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  1. Paleo Banana Bread

    A convection oven helps. If it's too moist, cook it longer. Here's my recipe btw, based on almond flour. I make my own coconut bread as well. Coconut Almond Bread: https://www.dropbox.com/s/jcrjolp5out6ogc/Coconut%20Almond%20Bread.docx Cacao Banana Bread: https://www.dropbox.com/s/puirsg3sqs74afj/Cacao%20Banana%20Almond%20Bread.docx
  2. Klokov Stretch Challenge

    Mark Rippetoe says I can maintain my flexibility by doing parallel low bar squats.
  3. I lost 100 pounds and yes, if you're not suited to weight loss (Think slow metabolism guys) it's hard. But it's not impossible, and it's not nearly the hardest thing to do in one's life. So it's not worth stressing over. Get your diet sorted out and weight comes off. This would be the counter-point to all the advice out there aimed at super-skinny fucks who need to stuff their face all day long to gain 0.1 lbs of muscle / month.
  4. I just flexed my quads and tore my inseam. Srs.

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      I flexed my quad and tore my shirt. My pecs are hyuge.

    3. Samir
    4. Samir
  5. no gym is complete without an abdominal twisting machine imho.
  6. Ever try a band-assisted pull-up? As a FFB (former fat boy) I find the Lat Pull-down DOES NOT at all prepare you for the pull-up. I know, I did my 2-year pilgrimmage to Lat Pull Down land and when I was finally able to do a pull-up, my stabilizers, my abs, my shoulder girdle were all not ready. Only my lats and biceps were kinda there. Kinda.
  7. The only thing I'd add is an EZ-Curl bar which is key for Rippetoe Skullcrushers and bicep work (For me)... trumps using a barbell for these same movements and it's easier to deal with than a pile of dumb bells.
  8. Interview With Gary Taubes

    I've done carb-free and it was great for losing weight. On the flip side, carb-full was fantastic for getting stronger quickly. I guess it's nice to have such a diversity of choices.
  9. Clothes

    I just wear latex. I'm fabulous like that.
  10. so basically, the point Chris Bell made in 2008 with Bigger, Stronger, Faster?
  11. Lifetime Goals

    Those are some pretty decent goals AES.
  12. When Should I Get A Belt?

    Started using it when my squat went over 300 and my deadlift over 375.
  13. Planks Better Than Crunches

    I like planks as much as the next guy, but I always felt my abs-as-stabilizers were best trained doing heavy squats. Crazy I know. These days I've put direct core work back in the routine including ab flexion. Everything feels better that way, and my back hurts less. I find sit-ups and leg-raises are great "anti-squats" if you think about it, and I've always like to antogonize things (front/back, vertical push/vertical pull, quads+abs/legs+lower back, etc).
  14. I've always shrugged+pulled back scaps while benching. Well, at least since I tore one of my cuffs. Learned the hard way.
  15. Shorts/pants