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  1. Ok good deal. Thanks for the input. I wanted to compare to make sure I wasn't doing something that could potentially harm my progress. Thanks again!
  2. I had a question. I've been benching for a little bit and it has always seemed ok. I feel the usual post-workout soreness in my pecs and a little in my triceps, but the weight is getting heavier for me to drive up compared to how it was before. Since a couple of sessions ago, I struggled a lot to get the weight up and have gotten a little wobbly, so I've tried to fix my form and pinch my shoulder blades behind me more because I think I wasn't really doing that enough, and that's probably why I was so wobbly. I found out that I was getting my shoulder blades tucked behind me, but then I lost that stability when I unracked the weight. So after I got the bar off the rack they would fall out of place and made me roll around. Since I tried to correct my form I do notice that I am much more stable when I bench and I was able to get the bar up wobble free. I noticed too that my chest feels a lot more worked than it ever did before, so I assume I'm doing it right. The thing now is that I've been getting a DOMS type soreness in my shoulder blades. It's not like a sharp pain or anything that feels horribly wrong. It's just sore like the rest of my body was when I was starting up. Is this normal due to that I just started being able to keep my shoulder blades behind me throughout the entire set? Has anyone else had this too? I wasn't sure if having soreness in your shoulder blades/back is normal or not while doing heavy benching. P.S. Don't get me wrong, my "heavy" bench press is only about 190. I've always struggled in this range though and I'm hoping with this correction I'll finally get past it.
  3. Ok. It's been a while since I've been here. Not that I haven't been reading, but since I've posted anything. I have to come right out and admit that I am completely guilty of slacking and ruining a great streak that I had going for me a while back. I am still doing the SL 5x5 program now, but my problem was that I stopped last year in December when I went on a cruise with my wife and for whatever reason I completely went out of my routine. I lifted for a week here and there between then and March and I got to the point where I just lost all interest in lifting. Even though I know it's my own fault and stupidity, I don't really know what kept me off the weights since that cruise. Well, the vacation has been over, and I've decided to get off my ass. Here's my scoop. I've been going at it hard on SL 5x5 since the beginning of April and I've been very consistent. My diet didn't change too much. Just didn't do any overeating but the junk was still mixed in there. Finally, as of a couple weeks ago, the best thing ever has happened to me... My wife has started lifting with me. I've been waiting for her to want to do this for over a year. She is so gung-ho and into this now that it's also given me a new perspective on it too. I love working out now more than ever because we're doing it together. We have both formed a pact a week ago. Our objective, whether it takes 6 months or 5 years, is to do everything right from here on out and get the bodies we've always wanted. I want to lose my midsection and get definition throughout my body, and she wants to lose some excess and get a good sculpt eventually too. My main question for this is... We're both doing SL 5x5 at the moment. I'm just finally getting back up to squatting 270+ and catching up to all my other PRs, and she's been starting with the bar on the exercises and building up very well. I know that fat loss is all about diet and calorie intake, but as it stands right now I know nothing about macro counting and stuff life that. I have reading to do. My main daily diet right now pretty much consists of this: Breakfast: 2 or 3 eggs and a glass of 1% milk. Lunch: Romaine hearts salad with some raw mushrooms topped with a can of tuna and catalina dressing. Dinner: Usually another salad with dressing and a 4oz piece of either boneless/skinless chicken breast or a steak. (If payday was good that week!) On workout days only I'll have 2 scoops of whey chocolate shake right after my workout. I drink water and Arizona Diet Green Tea throughout the day. I've cut out nearly all breads, snacks, cupcakes, pies, candies, etc. I eat something tasty for dinner like General Tso's chicken or something one day each weekend. I don't have dumplings or rice or anything else though. Just the Tso's and broccoli. I figure that kind of diet all week can't be too bad for me right? I'm really trying to cut down calories and crap food hardcore while keeping my protein intake around 150 grams. I haven't lost any energy for workouts. I seem to get through them like I should. I make sure I get 8 hours of sleep on most days. I know for a fact that I look better than I did a year and a half ago. My arms are not as fat-thick and my face has thinned out a little bit. The funny thing is I hardly lost any weight on the scale, but I don't really use the scale much anyway. If I keep eating the way I am and being diligent about my workout schedule, does it look like I'm doing things right for the goal I'm shooting for? I'm not asking to look like Arnold. I just want to look good and not be fat at all any more. Having my wife lift with me has really opened my eyes and has given my the mindset I think I've needed since I bought my weights. Now I just want to make sure I do the best I can.
  4. Morning Workouts

    Did my morning workout on Wednesday and again this morning. So that's 1 week done. I think I can do this consistently now. I feel pretty good. I hope to be back to where I left off in a month or less.
  5. Morning Workouts

    Ok, so today was my trial run of the morning workout. I woke up at 4:30am, took a fish oil pill and a whey shake, and played Castlevania Lords of Shadow for about 45 minutes. I hit the rack with my glass of water and went to town. Now, because I haven't lifted in about a month I deloaded my sets. For example, my squats were at 290 and I dropped them down to 185. It wasn't too difficult, but it was enough to make me sweat it out pretty good. All in all, it went well and I'm really glad it's done for the day now. I feel really good. it's only 6:30am right now and I feel wide awake and ready to go for the day. I think this morning thing will work out very well for me!
  6. Morning Workouts

    All sounds good to me. I think because I don't like eating first thing after waking, (I have to wait a half hour or so) I'll try out taking a whey shake and a fish oil pill, waiting 30-45 minutes, working out, then eating some breakfast. Thanks for the replies!
  7. Morning Workouts

  8. Morning Workouts

    Thanks for the info. Is the Body Fortress Whey shakes good to drink when I first wake up before training? It's what I have in the pantry now. I've had it for a while because I hardly ever used it. It does taste good with milk though. I hate anything coffee like too. I know people think I'm nuts for not liking coffee but that's just how I roll.
  9. When I was a kid my parents had a barn full of chickens. Eggs a plenty! That little f***ing white bantam rooster still haunts my dreams. The little bastard used to chase me right out of the barn. My dad still reminds me how funny it looked from the window seeing me race away from the barn door and this tiny ass rooster comes out behind me. *In my defense, my mom always just told me to put my flip flops on and he pecked at my feet! I hated him, but he was cute as hell.
  10. Morning Workouts

    So I read a lot of different opinions online so far, but I feel like I'm more apart of this forum than any other lifting site out there. My question is simple. I've really been slacking huge on my weight training. My work hours are retarded. They have been 14+ hour shifts for the past couple months now and by the time I get home at night, I'm so beat I can't even sleep without getting tired. (Yeah, I went there!) I want to change up my schedule so that I wake up in the morning around 4am, then maybe eat something for pre-workout, then do my weights before going into work at 7am. Two questions that you guys can probably help me on... First, assuming I could handle it after some trial, is it cool to workout in the morning on an empty stomach? If I could, it would save some time and maybe I wouldn't have to get up quite as early. If that was the case, what kinds of stuff would I eat the night before so I don't wake up hungry? Second, if I must eat, could I get away with a whey shake or something, and also how long should I wait before working out? Keep in mind also, that I was never much of a breakfast person. On mornings I did eat breakfast, it would be a bowl of cereal at most. I need to make this schedule change happen. I want to work out. Please help me do the right thing, O' Gurus of Gains!!
  11. New Weight Bench

    The Rogue Flat Utility looks like the way to go. I'll order one when I get the cash. In the meantime, Carl, what did you build? Was it wood or metal? I have access to any kind of tool in the garage at work.
  12. New Weight Bench

    So I've been trying to find reviews on a good sturdy bench for my gym setup. Right now I'm using this one -> http://www.newyorkbarbells.com/14002.html The problem is, my bench press is at 180 pounds and this bench sucks. Don't get me wrong, it's great for everything else and it's nice to be able to incline, but there's no way to get it tight enough without it giving me a little wobble when I'm lying on it. The wobble is really messing me up and it's distracting. Can anyone point me in the direction of a nice, wide and sturdy bench for less than 200 bucks? I don't want one that has different settings. Just a flat strong bench. If it folded for storage it would be nice, but I'm taking sturdy support for benching over all other options. I want a new one but I can't find one with any good reviews on it. Thanks.
  13. Easy-Hard Week Alternation?

    Not sure how much it applies to what the OP is asking, but as far as easy/hard altering, I have a friend that I used to work out with that was trying to teach me to alter my workouts on every set I did. I spent a few days doing things his way, where we would do a press (or whatever workout at the time) really light, then for the next set ramp it up really heavy, then back to light, then back to heavy. He says his dad taught him that a long time ago and it fools your muscles and makes them work harder. I don't have any clue how correct he would be, but I'll tell you this: It was kicking my ass by the time we were done. There were no crazy workouts or anything. All normal lifts. But when we were finished for the day I was feeling it!
  14. Squatting Low

    This is very true too...
  15. Am I Squatting Too Much

    You and I are opposites haha! I hate doing the squat. It's the exercise that makes me not want to do the workout... But I still say to myself "Screw you squat! You're not taking me down!" However I think the squat is the exercise that when I warm up always makes me feel awesome because when I stack on some 45s to warm up, I think to myself "This was really hard a while back, now it mine as well be an empty bar!"