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  1. Snap, Crackle, Pop

    Any new thoughts on this topic/issue?
  2. Snap, Crackle, Pop

    none... been neglecting core training way too long... looking to fix this soon. Do you believe this is related to my issue? How so?
  3. Snap, Crackle, Pop

    So, let me start by saying this: I'm not injured.... but worried I will be. My problem is this: My upper back feels a bit tight and has to "pop", like popping a knuckle, all the time (a few times a day). I am concerned this is a sign of a bigger potential issue. Now, some background: I have been deadlifting for about 4 yrs now with almost no problems. Just recently (the last 4 months) I have been deadlifting with greater frequency and volume (x2 per week... w/ up to 10 working sets) and progressing the load. This has helped me progress in the deadlift significantly but I am worried it has a price. A confounding factor is that after reading numerours articles on rounded upper-back deadlifts and seperate ones about using the form you "find naturally"... my deadlift form has shifted a bit; more so in the things I do and do not focus on in the lift... I don't think I'm "sloaching" nor do I think most people would say my form looks bad, I just don't kill myself to keep a perfect posture anymore (I still arch my lumbar pretty well I think). I also am not foam rolling, stretching/warming up too much or doing SMR -- just feeling pressed for time and not making it a priority. I suppose it could also be the chin ups I do? (alternate weight and unweighted x2 per week) but I doubt it My questions are: How worried should I be? How abnormal is this? What can I do to improve / stop this? Looking for any feedback.
  4. Just started following PowerLifting to Win myself; it is an OUTSTANDING resource! Will be making some major modifications to my training based off its content. The site's creator is passionate as all hell about powerlifting and deserves some recognition. I am becoming a real fan.
  5. Squatting 300 for reps 'n' stuff

  6. 250Lb Squat Stall

    250#s is about where I (similar height, wt, age etc btw) started to stall-out on 5x5... don't be afraid to move to 3x5; 5x5 w/ the same wt across all sets is not a realistic training regime once you graduate rank-beginner status IMHO.
  7. Beyond 5/3/1

    Steve, thanks for your reply! I had many of the same observations after reading through it the 1st time. I hate to be down on something Jim Wendler produced but the whole book just seems to be missing something. It is nice to see the variety of programming options, but I am also unsure how "practical" much of it is. Still trying to work some of the concepts from the book into my routine.
  8. Beyond 5/3/1

    So I purchased Wendler's most recent e-book "Beyond 5/3/1" some time ago, but just recently started to read it closely and apply a few elements. It seems like I haven't heard a thing about "Beyond 5/3/1" on the interwebs etc... I think a big take-away I got was that Wendler seems to be advocating for a lot more volume at relative heavy wt (e.g. "Joker sets", "1st set last", "the rule of 10" etc.). Anyone else have other lessons learned or thoughts on any of this?
  9. 5-3-1 Roundtable

    5/3/1 w/BBB has turned out to be a good decision for me. I was coming off LP SL (5x5...3x5...3x3... etc.) after hitting a wall (I was trying to cut at the same time btw...). It was not the best start: the BBB was a real change in terms of volume and I felt it; meanwhile, I set my maxes just a bit high and started struggling with the AMRAP last set causing me to reset about 3 cycles in (my 1RMs were still progressing mind you). After resetting a bit more conservatively, the program has truly given me solid progress across-the-board and brought me to where I am now.
  10. Creatine Supplements

    Maybe... But one would have to eat 500 g raw meat or fish every day to ingest the optimal amount of creatine. This. It works and it is cheap... anyone who trains should take it...
  11. Just Started Wendler 5/3/1 4 Day Split Bbb

    The increase in volume from madcow or SS type program to 5/3/1 bbb is pretty drastic at 1st... It blew my mind and gassed the shit out of me when I made the switch. Just pick your exercises - start a bit lighter w/ volume on the 1st cycle but don't slack off - your body needs to and will adapt.
  12. Daily Intake Of Creatine

    Dude, just go w/ 5g - it is cheap, safe and effective at that dose...
  13. Getting close to squatting 300lbs for reps

  14. Getting close to squatting 300lbs for reps

  15. Still making progress on 3x5 LP... feels great