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  1. extremely small homegym

    This is my extremely small gym.. It is obviously a very very very small ground. But i live on a 60m2 appartment in a city( this is the smallest room.) I can do anything here. Plus i am not distracted anytime by all the bastards around in the gym)) So thats a big pluspunt to me!!! I use the Deadeners for lifting as the people beneath the floor will start crying when i don't so... I will buy more stuff in the future, a Swiss bar and another bar and also more weights, i will hang them on the wall behind the rack.
  2. extremely small homegym

    I live in Holland, Amsterdam
  3. extremely small homegym

    That sounds amazing man.. I understand that you like to live like this. I would do so to... it is sort of a dream but in my country it is to difficult±) Where do you train if i may ask you== EVerytime in another fitness centra or what=
  4. extremely small homegym

    wow,, i'd like to live in a travel trailer. But this things are very ucommon in my country. Only gipsy's can ''do'' that or so... But it is great i think, is it easy movable to???
  5. extremely small homegym

    uhave a setup now to???
  6. extremely small homegym

    Yeah u'r blessed. All the cool brands around there. We pay ways more for less quality. Outside would be way to warm for me!!! I'm Always sweating like a pig.. But Lucky me have a good ventilator hangin on the wall now:)
  7. extremely small homegym

    thanx men,, no it isn't at least for me. Pretty happy after all how it all worked out.. It is Always sort a gamble if you have so less space. After all i work out very good here in my home. It is a pitty that in Europe it is much more expensive and difficult to find cool fitness-equipment.....
  8. Breaking 90 Degree In Squat Problem

    Hi for me worked feets wider. I had a to narrow stance. Also bar positioning. Before i did higher bar placement now i place it lower. But on the lower side it also give me more discomfort in my elbow.... So... Yes.. I don't have to problem with front squats in anyway although i use a harness for them. Maybe buy Nike Romaleos? Helped me out also quite anbit