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  1. Question Re Stalling.

    I think it's important to distinguish between 'stalling' and 'failing', as I think you're confusing the two. Failing is when you cannot make the needed number of reps in a set (you wimp out / you dump the bar / your form on the last rep(s) is atrocious / etc) Stalling is where you fail at least one set three sessions in a row, in a particular exercise. Now, if you don't have a cage/rack, you don't have to dump the bar. Don't force yourself into a situation that might injure you. Of course, this is where a cage (or at the least, a squat rack) comes in handy - if you can't make a rep, you can gently lower it onto the safeties. It's also a great psychological boost too. Without safeties you might have to err on the side of caution. But with 'em, you can squat down, and if you can't make it - you have a get out of jail free card.
  2. Cardio after, no question. You want to be focusing on correct form in the lifts when you're fresh.
  3. Interesting question adnan. The first time I started strength training I used Stronglifts, switching to AFP. Now I've started again after a couple years hiatus (Basically starting from scratch) I'm going with AFP. There are of course different types of hypertrophy (cf. the Rippetoe chart at https://www.nerdfitness.com/blog/2013/02/28/strength-training-101/) I guess you're meaning sarcoplasmic hypertrophy. I actually don't know whether you're right that increasing it, also increases strength, but I have a feeling that any strength increase is incidental, and less than if higher weight lower / lower reps were used. One thing to think about with beginner programs is that you're learning the movements, so anything you can do to learn the movements properly is a good idea . While initial strength/fitness gains are nice, you really want to lay a foundation. One could argue that doing 5x5 means more repetitions, and better ingrained muscle memory. Of course the flipside of the coin is that you get more tired doing 5x5, perhaps leading to sloppier form in the later sets. And the edge of the coin is that some think you don't learn as much about how to safely do the movement at 40% 1RM as you do at 80%. Personally I think the 3x5 is plenty for learning the movement when you consider you're doing warm-up sets with an empty bar anyway. I guess you could always split the difference and do a 4x5? I also think AFP is easily adapted to add some sarcoplasmic hypertrophy, simply by changing the last set to be AMRAP.
  4. Tin of sardines in spring water - 106g (92g drained weight) with 18.6g protein, 7.4g fat (1.7 saturated), 0 carbs/sugars. A bit 'smelly' to some, but I like em. You can get other types of fish as well, cold smoked salmon in a packet for example is about 3x-5x the price but very tasty and not as 'gross' as sardines, if you're anti fish.
  5. Which Job(S) Do You Work In?

    Call center for local city council. Taking calls for all manner of things. Roading. Rates ('property tax'). Animal control. Water / waste reticulation. Library. Parking tickets. Tourism-y things. Workout transferal to job - nil or negligible.
  6. Protein Shakes With Coffee

    dl = decilitre? I put coffee into my shake for the first time the other day and loved it. I used vanilla whey, and milk instead of water, but will try choc next time for that 'mocha' taste.
  7. Clothes

    I think I'm gonna go with shortsleeve 'business' shirts soon, cos longsleeves are just too uncomfortable at work! That's more from having long spindly limbs tho. I remember seeing that Ronnie Coleman documentary where he said the best thing about being a cop was wearing shorts. I guess this is what he meant
  8. Planks Better Than Crunches

    Silverback, agree with you there, AWR's are a LOT harder though. I remember seeing a progression that went something like Planks Weighted planks AWR on knees Full AWR Weighted AWR
  9. You wearing briefs or boxers?
  10. Squats And Pain In Calves.

    I wouldn't bother with weightlifting shoes, but definitely buy some flat-soled shoes. You can get cheap canvas, rubber soled ones for like $10-15 from department/discount stores. Like this (best pic/example I could find) http://borongshoes.en.alibaba.com/product/493136671-212740654/2012_fashion_fabric_mens_flat_sole_shoes.html Or Chuck Taylors if you want a little fancier.
  11. Other Things To Amrap

    Eat a laxative - AMRAP Spin around on the spot - AMRAP Shotglasses of beer - 1 per set, 1 min rest between sets, AMSAP (aim for at least 100) Sing a Barry White song to a stranger on the train / bus - AMRAP Put on a t-shirt - AMRAP
  12. Squats And Pain In Calves.

    Personally I hated Bulgarian Split Squats, found it very difficult to balance and felt like I was just inviting injury. Then again I'm lanky and uncoordinated. Try this : put a loaded bar over your midfoot as if you were going to DL it, but don't touch it. It should be around the middle of your laces. 'Squat' down, and as soon as you feel your shin touch the bar, try to keep squatting further and further down without moving the bar forwards. This will help you in learning to keep shin angle more vertical. Don't worry if you fall on your butt a few times.
  13. Clothes

    I have precisely this problem. 190cm (6'3") and 91-92kg (200-203 lbs) and I buy a 92-97cm or 36-38" pant, (sometimes a 34" depending on the brand, one brand's 34" is another's 36") which then cinches in the waist a heap. I also have problem with pant length and shirt length. On the pants side, I would suggest finding pants which fit comfortably but cinch at the waist when you wear a belt. Take em to a tailor and ask for the waist to be taken in, but to taper as quickly as possible e.g. leave the thigh/butt area wide. Costs me about $15 NZD ($12 USD) per pair
  14. Oh My God! It Hurts!

    Yeah never learnt the maneuver correctly, I guess I'm really just holding my breath and 'trying to breathe out' but holding it in. It's only on the way up that it feels like that so I'll do a little release valve on the way up I guess!
  15. Planks Better Than Crunches

    Never got more than tired doing crunches/situps myself. First time I did planks my body was shaking like a leaf after 30seconds. That pretty much made my mind up right there...