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  1. Lift The World: Weightlifting Documentary

    This is awesome. Well-done. Thanks for sharing.
  2. Dup Program

    My thoughts are in line with this. That's a lot of pressing which can lead to some shoulder issues if you don't build up to it slowly and have the supporting muscles strong enough also. If your goal is to gain some mass, keep things simple and eat enough to build your body up.
  3. Carbs

    There are some gems in here. As LSG stated training with low carbs later in the day is tough, and my performance suffered when I tried this. In an ideal world we could just speed up the gains but it's just not true. Fat gain will come with too much surplus. The thing I have found when trying to put on mass is I shift my food selection just a bit. An example is pasta in place of potatoes or rice as I can eat a ton of pasta and not as much potatoes or rice before I feel full. I can also eat a ton of bread but that makes me feel crappy compared to pasta so I go with pasta. I have tried just about every amount of carb intake and I think I have found what works best for me and my goals at this moment which is a higher carb intake most of the time, usually 300-400 grams a day. When trying to add mass I have found adding 300-600 cals a day to be about right to minimize fat gain.
  4. Chest Up!!

    Good stuff Mike. Cueing is interesting. One cue can do different things for two people and the brain can only handle so many cues at once. That's a great point about giving the "wrong" cue depending on the lifter. Someone who already has their back in a good position may not need to think about chest up so much. Specific goals and body proportions play a big role too.
  5. Chest Up!!

    Great topic and one I have thought about quite a bit as I've tried to improve my squat. I've tried many cues, some worked, some didn't feel right, some may have worked then didn't feel right later on. I am tall with long femurs and I think for a long while I kept trying to squat like other people I saw videos of. When I keep my head up and focus on staying upright I don't get much hip drive and I feel less powerful in the hole. Recently I've tried to not think about being upright OR leaning, but just to sit back AND down and have the bar over my center of gravity while pushing through the lateral heels. The lateral heels part has worked better for me than thinking "knees out" or "spread the floor". I still keep chest up but I don't really have to think about it.
  6. Great job everyone! Nice job organizing everything Berin. I didn't get my videos in here in time but I will the next time around.
  7. Looks good. I'm looking forward to it.
  8. I S P W L - Open Talk

    I'm in. I like the idea of having it go on a month and having more divisions to accomodate everyone's training focus and meets.. Squat, deadlift and bench or overhead. Have to decide on Bench as I've only recently begun training it.
    1. Jimagenesis


      The Juggernaut himself.

    2. Buffalo150


      The re-hab series is very close to what my guy has me doing. Makes me feel better about my recovery

    3. Jimagenesis


      I've followed his progress. That's a good series.

  9. What ever happened to Silverback?

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    2. MarkG


      I heard he made his own forum out of wood and it's way better than the standard stuff.

    3. Jimagenesis
    4. CarlHmS


      mark, you're my hero of wit.

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    2. NeilPorter


      I would say its better aimed at gaining strength in other areas beyond the big 3, due to the large variations you complete over a cycle. ..if you only train squat,dead and bench, it will not help you compete at strongman in my opinion - because the implements need strength in many different planes of movement that the big 3 don't give you. Just my 2c, I've made better progress on 4 months on a westside template than 12 months last year on 531 and other plans...

    3. NeilPorter


      But yea I would also say the same as Adam, 90% of people who just want better lifts in the big 3 should just train them more.

      Some people will find they need to target weaknesses with isolation work in my opinion...but not all.

    4. Jimagenesis


      Good points Neil.

  10. The Juggernaut Method

    Good stuff here. Very intrigued by the Juggernaut system after reading the ebook and watching Chad destroy it at the Arnold with a 700x10 squat.