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  1. 5X5 Or Something Else

    Deload - 5 month in your still just at the start of your journey.; 122.5Kg at you body weight is pretty good going. If the bar is hurting stick a pad on till your muscles build up to provide the required padding. (I use one on my working sets no point in being macho and getting bruises and pain when you can still squat pain free). Another pointer you want to take one week off every 8-10 weeks of lifting to give your CNS a recovery.
  2. Where do you purchase from? Thanks, Gary.
  3. Madcow, How To Handle Failure?

    Here's some more might help:- This program is based on weekly linear progress. You take your current 5 rep maxes (5RM) and work up to them systematically by increasing weights in steady increments over 3-4 weeks. You then hit your current 5RM on lifts and continue these incremental increases week to week which pushes you further and further out making new personal records (PRs) every week until you stall on the majority of your lifts. If you miss reps, keep the weight constant the next week and don't move it up until you get all 5x5. When you eventually stall on the majority of lifts, and you will, meaning something like several weeks of no progress in that you can't add reps or weight, you'll have to reset lower back several weeks and begin again. If it's just one lift that has you stuck, reset on that and work up again but don't restart the whole program. When restarting the whole program, a lot of times changing variables is also helpful here.
  4. Madcow, How To Handle Failure?

    I found this in MadCows original article:- you are adding 2.5% a week to your big lifts and eating enough to move the scale consistently, there is nothing else you can do from a program perspective to encourage muscular weight gain. Ride the horse and if lifts gives you trouble, either cut some warm up volume or reset it back a few weeks. When the majority of the lifts are stalling, reset the whole program and build back up to PRs over 4 weeks.
  5. Madcow, How To Handle Failure?

    I think you do same as SL stalls:- Fail Redo same weight next session Fail Redo same weight next session Fail. Deload 10% work back up. But check if your failure is due to:- Form No enough recovery Not enough food Go through the 3 failures before de loading and check the 3 points which may get get you past the failure. Good luck, Safe Lifting. Gary.
  6. High Points: Lost 82lbs weight (was 252lbs) Now around 180lbs (82Kgs) Through diet and tons of cardio. Started 5x5 weights and completed 12 weeks without interruption now on to next 12 weeks. Have now gaining muscle definition and looking good; lean body mass increasing, maintaining low body fat while weight increases. (up 10lbs of muscle). Deadlifted 145Kgs (loved the way the bar bent with 3 plates on each end) Squatted 105Kg Low Points: Had to deload Squats from 105Kg and change to to 3x5 (but this is normal so might be a hight point) Hate missing targets for reps but again this is normal part of programme I guess. Thoughts and Goals for 2013: Going to get my self a pair of lifting shoes, Chucks probably as gym PT's keep going on about not training in bare feet and socks Hope to hit my targets of 120Kg Squats and 165Kg Deadlifts. Looking forward to seeing the results of the next 12 weeks training.
  7. Should STICKY this its excellent.
  8. Frequent Urination After Workouts

    Its was the Creatine causing water retention.
  9. Frequent Urination After Workouts

    Fluid intake is normally:- 8-10 glasses water each day. 4-6 cups tea\coffee 2 pHD Diet Whey (2 scoops) with 400ml water On workout days its around 2 water bottles for duration of workout and 400ml water with pHD 3:1 recovery.
  10. Hi Guys, I am getting up quite often in the night having to frequently urinate after working out on Strong Lifts routine, now in week 8. Not sure what is causing this, to much water or could it be the recovery drink (pHD Revocery 3:1) and or Creatine. Is this normal? Also progress this week Workout B: Squats 97.5Kg (5,5,3,3,3) OHP (40Kg (5,5,5,5,5) Deadlift 125Kg (Fail) Managed 120Kg 1x5 last session, could lift warm ups 90, 100, 110, 115, 120 but 125 just would not move (psyched myself out I think).
  11. Hi All, Just signed up I am 49 years old male 5' 8' weight 81Kg and bf around 15% and have been on SL for 7 weeks with the following progress:- (NB: I was 115Kg weight but lost about 40Kgs through cardio and diet over last year now doing SL). Progress:- Squat 92.5Kg Bench Press 77Kg OHP 45Kg Deadlift 120Kg ROW 75Kg I am beginning to fail on OHP and Bench, ROW form starting to suffer also. Just looking for feedback on progress and if I am on the right track as I train alone and local fitness centre. Thanks all. Gary.