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  1. Awesome athlete. To be honest after 2008 I thought he'd dominate, but then Big Z came into form and that was that. Poundstone might be destined to be an 'always in the field'. If that's the case it'll be a shame: he always got more of my respect than the god-bothering Brian Shaw. It's always impressive to see a giant who's actually as strong as he looks, PEDs or no. (And even though it's a truly immense weight, I'm not sure you can count a 1,005lb DL if it takes elastics to get it off the floor! )
  2. Nice. But Tau is just silliness! (TBH it was the 43.5 that I was responding to, not your original comment.)
  3. Unfortunately, BMI isn't a particularly useful measure for athletes, let alone one as extreme as this. Quite clearly the weight of his muscle mass will skew the meaurements (and ensuing judgement) severely. An additional measure that is frequently used to refine body mass indexing is the ratio of waist : height, with the 'healthy' benchmark being 1 : 2, i.e waist should not exceed half of height. Admittedly it's crude, but not as crude as simple BMI calculations, according to which the vast majority of bodybuilders would be morbidly obese, and whilst bodybuilding may not be a popular pursuit on the forum, they (bodybuilders) certainly know a thing or two about bodyfat!
  4. He's got a wiki page? Who is he?
  5. Best Protein Powder?

    Thanks everyone, great recommendations - MyProtein seems to be edging it so far.. I'll have a look over the weekend, make a decision and gets some stocks in - cheers again!
  6. Simple as that really. I know a lot of folk recommend Sun Warrior products but I'd just like the opinion of as many proper lifters as possible. MET-RX? Maximuscle? What about BCCAs? P.S. I'm in the NE UK - a lot of stuff is difficult to get here or double the price due to importing. Thanks in advance for any help.
  7. Mobility Drills - Sl 5X5

    With regard to mobility, I tend to teach sections of Steve Cotter's IKFF mobility drills, mixed in with Z-health R-Phase techniques. A good place to start with Steve's stuff would be . You don't need to do every single specific drill, but if you watch the clip you can get a pretty good selection of movements to begin with.Following from that, the tea cup mobility drills are excellent for general shoulder, hamstring and back health. To give you some idea of what they entail you can find number four , but you should obviously start with the other three first.Gripping broadcaster he may not be, but you'd go a long way to find a better teacher - one who walks the walk - than Steve Cotter. I'm hoping to train with him again in June. Hope that helps.
  8. Applying The Strength Standards To You

    Awesome doc, thanks very much.
  9. Bloody hell. I'm assuming it's the ratios you're suggesting are normal, not the weights! If so, I'm a looooong way off normal. ;-)
  10. Newbie - Stronglift

    Hi everyone - first post. I've been doing SL for about 10 weeks now, I'm squatting 85kg and I've arrived at the point where it's starting feel heavy, i.e. I'm leaning forwards toward the end of the final two sets (still with healthy back curvature though). I've been wondering whether I should be resting longer between sets (at the moment I'm keeping the rest period down to 2:30). What do you guys think the maximum rest interval should be before moving to 3x5 instead?