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  1. David Builds New Legs

    Looks to be working out well David, good stuff.
  2. David Builds New Legs

    Great work David, you've really turned the situation around! Looks like you have a solid plan to continue getting stronger and fitter.
  3. David Builds New Legs

    David, I've been offline here for a long time so I'm late getting to this. The situation definitely sucks, I guess a positive to take now is at least you will know what the problem, and can start work on fixing it. You've beaten all the other shit that you came up against in the time you've been logging here, you'll do the same with this.
  4. Umbilical Hernia.

    John, Tim, thanks very much for the advice & sharing your experience. John - that story sounds like something from 'Carry on doctor'! I'll definitely go back to the empty bar when I return to training. Won't take me long to get the weight up. Timeline from surgeon is 2 weeks of nothing, then 2 weeks of walking/mobility stuff, then back under the bar.
  5. Umbilical Hernia.

    Thanks guys. Back to the bar seems best option.
  6. Umbilical Hernia.

    Had keyhole repair using mesh on Thursday. Anyone got experience of returning to training after similar repair? Going to follow surgeon advice on timing, was hoping for a steer on starting weight. (Surgeon just said start 'very light'). Tempted to go back to bar and just use bigger increments. Work is full time 'desk jockey' these days, nothing physical at all. Any advice appreciated, even if your experience is with other type of hernia.
  7. Stabbing Pain In Ribs.

    Thanks much John, really appreciate the detailed feedback.. Been to the doc. It's cartilage damage (Costochondritis). Got some co-codomol painkillers, but will try and use them at night only. I'll horse on some Voltarol (NSAID gel) when I get home from work. She was a good doc, said it was a hazard of heavy lifting and while painful, it's not dangerous.
  8. I screwed something up on Monday during rows. My back was perfect, but I felt a sharp pain under my ribs on the right side toward the end of the set. It's been getting worse. Am going to have to go to doc today. Haven't been able to breathe deeply without pain since Wed and it has started waking me the last couple nights. It's right side only, very localised in about the middle of ribcage. Anyone had this, and how'd you get rid of it?
  9. 3 Inch Vs 4 Inch Belt

    Best do ship intl, or at least they did last year. Just email or phone them.
  10. You can probably guess my take on it David! I say go for it. Just contact the organiser and check if it would be suitable for a novice lifter. On the day it won't matter how light you are lifting - your aim will be to beat your last PR. No one else will care because they will be focused on their own lifts, you won't care because you'll be paranoid that you will miss your flight!!
  11. Hook Grip For Dl

    Hook hurts initially, but is fine once you get used to it. Worth persevering with. I believe that the torn bicep threat comes from not keeping elbows locked straight, i.e. you try to use the bicep in the DL. Alternate grip is fine, especially if used for top-sets only.
  12. Highs. Finding Barbell Training & then finding IS, just before siging up for SL! Making reasonably steady gains all year, since starting in March. Getting with a good coach to work on form. Getting my head past previous back issues, and going from being 'afraid' to pull 40Kg off the ground; to hitting a DL PR of 145Kg. Lows. Elbow/forearm pain through crap rowing form. 2013 Goals. First meet Jan 19th. Get stronger. Ease back down to 90Kg BW.
  13. What's The Rush?

    A lot of sense being talked here. For me, starting at a relatively old 37 has helped, in that I know if I put weight ahead of form, I'll damage myself pretty quickly. I was struggling with form in all of the lifts and got coaching. First thing he had me do was drop serious weight on each of the lifts. Turns out to have been a short term setback as within a few months I have gone past the previous sticking points and am now making regular gains on all of the lifts. LP is still working for me, when it stops working I'll be picking a simple programme, geared for an early intermediate, and continuing at a nice steady pace. I see JohnR on here, lifting heavy and making gains in his sixties; that's my long term goal.
  14. Rumble Roller Vs. Foam Roller

    Jasper, I started with the foam and when it didn't hurt anymore I moved to the rumble. It digs in way deeper and really chews things up. Once finished though, you can feel the benefit straight away. I mostly use it on IT band and it's made a massive difference to my squat mobility. It helps with recovery too. Right glute locked up a bit after squatz today, 30 secs on the rumble roller cured it.