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  1. Am I Eating Too Little?

    Yep, I bought a big 1kg tub of organic peanut butter, just have to be careful not to eat the full tub in one go! Lunamud - you're an absolute star! Thanks so much for the recipe, I will definitely try it this weekend! And yes, any high protein vegetarian/vegan recipes please send over? I don't eat eggs also, and as such I'm reallllly struggling to get high protein veg stuff, relying heavily on protein shakes, so if you have anything that might help that would be much appreciated! Cheers!
  2. Am I Eating Too Little?

    To be honest I haven't ever tried Tempeh or Seitan, but I have recently come across it, so I will definitely try and pick some up on my next grocery shop. Up until now it's just been whey shakes, dairy and tofu. I just had a big clear out over the last week, set myself a rule, 'if it comes in a wrapper, don't eat it'. Hopefully will work. Also chucked out all my stuff like peanut butter etc, replaced it with all organic stuff. Trying to make it a lifestyle change so hopefully eating healthier will become second nature. fingers crossed!
  3. Diet Plan Advice Needed

    Thanks Berin/Jeff, really appreciate your advice. Yea my target weight currently is 85kg, aiming to hit that by end of august. Would be absolutely chuffed if i get there. I'm kind of stuck around 90kg atm, granted I haven't been as strict with my diet, slighlty more busy at work as well which doesn't help. But 5 kg in about 10 weeks should be doable, around 1lb a week. Will definitely add more veggies into my diet. Berin, is there an 'ideal' amount of fiber we should be aiming for? I know it is very much subjective, but any rough guidelines i can follow?
  4. Pull Up Help

    Perfect cheers guys!
  5. Diet Plan Advice Needed

    Thanks budd, when I'm bulking I'll definitely do that - but is that so advisable when I'm trying to ditch bodyfat? Total Kcal is 1561, of which: Carbs: 572 cal = 37% Protien: 563 cal = 37% Fat:405 cal = 26% Is that about right? Or are carbs too high? Also, should I count carbs from vegetables in the same way I count carbs from other sources (i.e. bread)? Cheers
  6. Hi, Just needed some advice on the diet plan below. Currently I'm trying to lose body fat, since early this year I've gone from 95kg down to 89.6 as of this Sunday just gone. however my diet is all over the place, so want to get it in gear. Training wise, I'm following Stronglifts (training log below). I walk 40 minutes a day at a good pace, but not much else, maybe a day of cricket on saturday (i'm a wicketkeeper so this involves squatting 300 times with all the gear on and diving about). Will probably try to add in a session or two of HIIT somewhere. The Diet Plan: (I'm a vegetarian who doesn't eat eggs) So I was Playing around with trying to get the right amount of protein and around 1500cals, I came up with the following diet plan: Breakfast Protein Shake, 116Kcals, carb 3, Fat 2, Protien 22 Quaker Oats 40g, 150Kcals, carb 24, Fat 3, Protein 4 Semi Skimmed Milk 300ml, 135kcal, 14 carbs, Fat 5, Protein 10 TOTAL, Kcal = 401, Carbs = 41, Fat 10, Protein 36 Snack 1 Low fat cottage cheese 100g, 73kcals, Carbs 4, Fat 2, Protein 11g Lunch Fat free Greek Yoghurt (cows milk) 160g, 88kcal, Carbs 8, Fat 0, Protein 12 Rasberries 75g, 20 Kcal, Carbs 3, Fat 0, Protein 1 Red Grapes 100g, Kcal 70, Carbs 15, Fat 0, Protein 0 Wholemeal Bread 2 slices - Kcal 224, Carbs 41, Fat 2, Protein 9 Crunchy Peanut Butter, 2 tbs - Kcal 190, Carb 5, Fat 15, Protein 7 TOTAL Kcal 592, Carb 72, Fat 17, Protein 29 Snack 2 Protein Shake, 116Kcals, carb 3, Fat 2, Protien 22 Dinner Mixed vegetables 200g, Kcal 95, Carb 14, Fat 2, Protein 6 Low fat cottage cheese 100g, 73kcals, Carbs 4, Fat 2, Protein 11g TOTAL Kcal 168, Carb 18, Fat 4, Protein 17 Snack 3 Protein Shake, 116Kcals, carb 3, Fat 2, Protien 22 Crunchy Peanut Butter, 1 tbs - Kcal 95, Carb 3, Fat 8, Protein 4 DAY TOTAL KCAL = 1561 Carbs = 143 Fat = 45 Protein = 141 Any thoughts? This is a hell of a lotta food for me, so will be a damn struggle to do it! Can't believe all of that is only 1560 kcals. Please let me know what you guys think and if I should amend anywhere. Much appreciated, thanks!
  7. Am I Eating Too Little?

    Cheers Berin, absolute star mate really helpful. Sorry, I should have been more specific. My goal is 85kg in this round, and once I hit that I shall re-evaluate where I am and whether I should be on such a big calorie deficit. I set myself a goal of end of august to achieve this, but i think (hope) i may get there sooner. As for lunch, this is what I had today as an example, showing calories, carbs, fat, protein. Otherdays would be things like peanut butter sandwiches on wholemeal bread, wholemeal spaghetti, home made lasagne, or perhaps lentils and brown rice Lunch Tesco - Cheese & Onion Sandwich, 1 sandwich 505 42 28 18 6 9 Tesco - Red, Seedless Grapes, 100 g (20 Grapes) 70 15 0 0 1 0 Tesco - British Rasberries, 75 g 20 3 0 1 2 0 Mccoy's - Cheddar & Onion, 1 Bag (32g) 168 17 10 2 1 1 Tesco - Fat Free Greek Style Yoghurt (Cow's Milk), 160 g 88 8 0 12 0 0 Add Food Quick Tools 851 85 38 33 10 10 I shall try and hit around 1500 kcals, or as close too as i can. Thanks for the advice on the protein as well - at the moment my average daily totals are about 75/80g, and best no more than around 100g, so shall find ways to correct this pretty sharpish. I shall think up a diet plat and post it on the forum in the relevant section. Thanks again!
  8. Hey all, I have a question on my diet so I hope you can help. Currently the norm day for me is: Morning - protein shake Snack, 100g grapes/1banana/some form of fruit lunch - higher carb (on workout day) lower carb on non work out day, approx 700-1000 kcals dinner - protein shake PWO (if i have a work out, if not then N/A) - protein shake. (I take BCAA before and after work out too). Usually this daily total is around 1200-1500 kcal give or take. I am a vegetarian, who doesn't eat eggs. Now my main goal right now is losing fat, not too focused on gaining muscle (althought obviously I wouldn't complain if it happened!). Hence why I am in a heavy deficit. Although I do no cardio (rarely), my only form of exercise aside from my 40 minute walk a day, is the stronglift program. When i started i was around 95kg, now I am 89.6kg, and am roughly around 25% BF (if I didn't royally mess up when i took my measurements using callipers). See my questions is, normally I don't workout on the weekdays until about 8.30/8.45, so i don't get back home until about 10ish (I have a long commute home from work, so realistically this is the only time i can work out on a weekday). Now this is just way too late for me to eat, so all i have is a protein shake, and BCAA tablets. More than that I just don't feel too hungry in the evenings. Is this detrimental to me? Should I really be eating PWO? And is a lack of breakfast bad for me? Problem is, i just don't feel hungry at all usually. If anyone has any thoughts please let me know, cheers!
  9. Pull Up Help

    Great cheers for the input fellas! In terms of bands, I know this is very subjective - but i'm searching around and i've found light, medium and heavy bands - which one would help someone in my shoes the most?
  10. Pull Up Help

    Perfect cheers guys - have a doorway pullup at home, so will get cracking on the negatives/hanging tonight. Nice one fellas.
  11. Pull Up Help

    Hi, So, I have never ever been able to do even a single pull up (ridiculous I know). I'm on about week 4 of Stronglifts. I was wondering, has anyone ever initially struggled with them? Aside from using the assisted pull up machine, are there any other exercises that can help develop the strength needed? I'm 5.7, we 89.6kg, around 24% BF. I am working hard to lose that fat weight, so obviously once I am a bit lighter that will help no doubt. But in the mean time, can anyone recommend anything to help develop some strength to accomplish a pull up and make me less of a pansy? Cheers.
  12. Bcaa - When To Take?

    Ahh great thanks for that - sorry forgot to mention I am a vegetarian, so meat is off the menu. I will continue taking them before and after my work out, thanks much!
  13. Bcaa - When To Take?

    Hi, Had a question on BCAA supplement which I hope someone can help me on.. So I'm at a calorie deficit every day as I'm trying to burn fat, but I'm also weight training as well. I was advised to take BCAA's. Searching around the interweb, I've heard loadsa diff stories of when to take them, so now I'm a bit confused. Currently I take them around 30-40 mins before my weights session, and then straight after, with a protein shake. Is that about right? Any advice would be great, thanks!
  14. Thanks. I'm not looking to add them in right now, just merely wondering if the benefits of them are what they are cracked up to be... Anyone have any experience with them?
  15. Hi, So I've heard a few people in the gym talk about Chromium and Sea Kelp, and how it aids weight loss etc etc. Now I'm not naive enough to just rush out and buy it, and I know that you can take all the supplements in the world, but if you still eat in mcdonalds every day you'll still be a fatty. Anyhow, I've cleaned up my diet a lot over the last 2 months, cut out all junk and fried food stuff like that, and definitely eating much healthier. So i was wondering, would those supplements aid me in any way? Has anyone had any experience with them? Or is just a big load of BS? Cheers, hope all are well!