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  1. Pull Up Help

    I started with 'Walk the planks'. Set up a chair and start the negatives elevated with controlled descend. Chin ups (grip with palms facing you) should be easier so you might start with those first. GL!
  2. As I'm interested in learning the Olympic lifts I'm looking for the same advice as you. I have watched the Pendlay video's and they are great but are pretty advanced (or for advanced trainees) from the beginning. There are also a lot of video's from Burgener on YouTube I like those as well because he starts with a pvc tube and breaks down all the lifts in small pieces. Maybe bullshit for some but I like them. I also found a DVD series from Strong as an Ox. Worth checking out! If you can't find a coach or personal trainer to teach you and you go by option #4: Trial and Error you should video all your lifts and correct them as soon as possible. Once an incorrect movement is learned it's very hard to re-learn it the correct way.
  3. Another F'n Training Program: The E-Book

    Great doc Adam. As you have only 1 main lift on deadlift day you could do power cleans as a warm up. I've never done pause squats so can't comment on them. Going to try them a few workouts. I do think that monthly progression is for more advanced trainees.
  4. My Hands Hurt

    I got really small hands (and wrists). First thing I did to improve my grip was learning the correct grip (more on the fingers, less on the palm). Second was using chalk. Third, use normal grip as long as possible and don't use straps as long as possible. Only on the last reps when grip is about to fail switch to mixed grip (or use straps).
  5. The P R Thread

    Doing a 1RM week: All 1RMs Press: 50kg Clean: 55kg Bench: 72,5kg Squat: 130kg Deadlift: 150kg
  6. Form is also an important factor. Maybe post a video or get a coach check out your form. PS: Don't neglect your upper back.
  7. New To Is

    Welcome Darrin! Lucky you if you can start with all that muscle!
  8. What's The Rush?

    As a beginner, I disagree with Berin. I'm still a noob lifting shit weights. My current goal is to lift as much as possible in the smallest timeframe. That doesn't mean I want to give in to form or cause injuries. I just want to use the most optimal workout that gives the best bang for the buck. I'm sure the whole gameplan changes when I become more advanced. But currently: BRING IT ON!
  9. I make myself a whey shake after my workout (3 * a week). 0.5l milk 1 banana (or 2, depending on size) 1 scoop (30gr) chocolate whey (90% isolate) 1 spoon of 100% cacoa powder Mix it all and it fills me completely. Due to the mixing it contains a lot of air. The shake is about 1l in total. So I feel a bit bloated afterward. I don't overdo it, it just easier then eating half a chicken after a workout.
  10. @Adam: Thank you for a great program. @Kenn: I now understand that AFP is very flexible and with some common sense you can adjust it to your needs. But a noob can use total guidance. I did 5x5 instead of 3x5 and the last set I did AMRAP. 5x5 because the weights are so easy. Doing AMRAP shows if you are in trouble (if you can hit only 5 or 6 reps) or not. You can even couple the weight increase to that last set. If you can do 15 reps or more, double your standard weight increase. If you can do between 8 and 15 reps, use your normal weight increase. Below 8 reps, use half your weight increase. I have the feeling I didn't increase enough (I'm rather conservative) and now I regret it because I had all the indications that I could easily handle more weights (at the time). The past few weeks I have tweaked AFP again: Because my bench is lagging and I was stalling I did a light bench day on sunday (normal training days are Tue, Thu, Sat). You could to the same for press: light press day on friday or BOR: light BOR day on tuesday (if (normal training days are Tue, Thu, Sat). But only do these if you're stalling. I don't think extra days are needed for squat and deadlift. These lifts will stall less then upper body. Just some random thinking...
  11. Here goes Highs Re-learning a new hobby. The research behind all the exercises/routines. Building my own squat rack. Hunting for bargains on gear... Linear progress rocks LOL Deadlifted and later on squatted triple digit weights Fighting and overcoming a bad bench press. Lows Dealing with unbelievers that tell you power-lifting is a waste of time. Or worse, deadlifting and squatting will kill you. Feeling exhausted a lot of days. Doesn't feel like overtraining but my body sometimes craves for rest. Finding the discipline to say no (a lot of times) to friends/kids/wife. Time is a bitch... Goals for 2013 To show the unbelievers they are wrong. To reach Cat 2 on all lifts (and then some) To inspire at least 1 individual to pick up weight lifting To stay injury free (this will take a lot of work). 'Neanderthal no more' in January? Pick up static stretching/foam rolling again? Trigger points?
  12. Feedback after my second 12 week cycle My first review is here. I did another 12 weeks and I have changed things a bit. - I switched back to 3x5 - I lowered the increases to 1kg on all exercises (2kg for deadlift). - I dropped the last AMRAP set & extra BBB Basically I have switched back to the original template. My current view on AFP: It has to little volume for a complete beginner who starts with very low weights. It's more an advanced beginner routine. You could make a complete beginner AFP routine. In my case I could use a second bench workout (twice a week, like the squat). For the next x weeks I will try to milk the linear progress as much as possible. I had a few failed sets but never had to deload yet. Looking forward to the next 12 week cycle.
  13. Team Sport Mental Aspect

    I talked to a coach with 20 years experience. He told me it's up to the players to dig themselves out of the hole. As a coach you can guide them, replace bad performing players etc but if the team is collectively under performing it's up to them.
  14. Team Sport Mental Aspect

    I'm a beginning coach (started end September) of a local volleyball team. I have played for 25+ years myself so I got a good understanding of the technical and tactical components. But I lack knowledge or 'feeling' when it comes to mental coaching. I wasn't a leader when I was a player and I'm currently not a strong motivator as a coach. Yesterday we had a game. The first two sets we lost but the team was working and putting in great effort. The final set it all went downhill very fast. It was terrible. Players where agitated and argued with each other and with the referee. I had to take 2 time-outs to let them cool down. In a way I felt completely helpless/clueless. I think it's due to my personality (not a great chatter) and my lack of experience. I realize it takes time to build experience but I want to speed up the process as much as possible. I feel this is the issue I need to work on as a coach. Can you guys share personal experiences or give pointers to resources where I can educate myself? Any help much appreciated!