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  1. Ah, Robernaut! I happened across a thread about carb backloading and your username had guest next to it so I thought you'd disappeared. Glad you're still here. I wrote a post out but I started waffling and going off topic so I'll post it in my log instead. http://ironstrong.org/index.php?/topic/674-jimbos-training-log/page-41#entry208819 Back on topic, my strength has dropped while dieting but its all pretty relative. I'm no weaker lb for lb than I was before. Hopefully when I start introducing more carbs back in through the week my strength will start picking back up again. My weight loss was rapid at first. 9.5lbs in the first week and then 2lbs a week for a few but then stabilised at around a lb a week. Just recently I've switched to having my carb nite a day or 2 earlier each week, making sure it falls on a training day. This is due to me feeling more depleted now. Not necessarily weak but when I first started carb nite I never felt I needed carbs. Like, I could go 2 weeks no problem but now I'm feeling ready for it after 6 days. Once I'm down to 79 or 78kg I'll switch to CBL and maintain that weight. Basically, I'll carry on with carb nite but instead of having 1 big re-feed per week I'll start off by spreading what I would eat in the one evening over three and then adjust as necessary.
  2. First post in a long time! As of June 16th I decided to cut some flab as I'd gotten up to 90kg and probably 18-20% BF as an estimate, but I've no idea really. My waist was 36.75", anyway. My girlfriend was doing Carb Nite and I thought I'd give it a try. For me there has never been an easier fat loss plan to stick to. As of this morning I'm 80kg with a 32" waist. Feeling a hell of a lot better too. The last time I got BF checked I was down to 11% (7 site caliper measurement) That was a week or 2 ago. I'm still not where I want to be and did think I'd be leaner looking at this weight but Probably only a couple more kilos and I'll be happy. Strength is down slightly but thats expected. I stand a chance of getting some of it back when I up my carb intake as I'm currently training in a very depleted state most of the time. What I would reccomend if you have a smart phone would be to get myfitnesspal. Very easy to use to track calories and it will also give you your macro breakdown too. I started my cut with my calories too low at around 1900 which affected training but since I've upped them I'm doing much better. I upped to 2275 and was losing a good 2lbs a week. As of yesterday I lowered them by 200cals as my weight loss has slowed down slightly now.
  3. I can definitely relate to this. I too used to obsess over training. To the point where I couldn't stop thinking about how hard my next squat session was going to be. I'd start getting nervous a few hours before training. This is probably the worst thing you can do. It sets you up for failure. Since buying my house and having hardly any time to train, I scaled back my training to just one lift per session, 3 times a week. Progress started coming easier. Weights got heavier and although 5x5 was manageable. The weights felt heavy and I was coming close to missing reps all the time. It took me a while to cut it back yet further but when I look around and the powerlifters at my gym are doing much less than me and still making good progress I realise its time to give it a try. They have me drop to 3x5 squats only once per week. The first week I feel like I've done far too little. The second, the weight is 5kg more yet it feels lighter and my technique feels more solid. The following week I look forward to squatting. Enter the gym full of confidence and again the weight feels light and the squats are a joy to do. 4 weeks from when I cut the volume my squat had gone from a very tough 142.5kg 5x5 to a very manageable 160kg 3x5 with much improved technique. I felt I could have carried on adding weight each week but they had me deload and do 140 3x5. The following week I was on triples. 3x3 to be precise. Surely 3x3 squats once per week isn't enough? Seems to be. I did 165 3x3 tonight and I felt good for more reps or even 170 3x3. Training a going great at the minute and its through not worrying about it so much and also doing less of it but making sure that what I do do is of a good standard, technique wise.
  4. The P R Thread

    Bench Press: 107.5kg x5 with first rep paused. @81kg BW
  5. The P R Thread

    He only did 5 reps though Awesome work though guys!
  6. The P R Thread

    Bench Press: 107.5 x4 First rep paused. Close to getting 5 too! 127.5x1 Paused, with a Titan Ram. At 80kg BW
  7. The P R Thread

    Wanderlei, some massive squatting there. When did you last test your max? LSG, strong dipping, man. 150kgx5!
  8. The P R Thread

    Deadlift 180kg x5 @ 80kg
  9. Horrible Benching Accident.

    That's horrible. This guy could have lived if the spotters were doing their job properly. Im sure it would be better if they had their hands under the bar like people normally do. I doubt they would have been able to stop 185kg completely but at least slowing it down would have helped.
  10. The P R Thread

    Same as Tryfis above although without the crazy 2 second pause! Squat 180kg x1
  11. The P R Thread

    Thanks Beer n Bacon. Nice deadlift. Very smooth!
  12. The P R Thread

    Squat: 166kg x3 and 168.5kg x2 in the same session and both PR's Bench: 112.5kg x2, 115kg x1 and 117.5kg x1 in the same session. All at 80kg BW
  13. How Long Do Your Sessions Take?

    At the minute I'm training 3 days a week and usually between 45 mins and an hour. I've not got a great deal of time to spare right now so I've cut out all the assistance and just focus on 1 lift per day. It's actually going very well too.