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  1. Soreness In Elbows When Benching

    I've made a 10kg increase in my bench PR and no longer struggling with elbow pain. I ditched arm curls and incorporated bicep chin ups once a week after bench instead of just doing wide grip chins. Thanks guys.
  2. Football/soccer Talk

    Pick another one then! remember Calamity James
  3. Soreness In Elbows When Benching

    Have moved my hands closer on bench and added bicep curls but early days with this. Tim, tonight my elbows are rather painful at the lowering of the first rep of each set and I think squats are causing this. I will look at how I hold the squat bar next week but what do you recommend? Am I holding the bar too tight while squatting?
  4. Football/soccer Talk

    I prefer Townsend to Lennon as he as always full of life. Congrats on making it, you've got as much chance as anyone else if England pick their best players and the team fires.
  5. Soreness In Elbows When Benching

    Will try this as well, thanks Simon
  6. Soreness In Elbows When Benching

    I'll add some bicep work on bench days then and see what happens, thanks for the fast responses.
  7. Creatine Supplements

    Thanks for the advice and information guys.
  8. I sometimes experience soreness/weakness inside both my elbows at the base of the biceps at the very start of a heavy lift as if I'm bench pressing with poor alignment. Last time I attempted a 1rm I felt as if all the weight was being lifted at that one spot but apart from this exercise I never have discomfort in this area. Has anyone experienced or have a solution for this problem please?
  9. Creatine Supplements

    There has been frequent mention of the training benefits of Creatine through improved recovery but is this mainly by non or minimal meat eaters? I'll have to read up on the advantages of increased water weight unless someone can enlighten me. Daniel, when I posted my question I really hoped for some conclusive measurable data on strength gains experienced by a member here considering all the talk around the wonders of Creatine as I'm rather cynical about reports in magazines etc. Yes Steve, I'm sure Ronnie Coleman attributes all his gains to Creatine
  10. Creatine Supplements

    Keep the comments coming please but I'm after actual 1RM percentage increases or other training benefits that you personally experienced.
  11. Football/soccer Talk

    Can't believe losing 3-0 at home to West Ham, so much for title contenders!
  12. Barclays Fantasy Premier League Challenge

    Max you sure can I'll send you the link.
  13. Barclays Fantasy Premier League Challenge

    Liverpool has a really good team this year but is lacking a bit of depth in midfield. Suarez and Sturridge are both quality forwards.
  14. Football/soccer Talk

    Do Man U look like they'll be top 4?
  15. Barclays Fantasy Premier League Challenge

    Woo hoo Suarez was awesome!