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  1. Bulking and Slimming Down

    I have a friend who wants to start exercising to get in shape. the trouble is neither he, nor i know what the best course of action is in terms of his nutrition as he wants to both bulk up and trim his waistline. if someone could explain to me what would be ideal for him i would greatly appreciate it
  2. Leg exercises

    I know the feeling all too well, but I work hard to eat in moderation otherwise i'll never lose weight
  3. Leg exercises

    when it comes to squats I always work hard to maintain the proper form. I usually feel it in my legs when im doing the proper form
  4. Leg exercises

    what is an indicator of a good workout?
  5. Leg exercises

    So I need some more advanced exercising for my legs that involve my bodyweight or dumbbells. I have started using the 50 pound weights, but it really doesn't give me that soreness of a good workout anymore. So I think I need to do something a little more strenuous than just lunges and squats.
  6. so what would you recommend for a guy who is trying to focus on both losing weight and building muscle? I'm never sure if I should be doing lots of sets with low weights, but high reps, or if I should consistently be pushing for high weight, but low reps.
  7. Working to get Stronger

    im actually using bodybuilding.com I keep track of my week-by-week process including my weight and the size of my waist, chest, arms, etc
  8. Working to get Stronger

    I met a couple of guys at my apartment's gym today, both are motivated to get in shape like I am. it encourages me to work that much harder when I know others are rooting for me
  9. Working to get Stronger

    Day 8 I weighed myself today and found that I went down from 330.4 to 324.9 and lost an inch off my waist. I know every week won't be like this, but it makes me feel great to hit the ground running and push towards my goals.
  10. Working to get Stronger

    Today marks the end of day 7 which means I have officially completed one week of exercises. Here's to getting stronger.
  11. Working to get Stronger

    unfortunately I am limited by the fact I have no barbells to use because the gym provided by the apartments doesn't have one so I have to stick to using dumbbells stuff until I have money for a gym membership but I do like this suggestion and will definitely be writing it down so I can try it when do have access to more equipment
  12. Working to get Stronger

    I think I overdid it with my legs. my right knee hurts whenever I go to sit down
  13. Eggs: Fried, Scrambled, or Boiled?

    I wouldn't want to eat a raw egg anyways. that is just gross
  14. Working to get Stronger

    Day 6 done. so am I supposed to try and target new muscle groups every day? because I built my 4 days schedule to target the broadest selection of muscles that I can so they all get stronger and I won't end up screwing myself over because I neglected one early on
  15. cardio after. unless your sole goal is to burn fat, then I would highly recommend doing cardio after lifting