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  1. Watching your vids and cheering you all on from the sidelines. Go Team IronStrong!

    1. Mike


      Give me an I.R.O.N.

  2. Tracking Your Progress

    I've been a RunKeeper user for a while and lot of us have been asking for a way to track gym workouts in addition to just cardio. Earlier this year, RunKeeper opened up their API, and I've just found a new web app called "Stronger" that uses it. I expect there will be many more apps for RunKeeper that target weight training. A bit off-topic, but here's an extensive article about the Future of Fitness: http://thenextweb.com/insider/2011/09/17/the-future-of-fitness-and-health/
  3. Went to a chiropractor, which helped, but I'll have to lay off the weightlifting for a while. My back can't take it anymore.

    1. Mike


      Been wondering where you've been Nick. Give it a rest then come back strong!

    2. francozadu


      i´m on the same position!

  4. Bench Press

    A fantastic 7,000 word article on bench pressing: http://robertsontrainingsystems.com/blog/bench-press/
  5. What's Everyone's Thoughts On Crossfit?

    It was Crossfit videos and the incredibly sexy Zuzana at BodyRockTV that made me realize Stronglifts isn't the only way to become physically awesome.
  6. Did You Get The Memo?

    Me too. Just unsubscribed now.
  7. No surprise, but I've been kicked out of the Stronglifts forums. It's been crap lately anyway. There's way more activity on the SL Facebook page.

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    2. francozadu


      welcome to the clan! ;)

    3. nickinjapan


      Maybe because I haven't posted for about two months, or perhaps because of my involvement here. Who knows? Anyway, I can't log in and my email address is no longer recognized when trying to retrieve my password. Mehdi warned a few months ago that inactive members who be deleted which is why I moved my log elsewhere.

    4. nickinjapan


      *would* be deleted.

  8. Foam Roller

    Here's a good foam roller and tennis ball video:
  9. Did You Get The Memo?

    Here's an interesting interview Mehdi did for ProBlogger back in 2008: http://www.problogger.net/archives/2008/05/23/strongliftscom-0-13000-subscribers-in-12-months-interview/
  10. Push Up

    Here's a good article on push-ups: http://www.usefulman.com/2011/04/26/push-up-power-old-school/
  11. Went to the doctor's and had x-rays taken of my back. L4-L5 are really close together and maybe pinching a slightly bulging disc, but nothing serious. He said I didn't need any meds, and can continue training, but should lay off the heavy squats while my back still hurts.

    1. FerrousMaverick


      That's (comparatively) good news. Since you are on a doctor's order to deload, this is the perfect time to work on that core.

      Deload to 50% of what you've been doing, and you should be able to satisfy your doctor as well as work on engaging the abs and such to keep the spine straight. I might even recommend a deload on OHP as that can also stress your lower back when you have form problems (like me).

    2. Ramesh


      agree with Berin

    3. nickinjapan
  12. The Deadlift

    A really comprehensive blog post on deadlifting: http://robertsontrainingsystems.com/blog/deadlift/
  13. Worked out again. Took it easy. Back held up okay!

    1. FerrousMaverick


      Good job. Just keep that back locked on squats, BR, DL, and OHP.

  14. Home Made Fractional Plates

    Good idea. It's also worth checking the pound / dollar / 100 yen shop for ankle and wrist weights that can be strapped to the bar.
  15. Basic Structure Of Starting Strength

    Here's the book on Amazon for anyone interested: http://www.amazon.com/Starting-Strength-2nd-Mark-Rippetoe/dp/0976805421 I've read it from cover to cover and it was well worth it.