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  1. Wanna Do A 20 Rep???

    Agree, and she said that her bodyweight.
  2. The P R Thread

    Great work Mark! Shit Jimbo I don't even know what to say to you man, I see you posting here every other day My PR, 510 lbs x1 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JbLZ37AFP9k&feature=plcp
  3. The P R Thread

    Holy shit man, you are doing a killing with your deadlift, congrats!
  4. Fasted Deadlifting Made Me Think I Was Dying

    You got it all wrong Mark, you were supposed to pull fast not fasted.
  5. TGIF!! This week has been dragging

    1. davidyochim


      I hear you, I have been battling migraines on and off since Tuesday morning.

    2. Steve


      Yeah..comedy show tonight...busy last few weeks and some laughs are needed!

  6. Complete Failure At Bench

    Don't take so hard man, we all got stuck with the bar on our chests sometimes. If you say that your diet is solid and you're getting enough sleep maybe you should take another look to your setup and your form. Post a vid, I'm sure you will get a lot of useful tips. Struggle is just part of the progress, be patient and keep working hard until you figure out how to keep adding weight to your bench (or any lift). Good luck.
  7. Carrot Cake - Epic Fail

    oops just puked in my mouth, thanks Rere
  8. How Long Do Your Sessions Take?

    It takes me about two hours to go thru my sessions but I expect to shorten that to 1 1/2 by the winter. Right now the garage is too hot and I'm taking longer recovery breaks.
  9. Carrot Cake - Epic Fail

    I would marry a cake like that!
  10. Carrot Cake - Epic Fail

    Big yuck to carrot cake, chocolate mousse cake rules (cheesecake in a close second place).
  11. The P R Thread

    Some very solid PRs in here, this is a community of strong fellows/ladies! My contribution to this thread: 460lbs squat x1 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sLyVZqvsigI
  12. Britains Strongest Man Under 105Kg 2012

    Congrats on your achievement man, 9th place is absolutely impressive! Also great job Rob on the coverage and the pics.
  13. Review: E-O Deadlift Socks

    Quick, edit your post and add an affiliate link
  14. Review: E-O Deadlift Socks

    Thanks for the review, I ordered a pair of black/red to try them.