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  1. Squat: What should I be thinking about?

    I came to reply to the question but I see they did already, let us know how you progress
  2. Squat: What should I be thinking about?

    It can be hard to control if you start right off with weights. Try to first fix your form without any additional weight, just your body. Once you understand the movement, try to duplicate with weights
  3. Low weight high rep VS High weight low rep

    When muscle grows and you reduce calorie intake, fat will lower. As FerrousMaverick said, aim high and do as many reps as you can
  4. I know right? Cardio is horrible hahahaha but in my case I have to stick to it
  5. Working to get Stronger

    It's really awesome! Stay motivated and don't give up!
  6. Weird Quad Soreness

    Glad you feel better already. However, if it happens again, make sure to check your form and if it hurts a lot, check with your doctor in case anything might be off Happy training
  7. As already mentioned above, don't go into sprints directly. Start running normally and once warmed up, start with easy sprints. When the easy sprints don't feel hard anymore, you can start doing harder ones.
  8. Take Up Space, Ladies!

  9. New Findings: A Squat Is A Squat Is A Squat!

    Thanks for sharing!
  10. Meet Miriam, My New Deadlift Hero.

    wow wow wow to all of them!
  11. Why Do I Feel Like Crap Body Aches?

    Adding to what has been mentioned already, also the amount of food in one sit can affect your energy levels Don't worry and just get back to your routine
  12. Milk Causes Cancer

    At this point in time, media will say everything causes cancer. Don't trust the news, research and ask around here I am not a big fan of milk because of how it is produced and what it actually is (also the fact that I am slightly intolerant to it, but that's another story), but I understand that some people drink big quantities of it and it's an important matter to face whether it is a hazard or not
  13. Unfortunately, the problem at this point is that your friend is either lying to herself and to the world (she definitely seem to be an attention-seeking person by posting every single move on FB) and in reality, she is eating more than that. Or she is really going down the wrong way. The problem is that, no matter what you say, you won't change her mind. Most of the time, these things are solved only by the person herself hitting hard on the ground realising what they've done...
  14. I understand the frustration, but I do agree with many before that this is something that should be consulted with a medical professional. Also the sleeping issue, it gets to a point when it is more psychological than physical. Personally, I use 2-3 drops on lavender essential oil massaged on the back of my neck every night before going to sleep. I have never slept better than this
  15. Personally, I wouldn't trust anything with that name... Try to go natural, cut and count your macros
  16. Cholesterol Results

    You may want to add olive oil or coconut oil to your diet. As well as omega 3 supplements. Anyway just make sure to keep an eye on it and get tested regularly so you can reassess your needs.
  17. Body Recompostion

    Totally agree with the previous messages. Just make sure to reassess after 2-3 months because you will surely have to adapt again!
  18. Gomad - Gallon Of Milk A Day

    Thank you so much for sharing the story! I wasn't aware of this plan as I always struggle with losing weight, not gaining it. But I do know many people in your former situation that would definitely benefit from knowing GOMAD (with its pros and cons ofc) Thanks!
  19. In my case, I always do cardio after, for the same reason Erelyes mentioned; the form is sooo important in lifting! It's better the lift right and then do cardio than being too tired to lift
  20. Protein Chocolate Spread

    Ok, this is my new fav thing in the world now Omg!
  21. Eggs: Fried, Scrambled, or Boiled?

    I do believe that no matter the way it's cooked, the egg itself should have the same nutritional values. However, of course, if you use any fat to cook it with, it will end up adding up but it is not directly related to the egg itself. Personally, I jump from one egg type to the other to keep it interesting hehe
  22. Which Supplements For Joints?

    Definitely I would go with Glucosamine, it has helped me a lot. But also Turmeric as MathiahM mentioned already, both really good!