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  1. Confused

    1.5xBW squat, 1xBW bench, and 2xBW deadlift are good first goals. That should put you pretty close to the 1000 lb club, if my math is right. Longer term, 2xBW squat, 1.5-1.75xBW bench, and 2.5xBW deadlift would be good to shoot for. It might take you a bit longer to get there than someone younger, but you can totally do it. Key is to stay injury free and be patient. 5/3/1 will serve you well on both fronts. Just have to be consistent, you know?
  2. Confused

    You're kidding, right? I can almost do that, and I'm a fat woman. Seriously, dude. Aim higher.
  3. First Powerlifting Competition Help

    My advice would be to practice lifting with commands. If you don't follow directions, the lift doesn't count! Squat: you take the bar out of the rack. Knees must be locked. Do not squat until you are given the command. Squat. Stand up with knees locked. Rack the bar only when given the command. Bench: get a good lift-off. Begin the decent when told. You'll probably have to pause at the bottom, so if you've never trained paused bench press this might be a new and shocking experience. Be prepared to knock 10-15% off of your bench weight if you're new to pausing. Start the ascent of the bar with given the press command. Do not rack the bar before you are told to! Deadlift: you have be fully locked out at the top of the lift. Don't lower the weight until told. Lower the weight under control-usually, this means keeping your hands on the bar and actively lowering it, not just dropping it from the top.
  4. I S P W L - Open Talk

    So, if I were to use a forklift to pick up my deadlift, it'd count in the no rules division?
  5. David Builds New Legs

    Good luck, David. This looks a lot like the PT that I had to do for my knee wonkiness.
  6. This might be your problem. Carbs, indirectly, help to regulate serotonin levels. As you probably know, serotonin is pretty damn important for mood and sleep regulation. If you switch from a high carb diet (eg, Chinese buffet and ice cream forever) to comparatively low carb, your body is going to freak out. Especially if you're not used to functioning on a lower carb intake. Some people do well on low carbs. Some don't. There's no rule out there that says you have to do low carb diets to lose weight/fat. As long as you keep your protein at the proper levels and get some fats in, you can eat whatever in the hell you want to fit your calorie budget. To an extent, of course. The problem with following external diet advice verbatim is that these people are NOT you. They don't have your exact physiology or psychology. So take the guidelines, and tweak them. As for the mental aspects of this whole mess... I feel you, bro. If you want to talk or just vent, PM me. I don't want to get into things here, but let's just say that I understand.
  7. Aforementioned female lifter checking in. Just a few thoughts: 1) Mathiah's comments are pretty spot on. Ketosis is a treatment often used for epilepsy, so the lowering of blood sugars is very likely the mechanism. But than again, I am not a real doctor. 2) I highly doubt that she's actually eating 500 cal/day for a sustained period of time. Story time. For about 2 months, I was eating 600-700 (legit, counted and weighed, and 99% protein and fish oil) 3-4x a week (so, not even every day!) and I felt like SHIT. All. The. Time. I was lifting 4 days a week, and doing cardio 5x a week, and not eating back exercise calories (because myfitnesspal horribly overestimates them, anyway). I was tired, physically and mentally exhausted, and any aches and pains were amplified. I developed amenorrhea (which still hasn't resolved itself, 2.5 months later), and my libido tanked. Yeah, I lost most of the weight that I wanted. But I never felt "great." If she's really feeling as good as she says she is, she's probably miscounting calories. Of course, some of the effects are probably from switching to a less shitty diet, but that will wear off soon enough. 3) Starvation mode is a myth. Metabolic downregulation is not. And trying to fix things sucks. Although, what do I know. My goal is to look like those big, bulky strength training ladies.
  8. Casein Protein

    Protein fluff has been my go-to on this cut, but I make mine with whey and xanthan gum. You might have to be heavy-handed with the added flavorings, otherwise it'll taste like... milk-air. Which, I would imagine, is gross. But really, the fluff is uber filling. And if you get a good flavor, it can be pretty delicious for what it is.
  9. Running And Lifting

    You may find Alex Viada's site interesting.
  10. How You Feel Is A Lie

    I suspect that it's neurochemical in nature. The muscles may have recovered the energy to perform the set again, but the neurological components have a longer recovery time. Just conjecture, though.
  11. The 200Lbs Rule

    I am SO in.
  12. The 200Lbs Rule

    Oh, totally. But since there's, oh, three of us here, I figured the majority of the forum might find it interesting, at least. (I'd be cool with having 150 lbs of muscle, though. Maybe my lifts would suck less.)
  13. The 200Lbs Rule

    I think the point that Simon et al are trying to make is that not everyone can look/get "70's big*" because they don't have the frame for it. *"70's big" being thick all over with a reasonable amount of body fat, achieved without the use of steroids. If you factor in steroids, you've got a whole different ball game. You might be interested in this website. It's not 100% accurate, of course, but it gives you a good idea of how frame size (and body fat percentage) plays into the amount of muscle mass you can naturally handle.
  14. Some High Protein Food Options

    Honestly, it took one post longer than I expected. I figured the nut jokes and the like would pop up by post 2. On topic, I might have to try some of those pork rinds. Those look awesome.
  15. Intermittent fasting. If I eat breakfast, I just get hungry all day... which doesn't work well for sticking to a specific calorie level. My appetite far outpaces my metabolism.