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  1. I realized today i've been taking 3 times the amount of creatine I should have been. 1 tablespoon a day instead of 1 teaspoon. For several months. Should I be concerned? Serious replies please, I already know I'm an idiot.
  2. So I just had my annual physical and asked my doc to check my T levels. He was resistant and sarcastic about it - 'Well, what's the point? What are you going to do about it anyway? Spread something under your arm so your wife will come out of a rainbow like in that commercial? There are side effects, you know. ' - and he pissed me off enough so I am now looking for a new physician. But all that aside, the result came back and he insisted everything was 'normal.' The number was 411, which sounds pretty low to me, even for a 51 year old guy. My question is, especially for older guys, what are your experiences with getting T levels checked, what have you been told is a good normal range, and when, if ever, should someone like me be considering some kind of boost? Thanks.
  3. Adnan Powerlifting Gear

    HI, Adnan - this is a really late response - fwiw I found knee sleeves really really helpful, and I still wear them. I've got knee issues and they provide great support. I use these, they are made in the UK: http://www.sbdapparel.com/product/sbd-knee-sleeve/ . I love them.
  4. Best Stretches For Knees

    I've had to stop squatting due to arthritis in my right knee, which sucks, but the good part is I learned a lot about my knees when I was going through rehab. In addition to the arthritis problem, my kneecap was not tracking correctly due to some muscle imbalances. To help both issues I learned a bunch of stretches, which I have been doing every day for almost a year now. They've helped both my knees a lot. Here they are, for what it's worth: 1. Quad stretch 2. Hamstring stretch 3. Front hip flexor stretch 4. IT band stretch (since I hate this particular stretch, I just foam roll each of my IT bands) Once a week I also do an hours' worth of simple single leg exercises to keep the muscles around the knees strong. Those have helped a lot too.
  5. Heads up, anyone on here who rows on a Concept 2 erg - WAIT to upgrade your iPhone to iOS 9 - the Ergdata app hasn't been updated yet. Learned the hard way.

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      If you want to be on the beta test list for the new version, email this dude - scotth@concept2.com

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      done. i've actually installed the beta, haven't tried it out yet.

  6. And, really, what else is there? Come on. Lifting weights is the greatest thing ever. Being big and strong is amazing. Even a little bit bigger and stronger is amazing, makes you feel like Thor or some other god. -Jim Steel, latest blog post

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      damn right. love Jim Steel

  7. Which Supplements For Joints?

    FWIW, I've been dealing with a recently diagnosed arthritic knee (osteo, not rheumatic). I'm noticing some difference with Glucosamine (the vegetarian version). I also take fish oil and that seems to help a bit. I've heard good things about tumeric, as Mathiah mentioned. Haven't tried it yet.
  8. David Builds New Legs

    This is my new log. I can't squat or deadlift or run again until I correct some longstanding muscle imbalances that really pre-date my strength training. I'll be posting my rehab stuff here. It's going to include the upper body stuff I do in order to not atrophy. Not sure how much commentary there's going to be. I'll add the link to my other log shortly for anyone interested in how I got here.
  9. David Builds New Legs

    Okay, since PT is officially over and I now know clearly my new set of limitations, I'm ready to take myself off the injured list and get moving again. This log is officially closed. New one is here. Thanks again, everyone, for all the support. Onwards and upwards, over and out.
  10. David Builds New Legs

    Thanks, men - Chris, awesome link. The common errors vid is perfect - very helpful. There really are some subtle things to keep track of, just like with the big four lifts. Thanks so much.
  11. David Builds New Legs

    Hey mike - thanks so much for the kind words. Steel is awesome, that's great he's doing your programming. I'll check out your log... More rowing today. For the first time I tried a full 15 minute piece for sprints - 2:00 slow pace, 1:00 all-out fast pace x 4, followed by 3:00 cool down. I'm really getting the form cues down - I realized today I have been bending my back forward too much at the start - they call that part the catch - and feeling some soreness mid-back where I shouldn't be. Pushing back with my legs, I need to be feeling like I am pushing back not just my hips but my whole lower and mid-back as one solid, unbending piece, then leaning back at the waist. Hard to describe, but that piece really clicked today. I've been working hard to watch my food intake this week and I'm finally dropping a little body fat around my waist. I can feel and see it. Not sure what the poundage is since I don't have a scale. I'm in the market for an erg, I want a concept2, hopefully a newer one. I'm checking Craigslist and I'm also monitoring rogues website. The crossFit games are at the end of this month, they say there are always some discounted ergs for sale the morning after the games. Worst case I'll grab one there. Here is this morning's session - Meters ---TRT ---Pace/500m. ---Comments 2421 ---15:10.0 ---3:07.9 ---1st - 5:00 slow, 5:00 med, 5:00 slow 2767 ---15:36.0 ---2:49.1 ---2nd - Sprints - 2:00 slow, 1:00 fast x 4, 1:00 cool down 2704 ---16:08.0 ---2:58.9 --- 3rd - 6:00 slow, 9:00 medium, 1:00 cool
  12. David Builds New Legs

    We are on vacation, found a good gym. I've been rowing every day, either as a rowing-only workout or as warmup and cool down from lifting. Yesterday I benched for the first time in a week. It felt sooo good. I worked up to 5x5 at 165lbs then did a bunch of assistance. Today I did a rowing only session. I included some all-out sprints during the 30 minute session. Rowing logs below. I'll do legs tomorrow, row Wednesday, then OHP Thursday. PT officially ended last Wednesday, July 1st, the day before my 53rd birthday. I'm back reading Jim Steele's book, trying to settle on a good program moving forward now that PT is done and I am finally in a groove with rowing. One day a week will still emphasize the PT work for legs, including some heavy leg presses and RDLs. The other non rowing days will be bench and OHP. I really want to move these lifts now. Maybe a benching comp isn't out of the question. I really like it too much to just walk away. Meters TRT. Pace per 500m Monday July 6 5078 | 30:11.0 | 2:58.3 7/6/2015. 1:00 sprints Saturday July 4 2697 | 15:31.0 2:52.5 7/4/2015 1st 2420 15:08.0 3:07.6 7/4/2015 3rd 2715 15:46.0 2:54.2 7/4/2015 2nd Thursday July 2 2718 15:17.0 2:48.6 7/2/2015 1st 1795 10:18.0 2:52.1 7/2/2015 3rd 3072 16:17.0 2:39.0 7/2/2015 2nd
  13. David Builds New Legs

    MOAR ROWING THIS AFTERNOON I got jammed, having to stay an extra two hours at work. Yesterday's rowing felt so good I decided to make it two in a row. This is my longest distance so far. The pace figure is how long it took to row 500 meters. PT tomorrow, benching Thursday. Meters Time Pace/500m 4354 25:08.0 2:53.1. 5 min slow, 5 min fast, etc
  14. David Builds New Legs

    YESTERDAY ROWING Meters Time. Pace Date 2745 15:09.0 2:45.5 6/29/2015 1st piece 2851 16:07.0 2:49.5 6/29/2015 2nd 2555 15:13.0 2:58.6 6/29/2015 3rd Felt great. I'm finally feeling normal again. Seriously. My knees are liking the rowing. Cutting back to one day a week of PT seems to be giving the right knee in particular the right amount of recovery time. It's bothered me less in the past week than it has in months. The rowing is also agreeing with my back and hips and everything else. I just feel stronger and more on my game. Benching today. Onwards.
  15. David Builds New Legs

    Thanks art. I posted a pic of the rash on FB. It's pretty gross. OHP this morning - worked up to 110lbs, 5x5. Back off set 80lbs x 15. Then a bunch of upper body assistance. Already the rowing is improving my upper body strength. Feels good. Ended with rowing. Felt awesome. Meters Total Time Pace Date Age Class Slide? Comments 1855 10:08.0 2:43.8 6/27/2015 52 H standard post OHP Onwards.
  16. David Builds New Legs

    Hello. I spent last Fri afternoon and Saturday morning unloading and distributing 5 yards of mulch around the yard. Sunday we travelled to a wedding in Brooklyn, stayed overnight and came home Monday. Tuesday I rowed, Wednesday I did legs with the PT, yesterday I benched, wrapping up with rowing, and today I rowed. Today for the first time I really pushed the rowing pace. I need it to replace running. According to an article I read, 2:20 per 500 meters is roughly equivalent to a 9:00 mile. Today I got closer to that. I found a nice iPhone app that will upload my rowing workout info to an online Concept2 log. It also copies really easily. Here are Tues, Thurs and Fri: TUESDAY Meters Total Time Pace Date Age Class Slide? Comments 2681 15:10.0 2:49.7 6/26/2015 52 H standard 1st 2846 15:08.0 2:39.5 6/26/2015 52 H standard 2nd 2789 15:32.0 2:47.0 6/26/2015 52 H standard 3rd THURSDAY 1884 11:06.0 2:56.7 6/25/2015 52 H standard wrap up to bench session FRIDAY 2449 15:10.0 3:05.7 6/23/2015 52 H standard part 1 2551 15:14.0 2:59.1 6/23/2015 52 H standard part 2 1787 10:20.0 2:53.4 6/23/2015 52 H standard part 3 sprints The benching workout yesterday was just maintenance, as will OHP tomorrow. I'm still trying to get settled into a plan. The priority right now is getting the rowing up to where it can replace running. I need and want more cardio, that's the priority right now. Once I've got that working, I'll start progressing my bench and OHP seriously again. Thanks for reading and for your patience in the face of me not visiting other logs. Oh and the mulching - I picked up an awesome case of poison ivy on my right arm. Haven't had a case this bad in years. But it still beats patellofemoral arthritis. Onwards.
  17. David Builds New Legs

    Thanks, Patrick! YESTERDAY AND MONDAY, in color:
  18. David Builds New Legs

    Thanks, Neil! ROWING (Ergometer) 16:00 @ 2300 meters 5:00 rest 16:00 @ 2500 meters About 20-24 strokes per minute Felt great - my body is still getting used to this. I feel this subtle burn in my delts hours after I'm done, and my hips and legs feel, not stiff exactly, but tight. It's definitely a good cardio workout, but not quite the same as a half- hour run. I will get more of that as I start upping the speed, I guess. Onwards.
  19. David Builds New Legs

    lol thanks men TODAY POSTHAB ~ Week 3 DAY 5 June 13, 2015 BODY WEIGHT 188 OVERHEAD PRESS 1 REP MAX 155 % WEIGHT (lbs) SETS REPS 30% 45 1 10 40% 60 1 5 50% 80 1 3 60% 95 1 1 75% 115 5 5 40% 60 1 20 Est. 1RM per top set 134 Dips Bw 2x10, 1x11 Side Laterals 15lbs 3x12 Tricep Ext 35lbs 3x12 EZ Bar Curls 40lbs 2x12, 1x10
  20. David Builds New Legs

    Yesterday - Friday - I had a full physical therapy session. Basically an all-legs day, all the PT exercises in one session. I'm toying with the idea of making this a regular thing, instead of trying to divide up the ten exercises across multiple days. So a bench plus assistance day, a legs day, and an OHP plus assistance day with rowing in between, every week. The only thing that would get left out of this would be the rack pulls, which I could maybe do on OHP day. If I'm rowing twice or three time a week, I could probably afford to drop one or two uPper body assistance exercises anyway. The therapist - ok, her name is Sam, not sure why I haven't just named her before now - Sam says in all honesty I have probably plateau'd at this point with the PT exercises, though I do continue to make small progress. She said one day a week moving forward would be fine to maintain the infrastructure strength I have gained, and that daily stretching, icing, and anti-inflammatories like ibuprofen etc are the critical things in continuing to ease any knee pain from the arthritis. She also said the fact that I'm contuining to train on other days - especially if I'm doing things like rowing or elliptical or biking - will also help keep my legs in shape. So basically she has signed off on this plan. Which is good, because I trust her. The only additional thing I would like to take away from this rehab program is being able to walk down steps without feeling like my right kneecap is being hit with a hammer. I'm seeing marked improvement going UP steps. I'm hoping that continued and consistent PT type work will eventually do the same thing for stepping down. Everything I read says it can take months to for this kind of improvement to happen, so my intention is to stay the course and keep doing what I've been taught. Sam asked me if I wanted yesterday to be my last full session. I'm not quite ready to cut the cord. I'd like to go once a week until I see the surgeon again at the end of this month and then see what's next. Thanks as always for the support. Onwards. PS I'm finally starting to drop a couple of pounds, thanks, apparently, to the rowing. Out of bed this morning at 188. Long time coming, I'm really glad to see that.
  21. Pursuing Better, Not Best

    For me it's been about learning my body, how a particular lift fits on me specifically. I can read and read and read and watch video after video and even get hands on advice from guys way more experienced than me. But in the end it's about transcoding all of this into my own body, knowing and getting to know better and better its strengths, weaknesses and ultimately its limits. It may be because of my age and the fact that I started all this relatively late in life, but for me it's never been about anything BUT getting better. Best - being the best, getting a lift perfect - has never been part of my thinking. I've always understood that however I end up executing a lift, it's always going to involve some kind of compromise, whether it's my lack of experience, my lack of strength or my lack of youth. That said, feeling like I am getting better and stronger has been crucial.
  22. David Builds New Legs

    Thanks, Patrick! We'll see how it goes. It just feels good to moving forward in some way. Yesterday was rowing. I'm seeing it's not realistic to think I'm actually going to do any PT work on rowing days. I don't really want to anyway. I want rowing days to be like running days - low stress, more or less autopilot. Lifiting days are for high intensity, PT days are for focus. Rowing days are for low intensity and to give my head a break. Did I mention I'm loving the rowing? Not only is it a good cardio workout, my chest and arms feel like they are already getting bigger as a result. And the pulling movement itself is a perfect complement to the heavy pushing during benching. Good stuff.
  23. David Builds New Legs

    Thanks, gentlemen. I was off today due to daughters graduation from middle school. Tomorrow was supposed to be rack pulls and PT assistance, but I just remembered I have a full PT session Friday and I'm working a sixth day Saturday. So tomorrow will be OHP Day, I'll get rack pulls in if I can on Saturday after work, along with some rowing and then start week 3 on Sunday. Scheduling all this is so complicated sometimes. And I love to complain. And I'm not giving up or leaving. Im not quitting. This is mine and I ain't giving it up. Onwards.
  24. David Builds New Legs

    @Mathiah - thanks dude. The rowing is awesome - I totally love it. I'm taking it slow to start to get used to it. I'll need to pick up speed a bit to get the kind of cardio I was benefiting from with running, but I'll get there. There are ways you can mess up the form and I don't want to have to unlearn things. YESTERDAY AND MONDAY: