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  1. Next week is gonna be pretty busy, so I'm going to go ahead and submit the 3 lifts I tested from 11/7 through 11/13. I might do some overhead stuff later, but I don't have any specific plans. These are all raw using a belt and Rehbands. Squat: 450 lbs Bench: 335 lbs Deadlift: 550 lbs Total: 1335 lbs Bodyweight: 193 lbs Wilks for the 3 is around 392 or 404 age adjusted, but I'm not sure what calculator we're using here. 450 squat: 315/325/335 bench: 515/540/550 deadlift:
  2. Funny how that works out. I'm actually testing this week, so I'll put some up. Super busy starting a new job next week, but let me know any way that I can help too : )
  3. Chest Up!!

    Gosh I haven't used the cue to break at the hips first in a long time. I'm going to have to do that again. Thanks for the reminder, Mike!
  4. Chest Up!!

    lol, I didn't even hear that. It's a Pandora classic rock station, heh..
  5. Chest Up!!

    (I hate the way this site embeds videos every time, even when you don't want to embed them)
  6. Chest Up!!

    That's really interesting. He seems a lot more dogmatic on the forums, but I suppose that's because his techniques get bashed a lot when people misinterpret them... I tried to post something in this thread, but apparently he didn't want to approve it: http://startingstrength.com/resources/forum/showthread.php?t=54163 Here's what I tried to post:
  7. Chest Up!!

    Also to add, these are my squats from last night. I'm trying to get back to that technique, but I have to keep in mind that knee wraps tend to change the mechanics slightly:
  8. Chest Up!!

    I was going to post this on SS, but I'm sure it would create some sort of shit storm. The best squat I've ever done, in my opinion, is not really "hip-drahve" focused. It's very anti Starting Strength if you ask me. I used to squat more narrow, thumbs over the bar, chin down, a good SS disciple. Over the years, I've learned that my best squats are when I don't lean so far forward. How did I do this? I've tried recently to mimic this form, but I always seem to be more leaned over. Maybe I had the bar higher on my back and didn't realize it. Unfortunately you can't see that from this video. Maybe the knee wraps had a lot to do with it? Anyway, my back is pretty vertical here, but the funny thing is there's not a lot of forward knee travel...is there? I honestly keep coming back to this video and can't figure out how I did it: Unfortunately, you can't see my stance width or bar placement in that video, but I have a video from the front where I squatted 485 just 2 week prior, so I'm sure it looked a lot like this. You'll have to ignore the fact that in this video, I stand there forever before I squat, and on the way up I'm favoring my left side, leaning to the right: I didn't know it at the time, but I think a had the beginnings of an L5-S1 herniation even here, and it put my squat in the dumper for several months after that. I'm mostly "healed" now, although I'll probably be getting an MRI at the beginning of the year to see what's going on after all this time. I still have sciatic pain, but it doesn't affect me during training. Anyway, this isn't a discussion on my injury...that's just a side story. The real purpose is to get some discussion going on squat technique...
  9. Carbs

    I used to use Vitargo, but I replaced it with Waxy Maize for cost reasons. I may need to get some again. Thanks for the reminder!
  10. I'm sure there are others like me that compete in feds raw w/knee wraps. So we don't often push above 90% without them. I have no problem limiting them to 2 meter either, like NASA. Of course that would be yet another category, which may be a bit much. We joke about NASA in that everyone gets a trophy because there are sooooo many categories. They've introduced the curl and clean, and now they have a "retro" division that doesn't even allow knee sleeves. So I understand if we don't want yet another category. I could take it even further and ask for a strict or push press starting from the rack. I'm sure there are plenty of opinions : )
  11. Definitely this! Thanks man. I know you're the stronger guy though. I hope to catch up some day. Your deadlift blows me away. Was that squat a PR, or is your profile just out of date? EDIT: nevermind, I see it's a 10 pound PR. Congrats!
  12. Thanks for the good turnout, everybody! The only lift I entered from my meet was the deadlift, but Steve, if you had at least just pulled 525, I'm sure you would have had me on the 2-fer. 495 was just a warmup, my man..
  13. Posting Videos

    I just separate them into quarters so there aren't too many in one folder. I just use the file dates if I need to find something.
  14. Posting Videos

    My iPhone stands up just fine by itself on a flat stool...4S is pretty square. When it starts to get full I just dump the video off on a hard drive. I have a terabyte drive that has nearly 4 years of video and is still not full. I have it mirrored on another identical drive. I got 2 one terabyte drives for less than $80 each. I can go back to almost any day, and if I took video, I can review it.
  15. Posting Videos

    I shoot, edit, and upload to YouTube all from my iPhone.