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  1. Which Supplements For Joints?

    Gelatine I believe is meant to be good. I don't know whether you can get it as supplent but you can get a good dose of it from slow cooked stews using oxtail. Or when making a stock use pigs trotters, chicken wing tips & chicken feet.
  2. No Sleep After Lifting

    Alas can only fit these in on rest days.
  3. No Sleep After Lifting

    No chance. My gym opens 7.30, by then I'm on my train heading to London. Other local gyms are too far & the gyms in central London are overpriced health clubs.
  4. Intermediate / Advanced Training Links

    Thanks! (Almost 2 years later I see this.)
  5. Example Westside Routine

    This time last year I did a variation of Max Effort approach training 2 days a week. * Day 1 - Legs, heavy (3's then singles): Squat variations/bars, deadlift (only once every 3 weeks). - Legs accessory Light. - Chest, Speed work: 45%/50%/55%(weekly increase) + chains, 3x3 of standard, narrow, wide. - Chest accessory heavy. * Day 2 - Chest heavy (3's then singles) - Legs speed: 60% + chains, week 1 6x2's, wk 2 8x2's, wk 3 10x2's, wk 4 increase to 70% drop down to 6x2's, etc.. - Chest accessory light - leg accessory heavy.
  6. No Sleep After Lifting

    Thanks for the tips guys. I've tried contrast showers in the past for - I like them in the summer, during the winter they're a little WoAH!
  7. Recently I've noticed I can't seem to get to sleep after training. I usually get home from work at 7pm, put the little ones to bed at 7.30pm & on training days out at the gym by 8pm, back home by 9.15/30 & then feed up, bed by 10.30. But for the last few weeks I've found myself laying in bed & not being able to drift off until past 12 which isn't great when the little cherubs sometimes wake up at 5am. Anyone have tips on 'winding down' after training?
  8. Intermediate / Advanced Training Links

    I'm seeking a metric version of the Madcow 5x5 spread sheet - can anyone help?
  9. 1kg of beef shin diced (use the bone also with that lovely bone marrow) 2-4 onions finely sliced Ghee Tamarind thick paste Tin of coconut milk Sea salt & black pepper to taste Usual suspect paste: Garlic 8 x cloves (or more!) Ginger 2-3inches (or more!) Chilli - enough to satisfy your heat requirements (I used 1 x scotch bonnet) Ground spice 3/4 tbsp Turmeric 3/4 tbsp Coriander seed 3/4 tbsp Cumin Whole spices Tsp Mustard seeds 1 x Blade of mace 6 x Cloves 6 x Green cardamon pods 1 x Black cardamon pods 1. Heat ghee in heavy sauce pan or pressure cooker. When hot add whole spices & fry till aromatic. 2. Add onions, fry & brown (8-10 mins). 3. Blend garlic, ginger, chilli w/ some water to make 'usual suspect' paste. 4. Add paste to pan & cook off - dont burn garlic. 5. Add ground spices & fry a little - also don't burn. 6. Add beef shin - moving it around the pan to seal. 7. Pour in tin of coconut milk, tamarind paste, a bit of water to cover meat, season. Bring to boil then simmer. 8. If using a pressure cooker - put on lid, bring to pressure & cook for 35-45mins. Otherwise, simmer covered for 3 hours. 9. After cooking time meat should be super melt in the mouth tender. Remove lids & fast boil to reduce sauce. 10. Check seasoning & reduce sauce to desired thickness/intensity.
  10. Nice calorific side to accompany a nice bit of roast pork, chicken etc. Dauphinoise Potatoes. 1.5lb of potatoes 400ml double cream 2 cloves garlic Nutmeg Butter sea salt, pepper - Pre heat oven 200c - Butter oven dish. - Peel & finely slice potatoes. - Layer potatoes in dish, season each layer. - Pour cream in pan, add garlic & a health grating in nutmeg, bring to boil. - Pour cream over potatoes, add few knobs of butter on top. - Cover w/ foil, Place in oven for 30 mins, remove foil - cook for another 20-30 mins. - Serve w/ a nice slab of sunday roast meat.