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  1. Weight Lifting Belt?

    Thanks for the responses guys! I'm going to continue training without a belt. Pretty much keep deadlifting to increase my deadlift.
  2. Weight Lifting Belt?

    Hi guys, I've recently been stuck on 395lbs for my deadlift and I've been wanting to increase it. My friends recommended me using chalk and it helped me go from 355lbs -> 395lbs (where I am now). Not to sure if I should just eat more or what.. Anyways I came across this article on weight lifting belts the other day and I decided that maybe it's time to actually use a weight lifting belt? Was going to use the one they recommended but I want to see other peoples input first on if I should hop on this ship or not. My friend showed me this article to tell me to avoid one, but I don't know. He doesn't really lift that heavy anyways so I'm not really set on his opinion at this moment. What do you guys think?