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  1. Just keep swimming. Just keep swimming. Just keep swimming, swimming swimming...

    1. NineOne


      "Nemo"? That's a funny name!

  2. Was watching some "world's strongest man" competition on ESPN last night: Cray cray! :)

    1. Maslow


      Easily one of the best shows on television.

  3. "Reunited and it feels so good..."

    1. VelocityGirl


      (that is, reunited with the Iron, in case that wasn't clear)

    2. johnnyboy
  4. Back and better than ever! (Well, technically probably worse than before, but still decidedly better than some other points)

  5. Someone, please remove the karma version of the "kick me" sign.

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    2. Nagolina


      That sucks Betty, hope things start looking up soon.

    3. VelocityGirl


      haha Beasley. Yeah, probably not the best pic for a forum about getting strong...

    4. VelocityGirl


      There, I think my new pic is much more representative of my current strength ;)

  6. Alright, now that my immune system of a 3yr old has recovered I will be getting back to the gym...

    1. 5inthehall


      Yay! Glad you're feeling better.

    2. Jasper


      ¡Vamos Betty!

  7. Proper Warmup Techniques

    Something specifically for squats as a warmup is using a kettlebell or dumbell for goblet squats and do them as far down towards ATG as you can get. This falls under the previously mentioned "dynamic" stretching, as it puts your muscles involved through the range of motion they are about to go through, but without the weight load. Any sort of unweighted/lightly weighted motion that engages the muscles that will be used in an exercise will help get blood flowing to that region. Using a rower machine is also popular (if available), since most of your upper body is engaged to simulate boat rowing. Also, I believe in some of the forums outlining the various programs there are suggestions for warmup weights as a percentage of your topset for that session (could be written out in a post or included in a spreadsheet).
  8. Back from the long weekend and ready to catch up on some logs.

    1. Nagolina


      Nice! Hope you had a great time :)

  9. Gonna get my "hadoukens" on at the gym tonight! :)

    1. Maslow


      I'm going to hold down and B for two seconds before attempting my squats tonight.

    2. VelocityGirl


      Ha! I'm glad someone realized what my fake PT exercise name is a reference to...

    3. NeilPorter


      Spinning Bird Kicks are all the rage in my gym...

  10. Back is on the mend, but still not allowed to lift. Lame.

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    2. VelocityGirl


      If it was just grounding then I could sneak out of my window with tied bedsheets and go to the gym :)

    3. Neptune
    4. VelocityGirl
  11. Cardio and BW squatting only for the next few days, PT's orders. Boo :(

  12. Where are the ladies all disappearing to? Logs are being left without updates all over the place...

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    2. Leggiez


      i mentioned the exact same to Juggernowik the other week , the site is certainly going through a "quieter" phase.

    3. davidyochim


      This is probably due to summer activities and such. I have a hard time keeping up because of working 7 days a week for the last 3 months.

    4. NeilPorter


      Yea I know I've been away for a few weeks unable to post veryoften, life just seems more manic currently. Hope it slows down a bit soon and can start catching up again properly..

  13. too... f'n... hot...

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    2. bluestreak


      I'm down under. I will happily trade you some cold air.

    3. NeilPorter


      Yea it's like September here in UK, not mid summer. I know we aren't a warm country but I must have missed the meeting where we sold our summer to pay off some more of the national debt...

    4. johnnyboy


      Too... f'n... wet...

  14. Why is everyone changing their log titles... I will not give in to peer pressure!

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    2. BareFacedGeek


      What! $9.95/month and your name still appears in blue?

    3. PorridgeOrange


      You just have to edit your original post in the full editor...it's in the FAQ

    4. Kevin


      Many of us think we're comedians.

  15. Bananas

    Potassium isn't another "form of salt", it is just "a salt" - in that it exists in complex with another ion. What people call "salt" in relation to food is NaCl, or table salt. The real meaning of salt is just a chemical definition for the ion complexes that form as a result of acid/base reactions (There are hundreds of "salts", most of which would probably kill you to ingest...) And as far as relation to sodium goes, the K+ channels involving Na+ work on an opposing gradient type principle, so if you intended on keeping up the K+ levels in your diet the negative effects on your muscles and brain could possibly be at least somewhat mitigated by increasing the Na+, to keep the balance more in proportion. (This doesn't hold for all the harmful effects of excess potassium since some are in relation to protein interactions that don't involve Na) And yes, its not really advisable to up the sodium either, which has other deleterious effects in the body (unless you otherwise have a very low sodium intake normally). This is why people need to make sure that they are not over-consuming K in the first place.