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  1. Hey guys just an update so far: Still progressing on squats and deadlifts (120kg ea) and stalled a few times on bench at 72.5kg and OHP at 50kg Since my last update i have changed my intake to 2000/2500 for off/on days (increased by 300cal) and my weight has increased a bit to around 96-97 from 94ish but it doesn't appear visually any different, if anything i feel like i have lost a bit more fat and now i am more hungry than i was before i increased caories. Will be sticking with this for a while and see how it goes.
  2. Yeah in terms of muscularity im not bad but if the deficit starts to hinder my strength progress then ill up the calories slowly. Seeing as i have only just started SL i still have room to loose a bit of weight before it affects performance :-) we will see Thanks all for ya help
  3. Wanna Do A 20 Rep???

    Am I the only one who watched the video to perve on her not her form? hehe
  4. Well atleast with the whole calorie intake I'm currently following the IF with cycling between training and non-training days so hopefully this combats it. I may add in some cardio at the end of my training but with time limitations it may be a bit hard. I am happy to ride it out for a while longer and see how i go rather than try changing too early and stuffing my self up, especially with regards to not recovering properly but i'm sure 10 minutes of sprints on the end probably isn't too bad either. It's a long road so i don't want to rush things as I want something I can maintain.
  5. Hey guys, been away for a while (got engaged ) Interesting to read all the different views, i know my goals at the moment are low but they are only my short term goals - i already have further goals set up (may add these to my signiture). At the moment as i have only been doing stronglifts for around 5 weeks i am still very beginner when it comes to lifts so the calorie deficitency isn't affecting progress at all and I am still without stalls on every lift. If my progress seems to be hindered by my deficitncy then i will increase it slowly to see if it helps. I would like to loose a bit of bodyfat but i feel that with my strength only in the *beginner* stages then I am happy to focus more on strength gains. It's all a bit new to me as before with split routines and loosing weight it was all for looks. Now with a new focus on strength with a side of weightloss i am a alot more motivated and have much better goals to acheive. I will upload photos hopefully soon if that helps
  6. Well I will stick to increasing my strength while keeping my diet the same and continue onwards. I agree, my lifts are still fairly "beginner" as this is the first time I have actually had a program that is more focused on compound movements not splits galore. Thanks spector, i will keep this thread updated as I go along and see how I go.
  7. Yeah i suspected there was a difference but it's good for me to just get opinions from others Thanks for all the advice guys, definetly been helpful. Yeah my focus is definetly more on building strength but i still have in mind the fact that I'm getting married in 18 months then traveling the world for 9 months following that. Ow man that will be interesting to try to keep in shape lots of walking but lots of food!
  8. Yeah being the cook in the household makes tracking alot easier so thats been pretty good. I may change it a bit to keep protein and fat static while changing carbs between training and rest days. I am thinking i will just stick with it for a bit longer and see how I go. I wouldnt mind adding in cardio if need be but im getting close to my max in my 5 lifts so i'm not sure if it will be counter productive (usually would do cardio after weights). Yeah i think I am around 15% (according to a few o so accurate online calculators) but not really sure, should i worry about getting a caliper to test or just stick the nutrition plan and see how it pans out? keeping strict to it as well
  9. I Nearly Lost My Mind

    Sounds ow so similar been cutting for around 12 weeks so far and have stagnated for the last 2 so i am hoping that just sticking with it will overcome this but I at least don't have the low calorie drain issue. Hopefully your cut improves, stick with it!
  10. Sorry i just realised i missed an important part diet! Mon, Wed, Fri: Training Day - 200g protein, 140g carb, 100g fat - ~2300 (2260) Tue, Thur, Sat, Sun: Rest Day - 200g protein, 70g carb, 70g fat - ~1700 (1710) So roughly 1950 per day over a week most calculators say my Maintance is around 2500 which seems about right with weightloss so far. I follow intermittent fasting, eating 100p,10f and the rest around dinner time. (chicken, greens and olive oil) I only have black coffee and tea and 2-3 litres of water a day atleast. I follow this fairly strictly as I cook the dinners at home so measure and plan my amounts myself. The only day i may splurge is on the odd saturday but i still stick roughly around my planned macros Thanks in advance for your help
  11. Hey all, Only joined recently as i was looking for a forum with a decent community and less "broscience" (cough bb.com) couldn't find an "introduce yourself" area though? I have been focusing on loosing a fair bit of fat since around august and have been going well. The last 3 weeks though my weight has seemed to plateau/increase a little. At what point should I ideally change or lower my calories intake? or just stick with it for a few more weeks to see what happens? Stats Height: 6"4' Weight: 100kg (august) -> 95kg (November) Approx BF: 15% Age: 21 Training: SL for 9 weeks so far, splits before that (since july 2011). Still increasing in strength aka no stalls Goal weight: 90kg to start with, maybe further depending on muscle gain
  12. Ladies And Gentlemen, We Now Need To Up Our Game

    Thats awesome no excuses!