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  1. The New Approach To Training Volume

    I tried to read the article with care, but didn't find it conclusive with doing lower reps for as good or better hypertrophy than higher reps. Then I went through the comments and found this from Greg: That sort of sums up the questions I had after reading the article.
  2. Stalled

    I agree with the previous guys and think you can get back up to speed just the way you did before. I always start really low after a break and work up with a bit bigger increments than the first time I did it. I'd say don't move to intermediate programming before you've reached or are close your previous levels. For me after a years break, I dropped the weights from my best squat set a lot and started out with 40 kg. It would be a good time to get your technique right too, hurting your back with that kind of weight on the squats is really a red flag. It might not be the squat though even if you get pain from that, it might just raise up problems you have with your deadlift or something else.
  3. I'd say yes, it's normal. At least I get the same thing. BP can be pretty rough on your upper back.
  4. Dup Program

    It's hard to really tell what you should or could do with the info you provided. Not that it would really help at least me to give any good recommendations. Someone else might though. Anyways, I echo that you do need to be careful when adding frequency, it requires rampping up. Mike Tuchscherer has written about it if you're interested. If you think you need more volume The Juggernaut method might be worth checking out. I think it would be good to be at least somewhat intermediate before doing it. That being said, I personally made a mistake thinking that some programs would be too "advanced" for me. This program also adds lots of volume but as it's basically doing the lifts once per week, it might not wreck you completely. There are other frequency options for the lifts in it. I've done it and I'm not sure if I'll ever do it again, but it really was an eye opener for me.
  5. Paul Carter On Knee Wraps/health

    Yes, that sounds pretty obvious and goes for almost every piece of training gear.
  6. Need Ur Opinion For This Strength Program

    Can you use a Bench Press for seated OHP? If you can set the hooks high enough this could work. DBs are a good option too, only downside is bigger jumps in weights. Not having a rack blows, but you can still train for sure. Do what you planned and learn to Clean at the same time, you'll get better at it! Soon you'll be able to front squat and do standing OHP. There's nothing wrong with doing more than 1x5 DL in a week. You need to figure out it for yourself what works best. I've done 5x10 and 6x5 for example.
  7. Chest Up!!

    I've been thinking about this too. There can be too much of a good thing even on the squat I think. The basic cues might not work for everyone all the time, at least they don't for me. It must be a really different thing to lift in person with a great coach who can tell you the right cues immediately. Doing the same thing for a video online is a lot different. The mechanics I learnt from the book do apply for my me, but I use different cues to get them work. I don't think Rippetoe would have someone he coaches to have his chest dip at all while squatting. Not that I really know, but at least I can't recall a single video of the people he actually trains weekly doing that. It's just easy to have a bit of that if you have good mechanics otherwise. The overall idea I'm after is that SS style squat is a lot more than few cues and positions. The book has been the best single description of how squat works I've ever seen. It goes a lot beyond shoulder width stance and thumbs over the bar. So looking at your improved form just looks really good to me, the most obvious things you mentioned have changed, but the mechanics look even better. I mean you have great hip drive, use a grip width you look comfortable with low bar position and wasn't that minimal knee movement too sort of a SS thing too. A really interesting topic! I'm not a master squatter at all and I haven't been following the SS forum that much lately, so I hope I'm not off too much.
  8. I'd eat a meal before training. Maybe something easily digestible in your case if you train shortly after eating. It could even be a shake with carbs. I think this alone would help your training if your last meal is over 12 hours before your workout. Personally I try to have some oatmeal maybe two hours before training and drink a shake with 50-80 grams of carbs while at the gym, in addition to my normal meals. This is what I do at the moment at least, I like to change things up if I feel a need for it. I feel a lot better training than I did on LeanGains. I also have some pre-workout candy, too!
  9. Power Cleans In 531

    I don't think you'll end up with too much work with any of the options you described. What might happen is that your shoulders could get tired from the Jerks on the DL day. That could hinder your OHP depending on your rest days and workout order. If you go light on them I don't think it matters much. That's what happened to me at least. I don't actually do 5/3/1 and only 3 workouts per week at the moment with light Jerks, so recovery isn't a problem at the moment for me.
    1. PsychoSlug


      Sweet. I think Rippetoe is including those in the next edition of SS.

    2. Ghost


      That's how you get ready for the mosh pit fool!

    3. wolfman


      Headbanging to failure

  10. Warm Ups & Starting Back After A Break

    For example: General warm up for 5 minutes. Bar x 5-15 40% x 5 60% x 3 80% x 2 Work sets from which the percentages are counted. General warm up is done only ones but those percentages for every movement. If you were sick on your break you might be better to easy it back. You'll just might have to try out what works for you. Going too heavy might cripple you with DOMS or you could just be able to continue where you left. Two weeks doesn't necessarily mean you have to deload.
  11. Awesome Videos

    Jouko Ahola DL. Wanted to add more Finns on this page.
  12. Great article again, now about Deadlift setup http://www.powerliftingtowin.com/powerlifting-technique-deadlift-setup/ Lot's of stuff that has been on the SS BBT book but what is great, is that now it's brought to the context of powerlifting. All of that stuff makes a lot of sense to me and wraps things up nicely in a coherent article. It really answered few questions that have been boggling me.
  13. Yes it is! This http://www.powerliftingtowin.com/powerlifting-technique-how-to-bench-press/ must be the best PL Benching article I have ever read.
  14. A regular poster from the Starting Strength forums started a new site, http://www.powerliftingtowin.com It has a focus on competing in powerlifting, but has lots of good stuff even for a non-competitive lifter. All the articles I've read there were really good, especially if you're a new lifter aiming to compete. There's lots of new articles coming all the time, I haven't had time to read them all, but I enjoyed for example this, http://www.powerliftingtowin.com/powerlifting-technique-the-scientific-principles/. It was really hard to choose on article to link, they're all so good. Check it out!