can run. As for your body weight circuits, the strength training will help immensely with that. Bottom line is find out what you are going to be doing and then excel at that to get you through the training.
  2. My Goal

    I sent her this way from Facebook with the same recommendation to look up Amy.
  3. First Post! Fitting Sl Around Military Training.

    I served in the US Navy for 16 years, was out of the military for 11 1/2 years and then joined the US Army which I retired from in 2010. Since you already have some experience with a barbell from the BB stuff, you should go with Starting Strength 3x5 instead of SL 5x5. The reason is SL is a absolute beginner program and the volume is high in order for you to learn the lifts good before getting into heavier weights. 5x5 combined with your other preps for military service will begin cutting too much into your recovery. Go with SS 3x5 and add in some kind of HITT such as sprints to get your lung volume prepared for all the running you will do in your basic training.
  4. My Goal

    My advice would be to start a linear progression program like Starting Strength and if you keep any cardio to do so at a minimum for maintenance as it will interfere too much with your recovery. If you absolutely feel you must keep running in your life I would recommend a program such as Wendler's 531 since it allows your body to recover more so than linear progression type programs. On 531 you could hit your goals, but the process is going to be be drawn out a little longer since you are not adding weight every session. Also, realize to hit your goal, you may need to gain a little size. But that is not a big deal since you already have low body fat. There are a lot of good people on this forum who will be glad to support you and give better advice than I can. Good luck on hitting that 135.
  5. My Goal

    It is certainly possible. Your bench strength may be higher than you think, realize that crossfit and running activities can fatigue you to where you may not hit your true potential with a barbell. Back off on those activities and concentrate on lifting only until you reach your goal.
  6. Barbell Row Feels Heavy?

    To get to the higher weights, you first need to get completely over this obstacle. Be positive and patient.
  7. What Weight Did You First Stall At?

    OP; the worse mistake you can make is to compare yourself to others in regards to where they first stalled. We all come from different levels of strength and fitness. I could say I stalled at a given number, but I am also almost 50 years old. If there is a considerable difference in our ages, we might just be comparing apples to oranges. Another aspect is I spent most of my adult life in the military and working physically demanding jobs and there are others who have got into this life style having done nothing physical ever, while there are others who have been active in sports their entire lives. By participating in this forum you are in a good place where you will receive plenty of great support and pick up on a wealth of knowledge from others sharing their experience and expertise. It matters not what you lift or where you will first stall. What matters is that you lift and are taking care of your health and body.
  8. Feel Like I Will Stall Early Whats Going On?

    Once you have began stalling you can switch to 3x5 and either remain on SL or you could switch to the Starting Strength template and add in power cleans. Looking at your numbers with really no other information I would say intermediate programming is a switch further out in the future than you may think. Milk out the 5x5 as long as you can and then switch to 3x5. When you become ready for intermediate programming Madcow is a good one, Texas Method or 531. Remember this, switching to an intermediate program is not based on how much weight you can use on any given lift in a workout. The time to switch is really when you are having trouble recovering from your sessions. But before you would switch because of recovery you need to really examine how much good sleep you are getting and how well you are feeding yourself. You could begin stalling out and fix that problem just by consuming more calories. You could keep progressing on linear progression for well over a year into your training. But as with comparing yourself to others, it is all individual how long you will remain at a novice level of training and there is absolutely nothing wrong with that.
  9. Feel Like I Will Stall Early Whats Going On?

    It is not relevant what you hear of other people doing as everybody is different and begin at different levels of strength and fitness. And I will second the sage words of Carl and Art. Just keep plugging away with a strong mental focus and be patient with the progress. It is not a race to the top.
  10. Now This Is A Home Gym

    Wish there was more pictured. Cool ingenuity.
  11. Liver And Onions

    I have heard chitlins are not bad once you have boiled the shit out of them
  12. Liver And Onions

    I was forced to eat the abomination of liver and onions as a child. Now, I would rather take a swift kick to the nuts than eat it ever again.
  13. Now This Is A Home Gym

    No expenses spared http://www.liveleak.com/view?i=860_1357610074 Love the ingenuity and will to get his lifting done.
  14. I have to admit that after 8 months of Sheiko training I found myself burned out. Over the course of the last few months I have been trying to figure out which way I want to go with my training and have tried a few different things, but none for long enough to get any real results. Over the holidays it got cold and we had a good amount of heavy wet snow and I tweaked my back some while shoveling it and have been taking it easy and rethinking where I have been and where I want to go in regards...

    1. davidyochim


      Some of my thoughts were cut off. I decided to get back to power lifting basics, and after reading AdamW's newest program I thought it would be good for an older lifter such as myself. I created an Excel spreadsheet for my use. If I can figure out how to share it, I will certainly do so. Going forward, I am deloading, dropping the excess volume and just going to concentrate on the basics and slowly work back up to my PR weights.

    2. NeilPorter


      Good luck on the new plan David..I think both of Adams plans are good, his newer one being a lot like 531 so should work well for you.

      back to basics would work well, you must be in top 5 guys on here for volume work...

      Hope the backs sorts itself out real soon..

    3. davidyochim


      Neil, I liked the looks of both plans, but the second I liked a little better because of the similarity to 531 which I had good success on. I tried to convert my spreadsheet to an noline file, but apparently Adobe requires a paid account to do so. On the volume, I am a retired military guy who has always gone balls out on everything. However, my body began telling me I need to slow down a little for my old age. Sciatica has gotten better so the back was just a minor tweak. Just something I ha...

  15. What's The Rush?

    LSG stole my thunder with training maturity. Or maybe I was going to steal his from some long past post. I do not know. I lately found myself kind of burned out with the constant attempts at bigger and better goals. I still have goals, but at 49 years old, I think for me it just became time to re-evaluate my approach.