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  1. Ex-Sl Members List

    Welcome to IS Beasty. Glad you found your way over here Jim Slade, I enjoyed following your log.
  2. The P R Thread

    Managed 80kg x4 on the bench yesterday @79.5kg bodyweight.
  3. Of course, I forgot about Glenn Ross as well.
  4. He looks incredible, probably has the best physique of all the current pro strongmen.
  5. Ex-Sl Members List

    I can't see many people going back over there, the members are what made the board and 90% are probably on here now. I'm guessing the inner circle hasn't turned out how Mehdi hoped and he is desperate to get some people back. I doubt he is just doing it out of the kindness of his heart despite his 'apology'.
  6. Yeah Lidl is great and makes you realise how much you're getting rinsed by Sainsbury's, Tesco etc. It all tastes pretty much the same. Haha not Whitley.
  7. For tinned fish there is tuna, salmon, mackeral, sardines, crab etc. I only really buy tuna but I don't think its very good value any more, On offer it is usually about 3.50 for 4 tins of the spring water stuff. Sainsburys also do a big 400g tin for 1.89 which is a bit better value. Mackeral and sardines are quite cheap I believe and good value if you like them but I not a massive fan so I haven't bought for a long time. In terms of frozen fish there are bags of cod, haddock, salmon and prawns but from what I can remember they are expensive, up around £10/kg for the salmon. For fresh fish Morrisons seem to be good, their salmon was pretty reasonably priced last time I bought some anyway. Overall though for what you get fish seems quite expensive compared to chicken and mince. Lidl is excellent. Fresh chicken breasts are 6.99/kg and are sometimes on offer for even cheaper. But the best thing is the veg, we get pretty much all ours from there now because it makes the main supermarkets seem so expensive. Carrots 39p/kg I think, peppers quite often under £1 for 3, broccoli, potatoes, celery, onions etc is all cheap. I'm not sure they have prices online but I will have a look next time I'm in the shop. If milk is being included then its £1 for 4 pints of any fat %. Frozen veg usually cheaper than the frest stuff, 1kg green beans £1 at Tesco, 500g peppers £1, frozen peas are always cheap as well For lean steak mince (stuff which is about 10% fat) the best value I have found is Tesco's 700g for £4 (5.72/kg) but it always seems to be on offer at 3 for 10 which works out at about 4.80/kg I think. @Beasley, I'm from just south of Reading mate, exact whereabouts unknown lol. How about yourself?
  8. Nice post, will be following with interest.
  9. Paleo Nutrition

    Very interesting, thanks for posting. I've got a lot of reading to do.
  10. Your Favorite Physique?

    I would have thought that if he could bring his calves up that easily that he would just do it. They are such a stand out weak point you would think he would already be trying everthing to improve them. Calves do seem to get overlooked somewhat in competitions but they can't be helping his placings.
  11. Your Favorite Physique?

    Calf size does seem to be fairly reliant on genetics. Look at someone like Dennis Wolf, he's a top pro but his calves are tiny.
  12. Euro 2012 Draw

    Indeed our record against Sweden is rather poor. I don't rate Ibrahimovic at all though, he has always been useless whenever I watch him play against English opposition domestically and internationally.
  13. Ex-Sl Members List

    Indeed, I used to do the same but ended up just reading the logs. He closed to forum to new members in November 2010 so there were no new members for almost a year when everyone got banned. All forums have a turnover of members so as soon as you stop accepting new ones to replace the ones that left the numbers keep going down and it starts to feel empty. To be honest it wouldn't surprise me if he had got 350 people to sign up as he has his 85,000+ subscribers to spam and you would have to assume that a decent number of them signed up to go on the waiting list. Also, unless you read this forum or Starting Strength you probably wouldn't have any idea that anyone had been banned or anything had happened at all so would assume that there are still these 20,000+ posters. Together with that he still has testimonials on the Stronglifts About page from many banned members that are now on this site. I doub't he will struggle to sign up new members, I just don't think many will stick around if the forum once they see what is it really like on the inside and he will have to keep opening up membership to keep the money coming in. That is pretty sad really considering how good it used to be. If it is like that on the inside I can't see many people signing up staying for more than a couple of months. They are also lacking experienced lifters now, if I was someone like Jim Slade, RBtrout or Greg Prince who was already an advanced lifter I wouldn't pay to join a beginners forum that I might have joined if it was open/free so they're missing out on loads of knowledge. Mehdi probably likes this though so no one contradicts him.
  14. Ex-Sl Members List

    I don't really care but like others have said there is a certain satisfaction in watching the whole thing seemingly fall apart after he banned everyone who made the site what it was. Would be interested to see how healthy his numbers are now though and how they compare to the emails he keeps sending. I don't miss SL, it seemed that by the time he banned everyone 90% of posts were in training log section anyway and most of those logs are on here now. The rest of the forum felt a little dead compared to 1 or 2 years ago and there seemed to be very few of the good discussions there used to be. Whether this was because he closed the forum to new members or because of his obsession with silencing any 'freeloaders' or 'bullshitters' or whatever I don't know, but by the time everyone was banned there wasn't much to read but the training logs.
  15. Ex-Sl Members List

    Not entirely suprising really as he banned about 90% of the people who could have made a meaningful contribution to the wiki so I doubt much has been added to it since. From what I remember blogs were not entirely popular even before the great Stronglifts rapture. Did he give a reason he was getting rid of them?