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  1. Doorway Pull Up Bar

    I have the screw on kind with a padded bar. The ones that hook on the door aren't bad either. They are portable and don't require and drilling. What I love about it is I'll often rip out a few reps when I'm passing through the door.
  2. Time for squats with sunburn!

  3. I've seen some suggestions that it can cause you to push beyond recovery boundaries and cause some harm that way. I've turned to angry, hard hitting music. It really does seem to kick the CNS up a bit.
  4. Diet Transition Periods?

    I know Lyle McDonald recommends a transition period, I just get impatient. I'm 43 but I don't think my body is that sensitive to change. Sometimes I feel like I can pig out or starve myself and maintain weight for a good period of time. So far I've always switched gears overnight. I'll often drop weight for another week or two after switching back to a bulk. Yes, I know that shouldn't happen. My TDEE is around 3000 to 3100 calories. I've been on a cut now for two weeks at 2500. I built up to 15% and am working back down to 10%. I guess the reason I'm asking is I've been reading about these faster bulk cut cycles some people do. The claim there is that the best partitioning is coming off of a cut. Which contradicts some with what others say about transition periods. Some of that is appealing to me because I find it difficult to stay over 3300-3400 calories for an extended period of time.
  5. Odd, it shows me highest on OHP and lowest on bench. I do know my bench sucks but I never thought of my OHP being any good. Shouldn't they be similar? The one on http://blackironbeast.com is better but doesn't look as nice.
  6. I often read people saying to slowly transition from deficit to surplus (or the reverse) by going through a maintenance transition period to avoid getting fat. However, I'm wondering if there is any validity to that. Is it necessary? Then there are people that do short bulk/cut cycles, fasting, etc. I tend to just change gears overnight. I've never noticed getting fat suddenly and sometimes it seems as if the fat loss continues for a week while back up to a surplus.
  7. Cant Decide What To Do Diet Wise

    Yes, that is just a weird observation I made about L-Carnatine the other day, it felt like I was taking baking soda. Then I read this thread. The idea does interest me. On my days where I do kickboxing fatigue is a big thing I deal with. I do everything I can to help minimize fatigue and improve recovery since that is between my lifting days. That even includes cold showers.
  8. Cant Decide What To Do Diet Wise

    This is the first time I've ever heard of baking soda being used for that. I know they market it for everything, including just dumping it down the drain. I've been taking l-carnitine lately which looks, smells and (I think) tastes like baking soda.
  9. You must do that! It changed my life. My therapist also got me on daily stretching routines which I think contributed to my squat weight going up.
  10. Sad Day, Ifcalc Is Gone.

    I guess the owner renewed the domain! It still has a couple of bugs but that's ok.
  11. An Organic Egg Is Not Equal

    I think the bug diet makes them richer in Omega 3. The Omega 3 store eggs I think are supplemented from another source. I hope people aren't buying free range eggs and then throwing the yolks away.
  12. Planning A Short Cut

    I just ran a 9 point caliper measurement and came up at 10% body fat. The more points I do the higher the BF reading gets. I think I'm going to get a bod pod done for comparison. I'm concerned I'm leaner than I thought I was. I may have been upping my TDEE when it was really my BMR. If that's the case I should evaluate if I should even be cutting at this point. And yes, I am over thinking this too much.
  13. Sad Day, Ifcalc Is Gone.

    They can be convenient tools if you know what's going on. I'll often use them to reverse engineer my TDEE based off of actual results. I don't cycle calories either but a 7/0 day cycle fixes that.
  14. Sad Day, Ifcalc Is Gone.

    Thanks, that one does look nice. I also use this sometimes http://iifym.com/iifym-calculator/. I don't do the splits anymore because I do some form of training/sports 6-7 days per week. I could probably make a nice calculator myself to give back to the community. I'd like one where the activity multiplier could be custom tweaked. Sadly programming isn't as fun for me as it once was.
  15. Planning A Short Cut

    Hey, new avatar! Yes, I get focused on the scale. I'm one to know better too. I just get impatient but I think I do need to drop the calories a tad. I seem to maintain weight over a wide range. As for my handheld reading I've noticed it tends to read high on a cut and lower on a surplus. Don't take my word on it but I've also seen mention somewhere else they can read high on a cut, thus driving dieters insane. I did a 3 point caliper reading and I got around 8.5%. I know that just can't be right. Then I tried to grab as much skin/fat as possible and sill couldn't get readings to put me over 10%. Typically I see people saying the opposite. Calipers are high and bioelectric is low . Where I really noticed the difference was on my weight belt. I'm on the small side and I can only seem to find large to extra large weight belts (I guess they don't think the smaller guys need belts). I need to crank it kind of hard to slip it in place on the last holes. But lately it goes in easy. The lifting is going well. I'm still doing my Wendler routine. My deadlifts and squats are still progressing. I can get in a few more reps on the + sets. Oddly, my squats are stronger than they have ever been. I'm pushing PRs every time and doing weights I once though would pile drive me through the ground. I think part of it is I've been focusing on flexibility and form. I deloaded on OHP and had my first bench failure on week 2's cycle. Though my working weight was starting to close in/surpass on my true 1rm before the cut. I rolled back my OHP to the true 1rm as the working weight to keep the weight up on the cut. The last OHP session still felt tough with that approach. I don't really need to lose too much weight. I figured about 8-10 lbs. But if my body fat is really much lower than I think it may not need to be that much. But who overestimates their body fat anyway?