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  1. Compression Clothing

    Kilim, I just got a pair of the warm shorts on ebay. Tried ' em for the first time today. Felt great, just like knee sleeves for your hips though.
  2. Shrug Technique

    I saw this today on Youtube. This guy gives a great explanation. I ended up subscribing to his Youtube channel after checking out a few of his vids.
  3. Cissus

    I did the same thing recently (replaced cheap knee sleeves with thick Tommy Kono's). It's made a world of difference and I wish I had done this years ago. Also, I have used glucosamine / chrondroiten on and off over the years. With these new knee sleeves I don't need it. It's got me thinking about getting some of those 'warm shorts' to help keep the hips warm during squats / deadlifts. I'll probably need the glucosamine when I start running more again though but for now the knee sleeves are doing the trick. Seems like they're helping me with form even because I'm not in pain.
  4. Compression Clothing

    Never tried those but they look pretty good and are certainly less expensive than Under Armour. I've got one long sleeve Under Armour shirt. I don't use it often but it's OK when it's cold but I don't want a bulky sweatshirt. Although most of the time I just start out with a bulky sweatshirt until I warm up and then just go with a ergular T-shirt.Check out Eastbay. They seem to have some great prices http://www.eastbay.com/_-_/keyword-compression
  5. Better Than Steriods

    I believe you meant gainz. Anyway, I'll stick to the deer antlers for now.
  6. U F C

    I think there will be some good fights. But I noticed a lot of crying too. lolJones and
  7. C'mon, real men eat alligator eggs.
  8. Buying First Home Gym Equipment.

    Looks like a good setup; similar to what I have but mine is a little older and beat up (much like myself lol)., I'd definitely get some good rubber floor mats. Make sure you check on Craigslist before you spend a lot of money. Some people out there buy brand new stuff for Christmas / New Years and then give it up and sell for cheap on CL especially this time of the year. I might be getting a heavy bag and gloves off someone tomorrow for $10!
  9. If you had a recent checkup then yeah, don't worry about it. But don't let your age fool you into thinking you couldn't have high blood pressure or something like that either. When I was in my 20's I was surprised to find out I had high blood pressure for a little while ( which I fixed with diet). They do blood testing for allergies too."Blood test. A blood test (IgE antibody test) can measure the immune system's response to eggs by checking the amount of certain antibodies in the bloodstream that may indicate an allergic reaction. In some cases, blood tests are used to find out other information." http://www.mayoclinic.com/health/egg-allergy/DS01021/DSECTION=tests-and-diagnosis
  10. You might want to get a blood test done to see whether it's causing any issues. I'd tend to think that's way too many but it's probably best to let the blood test determine that.
  11. Cookies!

    Where do they sell coconut flour? I've never seen it before.
  12. Liver And Onions

    I love liver an onions! I got a little diner down the street that makes it the best. I'm probably the only on who orders it off the menu there. lol
  13. Now This Is A Home Gym

    Fred Flintstone style!
  14. I would go back to a doctor and / or physical therapy.