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  1. Why Does Klokov Wear Red Wrist Wraps?

    I once read somewhere that those are his talisman - like in lucky charm. He even wore them on the TV show splash. Those do not help at all for diving . And the color is probably related to the country colors - would be my guess.
  2. Barbell: Pendlay Or York?

    Anyone heard about Taishan? What I found out so far it is like the chinese eleiko... which makes this offer so sexy ^^: http://www.strengthshop.de/equipment-and-bars-sportgeraete-hanteln/bars-hantelstangen/bars-langhantelstangen/taishan-competition-weightlifting-bar.html
  3. Barbell: Pendlay Or York?

    Another thing which came to my mind: Assume I put my cheapish iron plates and full rubber bumpers (probably both with not a perfect fitting, little too wide, diameter) on my shiny eleiko bar - now leave aside the stupid look and the "rape" of the bar ^^ - I guess over time the eleiko bar will be still functional but look just as fucked as the my current bar (scratches all over). Or can they also take more in that point?
  4. Barbell: Pendlay Or York?

    Maybe true, but its like no warranty ^^ ... if I dump it in the power rack and it stays bent for some strange reason - it aint a 870Euro anymore - it is a bent 870Euro . However I dont think I'm yet able to move weights that bends that bar - however some of my usages voids the warranty. I read that training bar and competition bar difference is only the insurance that the 20kg is really 20kg within less than 1% or so... for the training bar that is not ensured - but its the same bar - you can have a little more weight deviation - but less than 100g still. I can afford anything I want (at least on barbells - because there aint no 10k Euro bars ) - the only question is: how long my wife will call me stupid/crazy ^^?
  5. Barbell: Pendlay Or York?

    What if I upgrade my budget? Eleiko training bar or the expensive pendlay bar ^^? Warranty isnt a strong point at eleiko - I would probably not fulfill their requirements for warranty. However I would think they can handle a lot abuse.
  6. Barbell: Pendlay Or York?

    I'm thinking about buying a new barbell. The current I have has a 30mm diameter grip. However I wanna have one with 28mm grip so Snatching is not that terrible hard for the hands. I came up with two bars in my price range: http://www.suprfit.d...ntelstange.html http://www.suprfit.d...ic-bar-men.html The con of the pendlay bar is that it has a 28.4mm diameter instead of a 28mm diameter (which is competition diameter) - and is more expensive. Pendlay bars have a soft knurling afaik. I dont know about york bars - but a quick google tells me that they should be "soft" too. What do you think? Does anyone have one of those? I'm not sure of either of these has knurling in the middle - the more expensive pendlay bar (not that in the link) afaik doesnt.
  7. Bumper Plates

    Kudlev, hope you didnt left the forum despite not posting for months. Did you (or anyone else) buy one of those you linked in the first post? And what is your experience with them?
  8. Youtube Olympic Weightlifting Channels

  9. Youtube Olympic Weightlifting Channels

    CFAWeightlifting kevinjarlathdarcy omessi
  10. Youtube Olympic Weightlifting Channels

    kbak76 With John gone I just add with new posts.
  11. Youtube Olympic Weightlifting Channels

    Looks like the russian franjete hvalinsf
  12. Olympic Weightlifting Program?

    Thanks Daniel - the Klokov part was meant as joke - I have a strange kind of humor ^^. It was meant more like - so many questions - let me ask another silly one .
  13. Youtube Olympic Weightlifting Channels

    kibitzerka And this is a must subscribe: daniel881216 The channel of Daniel Dolega! I love pro-lifters with youtube channels ^^.
  14. Youtube Olympic Weightlifting Channels

    de1987 damojkelly The letter D is now covered too ^^.