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  1. Protein Chocolate Spread

    Its a fairly simple recipe that Ive seen on Youtube and I eat it regularly. It goes well with fruits. Ingredients: 40 grams of chocolate protein powder 10g of cocoa used for baking (Backkakao in german) Water or Milk (quantity depends on preferred texture) Mix all of it together in a bowl. Thats it. If you decide to put it in the fridge it will get a little hard after a few days.
  2. Weird Quad Soreness

    Apparently I had sth with the upper thingy of the quad and I sorted that out with lots of cardio, warmth paste and hot and cold baths. Sorry I posted this on the wrong subforum.
  3. Weird Quad Soreness

    I have this weird quad soreness on the upper outer side of both of my quads, its not like regular soreness, I know what that feels like. Its been there since I started deadlifting 3x5 3 times a week (I wanted to see if its too much) and it really bothers me when squatting. I stopped deadlifting and did only light jumpsquats today and I did an hour of foamrolling (which easily settles soreness issues for me normally) and some stretching (I cant really feel a stretch in my quads since im pretty limber) and I tried a hot bath and showers with changing temperature and I applied some warmth paste. Do you guys have any idea what it might be and how to treat it?
  4. Basic Structure Of Starting Strength

    Sorry, I just read the ebook again, it says to press when deadlifting in phase 2.
  5. Tuna And Quark Spaghetti

    It tastes okay and is cheap, nothing more. Most of the american guys wont have acess to low fat quark (or full fat if you want). Anyway, the recipe is pretty simple. You need: Spaghetti 150g (or any kind of noodle) (whole wheat or not) (about 10 cents per meal) Half can of tuna (50 cents€) Low fat (or regular) quark 250g (40cents) Some herbs (optional) Instructions: Cook the noodles, meanwhile mix the low fat quark with water, then herbs, then with the tuna and put it in a pan and heat it (dont let it burn, just heat it). Macros: 810 cals, 123 carbs, 4 fat, 68 protein I just wanted to post this in case someone is broke.
  6. Basic Structure Of Starting Strength

    I am a bit confused, in the first post you would press when deadlifting, but in the picture it says to bench when deadlifting. I guess everyone can do as they please in that regard?