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  1. I'll probably throw in a bench maybe even a deadlift haha we will see.
  2. Awesome Videos

    Man Idle I was gonna post that. Stealin mah heros
  3. Sbd Knee Sleeves

    Tight knee sleeves add weight. Even tight rehbands or whatever will add weight. The SBDs are specifically designed to add the most weight. They are the maximum allowable thickness and size by IPF rules for knee sleeves. I cant give you an accurate number that they will add, but they will add weight. And unless you are a serious contender for worlds/nationals you probably dont need it way smaller. 1 size small should give a nice blend of support and not tooo hard to get on. And to comment on that pic- what "raw" is, is dependent on how you define raw. Its simply foolish to think that highly competitive people in a highly competitive event wont use the maximum allowable resources. Belts, wrist wraps, sleeves, special shoes are all supportive equipment or external aids. I think of raw as minimal equipment. But that is a competitors mindset. You have to "cheat" as much as possible within the rules.
  4. Sbd Knee Sleeves

    Do you compete? Do you want to win? (Im thinking you do linking PTW) If yes get some extra tight SBDs. If you are just lifting for health/strength/recreation any sleeves will do. Tight SBDs will add weight. They are a whole different level from the other sleeves out there. There is a reason almost all the big squatters at Raw Worlds use them.
  5. I S P W L - Open Talk

    I will throw in my bench to add to the contest. I can also pull an ok deadlift. So you can count me as a double entry for the best bench and best push-pull competition! Squat would be too embarrassing lol.
  6. Full Body Mobility Drills For Weightlifting?

    Defranco has some nice drills to do preworkout. http://www.t-nation.com/training/defranco-agile-8 Not much of a full mobility program but its good to supplement that. And thats another thing, really think of your mobility work as part of your training. This helps people do it.
  7. 250Lb Squat Stall

    I would just echo what the others have said. Drop the weight just a little (to give yourself a little bit of extra recovery) and then work 3x5 on up. For the record, Im about 95% sure I stalled 5x5 with around 250lbs and my BW was about what yours is so thats a pretty normal weight to have to alter the programming.
  8. Great site! Thanks for sharing! This is a good article. The part about how to grip the bar was most interesting to me. I hadnt given it much thought but I was experimenting with it this morning. Further experimentation is required but it makes a lot of sense.
  9. Umbilical Hernia.

    I had an inguinal hernia repaired about 1 year before I started training so I dont really know the timeframe for coming back from one. But I can say once you are recovered it shouldnt be any problem. Ive been able to squat and dl around 500lbs and its fine. Very rarely the area will feel tender, but if you just rest it for a day or two Ive always been right back to it. Also found that if it bothers me a little to say squats or DL then I can bench without any problems. So you can probably get back to benching earlier than the other lifts.
  10. How Long Will It Take To Squat 405?

    Yea thats not too crazy of a goal. Just take it slow and steady. The biggest thing is avoiding injuries.
  11. Knee Sleeve Size Help!

  12. Knee Sleeve Size Help!

    I personally measured in at the top end of Large. Got the Large and it fits pretty snug. I like it a lot. I would recommend you get the Mediums. Unless you plan to get a whole lot bigger in the foreseeable future. In which case I would wait on them.
  13. Am I Ready To Start 5/3/1?

    Im going to run contrary to what some of you guys are saying, but I think you should switch earlier than getting to a fatigued pile of goop. I ran myself into the ground doing 5x5, and then again with 3x5, and then once again doing the Texas Method. This isnt an attack on any of those programs its just that I ran them for too long and ended up with some tweaks, injuries, and setbacks from milking too long. I was able to build a fairly sizeable amount of squat strength on all these programs however. Ending in a best of 400 5x5. My recommendation is going to be based on rest times inbetween sets. If you find yourself needing really long breaks (7+ minutes) on a regular basis then you are, in my opinion, getting to the point of pushing too much. But its always a fine line between too much pushing and not enough pushing. I would rather see you switch just a little early and avoid setbacks than to milk it all out and run yourself into the ground.
  14. Top Olympic Weightlifting Countries?

    The last time the USA won a medal in mens weightlfting was 1984. Womens is a little different because they took a medal in 2000. Thats all Im saying its been a while since USA won a medal so its hard to count them as a top weightlifting nation. I agree with your class analysis mostly. Iran is a new arrival to the list but they likely have a bright future. And I would put Bulgaria in the middle classes.
  15. Top Olympic Weightlifting Countries?

    This breaks up medals by country if you scroll down a little: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Weightlifting_at_the_Summer_Olympics The top 4 are Soviet Union, China, USA, and Bulgaria. (If we add Russian medals to the Soviet Union medals they get even further ahead). Bulgaria (the number 4 in medals) has more than double the fifth nation France. Let that sink in. These are the top 4 countries in weightlifting. And currently the USA hasnt been that competitive on an international level.