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  1. Nice to Meet You!

    Hello everyone. The name is James, but I operate under the pseudonym AIMTRUE! Looking forward to participating in some intelligent discussion over anything and everything in IRON training. At 43 years old, I am the weekend warrior type who refuses to let go of past! Old school American football player through and through. I went through the bodybuilding phase long ago and discovered it was not very efficient in boosting on field performance, so I stick with exercises and techniques that translate into speed and power. I am not so intersted in how big a muscle is, but how functional it is. I look forward to participating in your community!
  2. preworkouts

    I like to use half a scoop Oats and Whey Vanilla protein powder from Optimum Nutrition with a teaspoon of ground coffee mixed with water. Not the freeze dried coffee, just regular ol' ground coffee.
  3. The New Approach To Training Volume

    Interesting stuff. Obviously, getting the proper volume of work is critical to growth. 3 sets can be fine depending upon what your goals are for that day, such as budgeting your gym time to train multiple bodyparts. How often you plan on training the bodypart in the week can also be a significant in determining set totals for each session. Addressing another discussion point, muscular conditioning certainly plays a role in determining how well you are going to respond to what one would call "medium effort sets". If one is already well conditioned, one will need to work closer to his or her PRs (5RM, 10RM, etc.) in order to advance muscular conditioning. Which means medium effort sets on a consistent basis will not work for the advanced athlete and will lead to deconditioning.
  4. Nice to Meet You!

    Thanks Art!