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  1. Hey guys, first post here. So, I'm not an experienced lifter, been lifting for over 18 months now, and I've been getting awesome results using Wendler 5X3X1. I feel comfortable with all the compound lifts. I'm not moving lot of weight yet, but consistency is key, right? The thing is, Wendler focuses on personal records for every day you train. So last week, I was doing my Overhead Press Day (I do the Overhead Press standing) normally, just to be interrupted by an instructor at my gym in the middle of attempting my record. He said I was putting to much pressure on my lower back while lifting the bar, and I should try to do the Overhead Press on the Smith machine, so as to isolate my shoulders. He said if I continued to do standing, free-weight Overhead Press, I would most likely destroy my lower back. We got into a bit of an argument. I said I wanted to do a compound exercise, not an isolation one, and had never heard anybody complain about lower back pain because of the Overhead Press. He said it was really up to me, but I should be more conscious of my lower back muscles. I'm pretty sure my form was good, and I also see people doing this exercise all the time. So here it is: I would like to ask you guys, what risks to my lower back could the Overhead Press present? Are there any risks?, was the guy exaggerating? or am I really out of my depth here? Thanks!