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  1. I'm 51, Am I To Old For Increasing Muscle Mass/Size?

    Thanks! I have been lifting for two months, and have seen some increase in size. It's just I was thinking because of my age I won't be able to make my muscles bigger.
  2. Crunches! Not Feeling The Burn, Help!

    Thank you for the tip Boola.....
  3. I just turned 51 years old on the 12th of Dec, 2016. And in no way am I going to allow my age to discourage me from Weight Training. But I am concerned that because of my age I might not be able to increase my Muscle Mass/Size. So my question is, am I to old to increase my Muscle Mass/Size at 51? Thank You!
  4. Crunches! Not Feeling The Burn, Help!

    Thank you FerrousMaverick for you feedback, much appreciated. I will take your advice and employ it into my Abdominal Crunch workout.
  5. Crunches! Not Feeling The Burn, Help!

    I've been adding Abdominal Crunches to my Workout regiments of late, and I must say I'm failing big time with it. I even watched some Videos on this subject, and still can get it right. I just can't understand why I can't feel the burn. I seem to be doing them right according to the Videos and examples, but 5 minutes after I do 4 sets of 10, I feel nothing. I am a big guy, can this have something to do with it? Can it be a range of motion issue do to my size? And if that be the case, can someone please offer me some Tips on getting a wonderful Abdominal Crunch exercise, considering my size issue? Thank You!